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The Best Architects in Cyprus

The Best Architects in Cyprus

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An architect is the Alpha and Omega if you wish for the house of your dreams in the exact way you always dreamed it, from the minute of its conception until the moment you will cross its door. The planning, the designs, the licensing, the supervision... and many more useful services that have never crossed your mind, are all a part of an architect’s job!

Our guide will help you better understand what an architect or an architectural office can do for you, but also to learn all the available extra services a good professional will offer you.

But what exactly does an architect do?

To get an idea, take a look outside your window. Everything you see is the architect’s job. All old or new houses were designed by an architect and also every big building, the stadiums, the theaters, malls, everything!

But have you ever thought what are all the things an architect has to know and what exactly we ask him to do? Design beautiful buildings? So, does that make him an artist? Shouldn’t he also know everything about geometry and calculations?

Does this mean he is a scientist, too? Furthermore, shouldn’t he know a bit about geology, rocks and generally all about subsoil and its phenomena such as… earthquakes? Also, what about the laws? Most people when thinking of architects, they rarely imagine anything but a good designer.

In reality however, the profession of an architect is the excellent knowledge of a wide range of things, good scientific knowledge in more than one scientific areas and all the above, definitely combined with artistic flair!

So, let’s take a look of everything an architect should take into account when assigned to make a building.

A good architect will ensure


You must have surely heard of those – rare, fortunately – accidents in the news about buildings that collapse out of the blue, sometimes with many victims. So, as you understand the responsibility of designing a building is huge, because if ever and for any reason, except of course extreme natural phenomena, its construction is not strong enough or stable and it collapses, then the architect is the first person to blame.

So, before designing a building, he should take into account all those parameters related to safety, such as the strong subsoil and the construction statics, in relation with its use and the weight it will have to support. Also, the architect has to know if the area has a seismic hazard and if all materials are of good quality and appropriate for the specific construction, with the specific characteristics and needs.

A big part of a building’s safety is also fire protection, and so, an architect has to ensure that his design follows all the state’s instructions and keeps all fire protection standards, in order to prevent accidents and entrapment of people in case of fire.

 For example, the first thing an architect has to think of when designing a new building is fire exits so that everyone can escape it quickly and safely, in case of emergency. This doesn’t only have to do with fire, of course, but any emergency that requires a quick evacuation of the building.

However, besides designing a safe building, an architect should be present during the whole construction process, to make sure that the contractor won’t deceive you by using cheaper material and also, to ensure that all professionals involved will follow his designs by the letter. This is because, his responsibility doesn’t end after delivering his designs; he is also responsible for the safe implementation of the project.


… the microclimate and the area. Do you want to build by the sea, on a Troodos slope, near a river or in the center of Nicosia? In other words, your architect will also take into account the area of your construction, and especially its morphology, because this will determine almost everything, from the design to the materials.

If for example, the subsoil is not rocky enough but very soft, then the foundations should be reinforced and he should use stronger materials so that you won’t have any sedimentation or static issues in a few years.

Also, the architect should have in mind a few more things related to the area you are about to build, as for instance, to reinforce insulation in case of increased humidity, such as a river nearby or the sea and add sound insulation if you wish to build in a big city.

Good knowledge of geology, rocks but also how nature can affect your construction now or in time, is one of this profession’s biggest challenges.


How many floors is your building going to have? Is it permitted to build in your plot and if yes, what type of building are you exactly permitted to build? Also, to what percentage of the plot does the law allow you to build? In other words, will the state give you the precious license to build the house you are dreaming of?

So, guess who will have to do all these very demanding bureaucracy tasks so that you get your building permission. Yes, the architect! Additionally, his job also includes a lot of other tasks, such as to advise you on the best design based on the law, to prepare the designs in the proper form to be submitted, to take into account of every little directive of the law and mainly, communicate with the public services for weeks and sometimes, for even months and years until you get the permission.

Care for the environment

You might be the most environmentally sensitive person; you might recycle and never throw rubbish from your car while driving. However, when it comes to building, our love for the environment is not enough.

For us everyday people, as long as a product is marked with words such as eco, green or bio we will immediately consider it appropriate and eco friendly. Now, when speaking about building material, such statements are not enough.

The specialized knowledge needed for the full range of ecological building materials, is so wide and we would need to read for ages to even have a clue. So, if the architect doesn’t suggest them, we will never know.

For example, very few of us know what energy aluminum frames are and all they can do, but an architect knows everything about them and if appropriate, exactly how their energy saving properties will benefit you, if included in his design.

So, all good architects have to be very well informed about most modern construction techniques and all new building materials, in order to be able to design truly eco-friendly buildings.

Your building’s cost

The architect won’t just take the pencil and draw as an artist would do, as you may have realized by now. Instead, he will take into account all the above and always in relation to your budget.

This is a huge challenge because he has to be very creative, smart and inventive in order to be able to deliver the design you are dreaming of and within your budget.

Furthermore, he should be very organized because he has to correctly divide the cost to each task and material, and in case you don’t know, there are hundreds of things required to make a building. From materials and labor costs to infrastructure (plumbing, electrical, etc.) and in many cases, even furnishing and sanitary ware.

Your building’s energy needs

The last thing most of us will think when planning to build is how much energy will be used by our new house. We are mostly interested in its looks, if there will be enough spaces, its functionality and generally, if all our desired elements will be included in a spacious home, instead of how big will the electricity bills be.

However, an architect should try from the very first draft, to ensure the least possible waste of energy for your building, always in relation with its cost but also the complexity of the infrastructure required.

Also, depending on the geographical area of your plot, he will think and suggest you, alternative energy sources which will reduce the waste of energy and make it more autonomous.

If for example, the area allows it, he may include solutions using geothermal or solar energy sources in his designs in order to solve your building’s heating or general energy needs with the least possible cost, once and for all!

What else can an architect do for you?

Apart from conception and implementation of a new building, an architect can help you with many more things. Take a look:


Many architects and especially most architectural offices, also undertake the interior design of the buildings they make as well as for any existing building. They usually work closely with specialized interior designers and so, the ideas of such a specialized team can literary do wonders for your house.

If a single decorator will suggest for instance, an elaborate drywall construction, the architect on the other hand, will know exactly all the proper materials and he will also design it himself.  

So, if you wish for an interior decoration from scratch or you are about to completely change the existing one, then ask for the help of an architect to see what he can do. And be prepared for surprises!


If your new office was previously a hair salon and you wish to make really big changes, try an architect. For any type of renovation and especially for the change of a building’s use, i.e. when you want a functional space but with a new role, an architect can give you the best ideas.

Building extension

In the old days, when we needed something to be built in our house, we just called some builders and that was it. Or, if we needed an extra room we would just pull down some walls, build some others and all that, in just a few days.

But soon, as you know, this had to change because it is too risky to pull down columns just because you wanted a third bathroom. So, in the case you need some building or some pulling down at your house, in order to build a new room or even add two more floors, then the architect is the first person to ask.

Firstly, for safety reasons, he will study your building’s designs in depth and in cooperation with the engineer, he will give you the best possible solutions, which won’t be a burden to your existing construction, won’t take more space than needed and won’t touch anything which might affect the building’s statics.

Secondly, you need him for his knowledge, experience and supervision services. You need someone to know exactly how to design anything you might need, then explain it to all the professionals involved but also supervise them, so that when it’s delivered there will be no surprises at all. Unpleasant, that is. :)

Building restoration

Whether it’s a historic building or your grandparent’s old house, the architect will know exactly how to restore it without ruining one bit the elaborate or traditional beauty.

Furthermore, he is aware of all the methods to strengthen its structure, so that it will stay strong for many more years. Also, he may improve all interior spaces with modern methods, to make it highly functional and even allow people to move in and comfortably live and work.

Landscape architecture

All exterior areas of a building, from your house’s garden to your yard’s functionality, the type and size of your staircase, the pool spaces but also the playground, can be designed and implemented in the best possible way with the help of an architect.

You might want a gorgeous wooden deck and a big kiosk for your patio and also know all the needed professionals to do each different task, however, the architect is the one to undertake everything as one project and create it perfectly.

He will for example, examine the humidity levels in every spot, he will know the appropriate materials to last longer and he will also make sure they match your house’s style. He will also take your budget into account and definitely, besides aesthetics, he will have suggested the best solutions to make it more functional, too.

What you’ve dreamed of in 3D

Whether you wish to build, renovate, change use or decorate, you may discuss it with an architect and then see how it will look in 3D form.

Most architects, in order to ensure that their designs are the closest to what you want and so, they use 3 dimensional design programs, capable of showing you every detail of a building, exactly the way it will be delivered to you. Of course, although for most architectural offices 3D designs are done by default for every project, in others, this is an extra.

However, in any case, if you want a full design experience of your new house, then order ne and what you see will be almost what you get. 3D is not a walk in the park but it is extremely innovative an helpful to the architect’s job.

And so much more…

The list of jobs an architect can do is really big. From structural design studies and energy upgrading of buildings, to urban planning of entire settlements, electromechanical studies, measurements of quantities, sketches and a giant list of bureaucratic processing, such as certificates and contracts.

Now is the right moment to find out what “Architect” means!  :)

ARCHITECT = The beginning of art or the ruler (come first, lead, I am preceding) of arts, the chief of works, the foreman of the constructions.

So, in the beginning there was the Architect :)

What we are trying to say with all the above, is that whenever you are thinking of having a new house or any building built, the architect should be in your very next thought. That is, if you wish to be safe, see the building’s design in 3D, avoid any bureaucratic headaches or avoid playing hide and seeking with the builders.

But mainly, an architect is your best solution if you want an economic, ecologic and gorgeous building.

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