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Constructors in Cyprus

Gipsosanides Nicosia

gia sas
thelw tis prosfores sas gia tin topothetisi diplis gypsosanidas. Apo tin mia pleyra na einai exwterikou xwrou kai apo tin alli eswterikou kai anamesa tous yalovamvakas. I prosfora na einai xwrisw to spatoularisma. Oi diastasis einai peripou 3 x 3.

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Job Details
Area Nicosia
Category: Construction
Job Date 23/06/2013
Deadline 30/06/2013
Status review
# of Offers 19
Posted By Soundcheck Ixolipsies,fwtismos,dj,m
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Awarded to:  Πολύβιος Βασιλείου
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