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Carpenters in Cyprus

Epiplo syrtaria Nicosia

Awarded to:  2 Σταυρος Πιττας
Kleri Sofroniou   Exeretiki douleia


Gyrevw ena pelekano na mou kanei 2 syrtaria pou tha topothetithoun panw ston toixo sto dwmatio mou, diastaseis peripou 70cmx20cmx20cm (ennoeite autos pou tha analavei tin douleia tha prepei na erthei na xanametrisei tis diastaseis akrivws). To xylo thelw na einai aspro lakaristo.

Job Details
Area Nicosia
Category: Carpentry
Requested on 25/07/2013
Offers close on 01/08/2013
Status complete
# of Offers 4
Posted By Kleri Sofroniou
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