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Looking for Renovation Get Started

Renovation Guide: Painting

by: Costantina 16/11/2017 08:15

Painting is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to change the look of your house or company while today, it gives you incredible ways to show your creativity.
Whether you do it yourself or with a help of a good painter take a look at our painting guide that contains everything you need to know. Dare to transform your rooms!
So let’s take it from the start. You are here because you are seriously considering to paint your home, your office or your shop but it either sounds Greek or you don’t know all the steps of the procedure. Also, you might be looking for the proper professional to do the job exactly as you have dreamed.
In any case, keep on reading and everything will become clear; we guarantee to find you the suitable professional for your painting while we can also give you many more ideas and tips to skyrocket your results!
So, let’s start from the basics:

Why should you paint?


If it’s been ages since the last time you painted and colors have faded or because of maintenance problems, you’ve got damp walls peeling off paint then a good paintwork is necessary.


With so many colors, new patterns and ideas all day around you, you might be a bit jealous and want a new modern color on your walls, too. Don’t think about it anymore, it’s totally worth it.


If you decided a total renovation of your house or just make a few changes painting is essential because it is the most direct way to better show these changes.

To add value

A well painted space looks newer, better kept and by using the proper techniques it may also look bigger, brighter and more stylish.

If you are about to exploit your premises whether it is a house, a shop or even a vacation rental for a short period of time, then a good paintwork will easier persuade potential clients to pay more.

What will you paint?

The exact areas you are about to paint will define many details, from the time and effort needed to the gear and tools, the kind of paint and of course, the cost of the whole project.
So write down the exact areas you are about to paint, the square meters, whether it is walls or ceilings, what room it is (toilet, office, nursery) and don’t forget to mention which of these are outdoors.

Who will do the painting?


For some, an interior designer in collaboration with a specialized crew of painting experts is the best way to go. Of course, it costs a lot but the truth is that the only thing you have to do is say yes or no to the amazing ideas they will suggest and then get out of their way until they deliver a gorgeous place. :)


For others, the obvious solution is to hire just any house painter or even some unskilled workers who usually do small house jobs. In this case, you give the instructions, buy the paint, supervise everything and of course, pay less.


The third, also very common way is to DIY. It’s the most affordable way which however, demands knowledge, time for research, the purchase of material and the actual painting. If your family helps you though, things get better but a little bit clumsier. :)

Also, this option has difficulties, because if something is done the wrong way, you might need to hire a pro to fix it and pay everything double in the end. Of course, if you keep reading this guide, you won’t have any such issues. :)
No matter which option you choose, with this guide you ensure that you know exactly every stage of the procedure and thus, you have a saying, ideas, you know the secrets and what to expect.
So, let’s start painting!

Pick your colors!


For exterior areas, paint types are totally different than those for the interior. You should also get the appropriate paint for each type of material. Wood, aluminum, plastic, plaster and every material needs its own type of paint that usually can’t be used on any other material.
So, before you buy the paint let the salesman know about the type of surface you will color and don’t forget to mention if it’s in or out of the building.

Wall paint types

Don’t get impressed by all the names because this kind of paint has only got two types: water based and oil based wall paint. You might have heard them as “acrylic paint” and “oil paint”. Oil paint is not used that much anymore because oil is a thick and heavy ingredient that needs time to dry, has a strong smell and contains harmful substances. Also, it is too glossy for your taste. :)
Now, everyone prefers water based paints. They dry really fast and there are no restrictions on glow and texture since you may choose among totally matte colors and as satin as you prefer, depending on your style.


For most, eco-friendly house paints are the only way. However, there are people who still haven’t heard of them or don’t trust them to last. These are odorless, non-toxic, allergy-safe and friendly to the environment high quality organic paints in any color and shade you like.
Organic paint is highly recommended if you have kids, elders or pets although this is the healthiest choice for everyone. The only disadvantage is the slightly higher price which is something that in big department stores is no longer an issue.


In paint stores you can find sample books for each brand’s paints. After you pick the color you like, then you can just take it or if you like a different shade, the blend is made in a special blending machine before you.

Remember to keep the code of your color somewhere written because if you need a little more paint in the future it is difficult to create the exact same shade again.

Each brand in order to guarantee that you will get the exact color you bought, provides some guidelines that you should follow. For example, you can’t expect to change the color of your walls from brown to yellow with just one coat of paint. 

How much paint do I need?

Never estimate the quantity of paint you will need by yourself because it is almost certain that you will be mistaken. Let the salesman know the square meters of your rooms and he will give you the correct quantity. In general, they say that 1lt of paint is enough for 10 square meters but the quantity is related to many things that can change it a lot.
For example, just think that if you have two different people painting, their techniques and even hands are different and so is their consumption of paint.
Let alone that you should get some more paint for all the extra spots, any accidents or a small quantity to keep for the future. So, if you want to be absolutely sure since the factors are too many, you should ask the person who knows best.


If you hire others to do the painting for you, skip this step. But if you DIY, you need tools, right? Remember above when we told you to write down what exactly you are about to paint? Well, now grab your piece of paper and visit a store that sells brushes and painting tools.
You don’t have to search for everything yourself. Chances are that if you give your little paper to an employee he will give you everything you will need. In general, you have to know that painting gear is very cheap and therefore say yes to whatever they offer you and in any case, do not to leave the store without having at least one of the following, meaning at least one for each person to help you with painting:

Paint roller

They are plastic rollers that can either have sponge or synthetic fur for a different finish or type of surface. They can be found in different sizes and for different paint jobs, such as walls or corners and also you can find ones with handle or spare parts.


Small plastic trays that help you transfer small amounts of color while you are painting but also help you to dip and easier remove excess paint from your roller or brush.


You need this for high walls and definitely ceilings. Also, if you paint exterior walls then you need one for sure, which also has to be very long. Or you could always get the one that can be extended. ;)


The number of brushes and sizes you will buy, depends on many things. Generally, most of the painting is done with rollers. But for the finishes and details, you need brushes. See which size best fits your hand and then also consider your needs.
For example, if you have added skirting board all around your walls then this should be painted with a brush.

Painting sets

Instead of getting the above one by one, now in most stores, you can find ready wall painting sets that are cheaper and have all the gear you will need for each person that will help you paint. Take a look, a set for each of your "assistants" will perhaps spare you from searching and wasting precious time.

The same applies for e.g. all spots near the wardrobes, any marble edgings, all around windows or the bases of the lights. In general, for any surface that is not big and smooth, you need a brush.


This is optional but recommended. Some, work better with rubber disposable gloves because they fit perfectly and you can have as many pairs as you need during painting. Others, prefer the gloves we use for cleaning the kitchen. And there are also the ones that prefer the DIY gloves.
The truth is that if you find which gloves suit you best they will protect you from getting lots of paint on your hands while painting.

Special tools

If you have chosen a specific wall painting technique then you need the appropriate tools and gear. For instance, you might need a sponge with a specific pattern or some special brushes. It is advisable to ask the salesman or an expert before you buy such gear, though.
Also, make sure you have:

  • nylon sheets to cover the floor
  • wet wipes to quickly remove wet paint spills
  • lots of paint thinner
  • a ladder for the high spots
  • old clothes and shoes that you will surely throw away afterwards or you may keep for your next painting adventure
  • lots of cold water for your thirst

and finally, a selfie stick to show us how you rock in painting! :)

Prepare the room

Before you start painting, you or any person who will do it for you, should make sure you have plenty of space to move and of course, that all furniture is protected from spills. Some simply move everything to the middle of the room to have enough space to move around and then cover it all with nylon or old sheets.

This is a good and quick solution but think that if you have to also paint the ceiling then you can’t move that easily. Also, if the room has lots of furniture there won’t be enough space left to move around. Finally, if the nylon or sheets don’t completely cover every single spot of the furniture there is a chance some of them will get spills, something that in certain cases cannot be fixed.  

So, if you want to do it the right way the best solution is to completely empty the room. If the room has closets, you should empty them too. The smell of paint, especially if it is not eco-friendly paint will take long to disappear from clothes.

Remember to remove all lighting fixtures. Leave the bulbs though, unless you like to paint in the dark. :)

Smoothen the walls

If your walls are full of holes from screws or nails, cracks and openings near the skirting boards, you should fill them with putty before painting because if you don’t, you will have an ugly result.
Let the putty dry well before moving on. Also, if there are any bulges then a good sanding is necessary.

Clean the walls

If there is wallpaper and posters on your walls, dampness or if the old paint is peeling off then it is important to perfectly clean it before the first coat of paint because dirt or dampness might cause poor adhesion of the paint or look stained afterwards.

Use some soap and lots of rubbing or scrubbing, depending on what needs to be removed.
Also, in the case of dampness and mold, you should immediately have someone fix the problem causing this, because in most cases a damp or moldy wall will again peel off or get moldy or even change the shade of your new color in even just a few days.  So don’t leave it for later, this is important.
After you do all this, you should remove all dust from walls, floor and ceiling as well as the corners because if you don’t, you might get a grained effect on your walls.

How many coats of paint?

The secret to a well painted house, office or building, is a smooth painted finish that won’t look patchy, shades lighter at points or where the old paint is visible. Mainly, a wall that won’t need to be painted again after a while because the paint peeled off or faded.
Just one coat of paint is the easy and believe me, the most common solution. Especially, no matter how odd it may sounds, even done by some professionals. Because just one (even a thick) layer of paint, saves them time, material and working hands. But mainly, it ensures new jobs in the future because very soon these walls will have to be repainted.
So, don’t make the same mistake. Since you decided to this, then do it right and you will greatly improve your result. You should definitely use primer and two or three coats of paint, if needed. Especially if the previous color was darker and you want to completely and permanently cover it.

Time for painting!

The basic and easiest wall painting technique is the one below. Follow the steps and you will see that painting is actually simple. However, if you have chosen a specific technique then you might need to change some of these steps.

In any case, first try every idea or technique in a small part of the wall to make sure that you like the result and that you won’t do it for nothing!

Step 1: Primer

Many think that if a wall has been painted many times then you don’t need a primer but this is not correct. If you want a vibrant, bright and smooth color that will look exactly the shade you picked, then you should never skip primer.
Furthermore, if there is no primer between old colors and new, then it is probable that they will blend and the new color will be altered. This doesn’t happen immediately and so, you might see in the future shades of your wall’s old color coming out.
So, add thinner to your primer just as the manufacturer indicates and apply it on all the walls you are about to paint. If you do this then instead of waiting until it completely dries out in order to start painting, you may finish priming all the other walls too. :)

Step 2: Paint

When the primer coat dries, add thinner to your paint at the exact proportion the salesman instructed and start painting the outline, the “frame” of each wall with a brush. Then, use your rollers to fill the rest of the surface.

Step 3: Second coat

When the first coat of paint dries then you should move on to the second, the same way. Some walls might need a third coat but it mainly depends on whether the new color looks right or needs more density and glow.

Step 4: Finishes

Finally, don’t forget your walls baseboards. When the paint is completely dry you may use a small brush and paint the baseboards too. That way, the color of your walls will be further highlighted. Of course, if your baseboards are made of wood or plaster, you might need a different type of paint. Ask the store.

Small painting tips

Duct tape

Apply it between walls that will be painted with different colors, so that the line between them will be perfectly straight. Also, you can apply duct tape on the floor near the walls to save hours of cleaning paint afterwards.

Forget e-shopping

Wall paint e-shops abroad, might offer much better prices but you shouldn’t take chances with quality. Furthermore, wall paint is generally a heavy material and shipping costs will raise the price a lot. Thus, a local paint shop or a department store proves to be the most economical solution.

Dry brushes no more

If it’s getting dark don’t worry about your brushes and rollers dry until morning. Remove as much excessive paint as you can and wrap them well with some layers of cellophane from the kitchn. In the morning they will be as you left them.

Tainted primer

If you wish for much better results and full coverage of the primer then add to it some of your paint. Mix it very well and then prime your walls.

Did you know?

We all know what white is, right? Greek wall painters of old times, also had the word “lefko” to describe it. Back then, when they whitewashed houses and yards especially in the islands, they added a few drops of indigo in the lime paint and its shade changed a bit. Maybe the little white Aegean houses really do have a different white, a brighter one and not only due to the strong sunlight. Later, they did this to white wall paint, too.
So, for a professional wall painter, white was not at all the same with “lefko” which anyway, only in their trained eyes must have had such big differences. Today, white and “lefko” means the exact same to us but try to experiment a bit and add some dark blue to your white paint. It might impress you. :)

Final color

Usually a fresh wall is a lot darker and this might worry you thinking that this is not the color you chose. But there is no reason to worry at all, because only when a wall is completely dry you may see the final color.

Amazing painting ideas!


The colors of the ‘60s are really hot these days. Olive green in half of the walls and orange on the other half, may give a unique and vibrant style to a room whether domestic or professional. If you feel bold enough, you should also add some pieces of retro wallpapers or posters to this. Just amazing!


Striped wallpaper would be an easy solution for this idea but trends are ruthless. This is only about painted stripes on walls. If you like the idea, you need a good professional or lots of duct tape, rulers, pencils and patience but the result pays.
Especially if you choose the stripe colors and thicknesses nicely or if you play with them a bit. More than two shades of the same color or different stripe sizes can really make your walls unique.


This type of paint can be applied on even a whole room while it looks and acts just like a blackboard. That means, that right after it dries you may write whatever you like on it with a chalk.
Blackboard paint is ideal for kid’s rooms, the kitchen for your shopping lists or the menu and also the cellar for your wine list.   It comes in any color but if you choose the classic black or the dark green and in order to avoid depression, you should better color only some small parts of a room with it.


A trend these days, is to play with effects that have to do with the texture of your walls. Techniques to make it look like wood or Venetian plaster or lately metal, become more and more popular. So, to add a metallic finish to your walls or even a patina finish (the green copper color), first you have to paint your walls in the color you like and then get a metallic glaze for the effect you prefer. You may even make your walls look rusty!
The techniques are many. The most popular one is to dip a sponge in the glaze and pat your walls. Ask a professional, google it or experiment as much as you like to find the ideal metal effect for you.
You know by now that painting walls whether you DIY or have others do it, is a rather easy, simple and affordable procedure. It certainly requires time and some effort but well painted walls is the ideal canvas for you to get inspired and create your own special place!

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Tα εν λόγω σπίτια χωρίζονται σε λυόμενα, (αποσυνα...


Wallpapers in Cyprus - a full guide.

Adding a Wallpaper is the only way to quickly transform your spaces, whether you like big patterns, bold prints, your own images, florals or a sophisticated and delicate wallpapered interior.

Your guide to statement walls includes all the latest information on interior design, wallpaper styles and types according to the size, the functionality and the needs of each space.

Wallpapers are not a new thing. Actually, this is a very old trend, when people even before the 18th century used to dec...


Legal Help in Cyprus: Full Guide

If by hearing “lawyer” and “legal advisor” you really can’t tell all the things he can really be of use to you, except if you are divorced, planning to divorce or had a car accident and you are about to face court, then you are lucky to have us. Legal help is much more and it can really free your hands. Literally. :)
If you think about it there is nothing you do in your everyday life that doesn’t concern a lawyer. Your marriage, your family, your car, home, work, friends even your neighbors...


Curtains & Blinds: A full Guide

Curtains or Blinds? Plain fabric or Venetian blinds? How about Vertical blinds? And what do you know about roller blinds?

Why should you prefer one instead of the other, how difficult is it to place and maintain window coverings and what are the trends for each type? Take a look at our guide and choose the best for your needs.

If you ask your grandmother, she will look puzzled because she probably never used blinds for her house. Your mom on the other hand, might tell you the general rule o...


7 Stunning hairstyles for your wedding

Your bridal hairstyle doesn’t need to look like all else. Do you know why? Because we found you the 7 hottest trends for unique wedding hairdos that very few brides have thought of and even fewer did!

The theme of you wedding, the length of your hair as well as the style of your wedding dress are the only things that you should take into account when choosing your bridal hairstyle. Your choices until now were somewhat limited and in most cases, almost expected.

Stereotypes such as very long...


8 Myths on Prefabricated Houses

Our love for brick homes and all stereotypes around built houses, most times prevents us from keeping up with the times, technology and all it can offer us. Our first step to knowledge is to "break" the myths about precast homes.

(or you can read our full guide abour Prefabricated Houses - prokataskevasmena spitia - here )

For most of us, it's completely unknown that most hospitals and schools of this world are prefabricated, while more than half of US homes are also prefab.

Fear of the un...


Architects in Cyprus - The guide

An architect is the Alpha and Omega if you wish for the house of your dreams in the exact way you always dreamed it, from the minute of its conception until the moment you will cross its door. The planning, the designs, the licensing, the supervision... and many more useful services that have never crossed your mind, are all a part of an architect’s job!

Our guide will help you better understand what an architect or an architectural office can do for you, but also to learn all the available...


Mold & Humidity: How to deal with it?

Humidity problems, damp and mold are not considered one of the biggest problems when thinking about building and home threats. However, increased humidity levels and especially mold, apart from the aesthetic problem or the bad odors, can seriously damage our buildings and our health. AtYourService has prepared a detailed guide to give you all the facts, prevention instructions and what to do in order to deal with mold once and for all.

The trend for perfect insulated buildings that use less ...


Θερμογραφία στην Κύπρο

Η υπέρυθρη θερμογραφία αναγνωρίζεται ως ιδανική μη-καταστρεπτική μέθοδος προληπτικής συντήρησης και τεχνικής επιθεώρησης κτιριακών, βιομηχανικών & ηλεκτρομηχανολογικών εγκαταστάσεων.

Ανακαλύψτε  κρυφά προβλήματα χρησιμοποιώντας την τεχνολογία θερμικής απεικόνισης.

H υπέρυθρη θερμογραφία είναι μια μέθοδος που σκοπό έχει την πρόληψη και την έγκυρη επιδιόρθωση ενός προβλήματος. Οι υπέρυθρες (IR) τεχνικές χρησιμοποιούνται κοινώς σε ένα μεγάλο εύρος εφαρμογών της μηχανολογίας, της ηλεκτρολογίας,......

Massage in Cyprus: A full Guide

Eliminate stress, get rid of pain in muscles, bones and joints, feel the relaxation, the comfort and the well-being of a massage therapy. The full guide for all massage treatment types and techniques by the best therapists in Cyprus, is now At Your Service!

As an important tourism destination, Cyprus is among the countries offering a wide variety of massage and wellness treatments, while our therapist’s level is very high. The massage treatments we offer can easily cover any possible need in...


10 simple tips to improve your diet

The decision for a healthier lifestyle has to start with our diet. However, contrary to popular belief, the shift to a healthier diet doesn’t necessarily mean banned delicacies or tasteless, boiled food eaten only in small fruit plates.

As most Nutritionists will advise you, this is an effort consisting of small decisions and changes that collectively have the power to greatly improve our health and quality of life.

Forget it

Let’s start with the first three more “difficult” dietary change...


Air Condition - όσα πρέπει να ξέρεις με απλά λόγια

Για να είσαι εδώ μάλλον ζεσταίνεσαι. Ή κρυώνεις.


Μάαλλον ζεσταίνεσαι αν είσαι στην κάτοικος της Κύπρου. Ο ήλιος καίει και εσύ χρειάζεσαι ή θάλασσα με mojito ( με ή χωρίς αλκόολ μόνο για σένα!) ή κλιματιστικό.


Ίσως έχεις ένα, δύο, τρία, δέκα κλιματιστικά στο χώρο σου. Ξέρεις βέβαια ότι ποτέ δεν θα είναι αρκετά. Ίσως δεν έχεις γιατί πρέπει να βρεις κάποιο να σου τα βάλει και να τα αγοράσεις.


Επίσης, ίσως δεν ξέρεις πολλά για το θέμα αυτό και περιμένεις πότε θα έρθει κάποιος στον ύπνο ...


Πλήρης Οδηγός για Κουφώματα Αλουμινίων

Τι πρέπει να γνωρίζω για τα κουφώματα και πώς θα προχωρήσω με τις σωστές επιλογές για το δικό μου σπίτι;
Η τεχνολογία σήμερα προχωρά με ασύλληπτους ρυθμούς ταχύτητας σε όλους τους τομείς όπως και στη τεχνολογία κατασκευής των κουφωμάτων αλουμινίου.

Εάν σκοπεύετε σύντομα να προχωρήσετε με την εφαρμογή καινούργιων κουφωμάτων αλουμινίου ή αντικατάσταση των παλιών στο δικό σας σπίτι, τότε βρίσκεστε στο σωστό  μέρος για να σας εξηγήσουμε και να σας βοηθήσουμε στην επιλογή τους.
  Τα τελευτ......

5 Συμβουλές για να επιλέξετε τον καλύτερο διδάσκοντα για το παιδί σας

Το κεφάλαιο της παιδείας ήταν διαχρονικά αυτό στο οποίο επένδυαν και επενδύουν όλες οι δημοκρατικές και ανεπτυγμένες κοινωνίες.

Στο κεφάλαιο αυτό πέρα από τη συμμετοχή του συντεταγμένου κράτους μέσω των δημοσίων σχολείων, αναμφίβολη είναι και η συμμετοχή της ιδιωτικής πρωτοβουλίας, είτε μέσω ιδιωτικών σχολείων και ινστιτούτων είτε μέσω των ιδιωτών καθηγητών. 

Πολύ λανθασμένα βέβαια η ιδιωτική πρωτοβουλία στο χώρο της εκπαίδευσης αντιμετωπίζεται με σκωπτικότατα, για πολλούς και διάφορους λόγ......

7 Unique Wedding gifts you`ve never seen before

As time goes by, the memories we gather become our most treasured possessions; no matter how many memories we gather in a life time, the wedding is always going to be the most treasured of all.
The electrifying atmosphere of elegance, beauty, the absolute love shared by the newly wed couple, and the celebration of the unity between man and wife is what makes a wedding special, and to achieve that perfect feeling, the bride and groom need to ensure that every aspect of their day is flawles......

I Want to Build an Extra Room in my House

There is that one moment that everyone who owns a home with apparent space problems has where you convince yourself that an extra room seems like the best idea since, I don’t know, eating Nutella from a jar - with a tablespoon.

Here’s the thing though – what may seem like a simple process of constructing an additional room in your home is in reality a mini building project that comes with it all the complexities that you find in home construction.

Think flooring, plumbing, framing, electric...


Is outsourcing the best choice for your Company?

Outsourcing is the contracting out of non-core business activities to a third party by means of a contractual agreement. Outsourcing helps firms to concentrate in their core competencies.  

There are many service providers – firms or individuals - who specialize in executing specific tasks.

An example is firms which use call centers to service their clients. In such a case calls are forwarded to an agency’s call center and the trained staff will handle the calls according to agreed instruct...


Bathroom Building or Renovation

Whether you wish to build, renovate, modernize or you are just dreaming of your perfect bathroom, the only thing you need is the basics and all the latest trends in bathroom ware and accessories. Go ahead dare it, after all we are here to give you everything you’ll need!

Grab a pen and paper

In order to get ideas for your new bathroom, you must first know your spaces. Take measurements in detail and write them down. Also, add to that a sketch of your bath as it is now. For example, where th...


Kitchen Renovation in Cyprus

Your kitchen is the busiest room in the house that you don’t only spend too much time in it, you also create and share. The room where inspiration, positive energy and comfort should be starring. If your kitchen lacks the above or you need new inspirations then you are at the right spot.

Do you wish to renovate your Kitchen? Learn everything in only 4 minutes. :)

The biggest problem of those who wish to completely remodel a room and especially the kitchen, is that they don’t know where to s...


Fans in Cyprus

Temperatures in Cyprus are really high every single summer and so is the price of electricity; although electricity is high all year long. These are the two most important factors that led the demand for fans go really high. But as their technology has been significantly upgraded, it is good to know what is available on the market today before you start looking.

A fan will not just cool your room. It will also help with ventilation especially in case of smokers. Also, it will control humidit...


Plants and Pots for your Garden

If you take a look at most botany books, you might need a dictionary to even understand the basics. However, if you want a practical guide to plants and pots, one that you can really use, then let monocotyledons and inflorescences to botanists and check our guide!

For most people, plants are divided in a few basic categories. Flowers, fruit-vegetables, trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, cacti, etc. For the practical people of this world though, plants belong to the categories that are first defi...


Garden Guide #2: Fences and Railings

If it’s the fence’s turn and you are overwhelmed with all the information about railings, enclosures, security, standards and styles, or if you are still wondering if it is considered chic to install an electric fence, then we promise that in a few seconds you will know everything.

As with a visit to a doctor, here too, you need a diagnosis.

Why exactly do you want to fence your place?

You may choose one or more of the following answers and soon it will be easier for you to decide the mate...


Garden in Cyprus - all you need to know

I would like to have the most beautiful garden in Cyprus. If this reflects how you feel, then this guide is written for you.

A beautiful garden has many secrets and you will probably be told most of them by the proper professionals. However, just before that, the biggest secret of all is to decide exactly what type of garden suits you.
More specifically, before you start creating your garden, you should answer the following questions in detail:



  What’s your space? Will you us......

Θερμομόνωση Σπιτιού. Ότι χρειάζεται να ξέρεις με απλά λόγια :)

Πολλοί από εσάς θα έχουν σκεφτεί να προσθέσουν θερμομόνωση στη κατοικία τους για καλύτερες κλιματικές συνθήκες εντός της οικίας τους αλλά και για εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας.

Υπολογίζεται ότι κατά τη διάρκεια του χειμώνα σε ένα διώροφο σπίτι χωρίς μόνωση παρατηρούνται απώλειες:
  Από την ταράτσα περίπου 25% της συνολικής απώλειας. Από τη τοιχοποιία περίπου 42% Από τα κουφώματα αλουμινίου περίπου 21% (ανάλογα το πόσα έχουμε) Και από καμινάδες, εξαεριστήρες κλπ. 13% Για να γίνει θερμομόνωση......

How to find the Best Catering in Cyprus?

Ευτυχισμένοι και χαρούμενοι καλεσμένοι είναι αναμφισβήτητα οι χορτασμένοι καλεσμένοι.  
Το πιο χαρμόσυνο γεγονός της ζωής σας δεν θα μπορούσε να μην συνοδεύετε από φαγητό και ποτό.
Το νόστιμο φαγητό εκτός από την γεύση ικανοποιεί την όραση, την όσφρηση, την αφή ακόμα και την ακοή. Μπορεί να ξυπνήσει αναμνήσεις και συναισθήματα όπως νοσταλγία, θαλπωρή, οικειότητα.
Σίγουρα θα θέλατε να κάνετε το παν για να περάσουν καλά οι καλεσμένοι σας με φαγητό πρώτης ποιότητας που να παρουσιάζετε με ......

Πλήρης Οδηγός για τα Φωτοβολταϊκά στην Κύπρο

Κάθε σπίτι  έχει ανάγκη την  ενέργεια. Όποιος θέλει να παράγει αυτή την ενέργεια, οικονομικά οικολογικά και με έξυπνο τρόπο  αξιοποιεί ένα μικρό κεφάλαιο σε  φωτοβολταϊκό σύστημα.

Με τα φωτοβολταϊκά συστήματα η ηλιακή ενέργεια μετατρέπεται σε ηλεκτρική, και η ενέργεια που δημιουργείται  με αυτόν τον τρόπο μπορεί να καταναλωθεί από το ίδιο το κτίριο στο οποίο είναι τοποθετημένα  ή να τροφοδοτήσει το ηλεκτρικό δίκτυο

Τα φωτοβολταϊκά ανήκουν  στη  κατηγορία των ΑΠΕ (Ανανεώσιμες πηγές ενέργειας) και είναι &...


Wedding Photographers in Cyprus

  People say that pictures can capture all eternity in just a moment that is gone.

A picture can capture and express every feeling in a moment, even those that are not easy to spot.

A great Wedding Photographer is one who can combine your own preferences with his distinct creative instict and at the same time be invisibile during the Wedding.

Before you start booking appoi......

Πως να δημιουργήσεις το ιδανικό λογότυπο!

Μια από τις δημοφιλέστερες δηλώσεις που ακούω από κάποιον που μόλις δημιούργησε μια εταιρεία είναι...

Ψάχνω ιδέες στο Google για λογότυπα, αλλά δεν έχω καταλήξει κάπου…Δεν ξέρω τι θέλω!

Πάω στοίχημα ότι στους περισσότερους από εσάς, έχουν περάσει από το μυαλό σας πολλές ιδέες για λογότυπα!

Οι περισσότερες ιδέες  μένουν σκέψεις μιας και η δημιουργία ενός ολοκληρωμένο......

Πλήρης Οδηγός Διαφήμισης στην Κύπρο. Μέρος Α

Σήμερα θα μιλήσουμε για ένα από τα θέματα που συχνά απασχολεί τις περισσότερες εταιρείες, τη ΔΙΑΦΗΜΙΣΗ και τα προσφερόμενα ΜΕΣΑ.

Λόγω της προϋπηρεσίας μου σε διαφημιστικές εταιρείες και σε Όμιλο Μέσων (στα τμήματα προγραμματισμού διαφήμισης), οι πελάτες μου ζητούν συχνά διευκρινήσεις αλλά και αξιολόγηση για θέματα όπως:
  Τι επιλογές υπάρχουν σε κάθε Μέσο Πόσο κοστίζουν και αν μπορούμε να πάρουμε καλύτερη προσφορά Πώς αξιολογώ κάτι που έκανε κάποιος (φίλος/γνωστός/ανταγωνιστής κλπ) Πόσ......

Πως μπορεί να βοηθήσει ένας καλός Υδραυλικός

Ο οδηγός αυτός έχει γραφτεί από την εταιρεία Chris Col Ltd την #1 εταιρεία στην Κατηγορία Υδραυλικά
  Η συντήρηση ενός σπιτιού ή ενός διαμερίσματος σίγουρα δεν είναι εύκολη υπόθεση. 

Ένα από τα πιο «δύσκολα κεφάλαια» της συντήρησης είναι συνήθως τα υδραυλικά γιατί τα προβλήματα στα υδραυλικά εμφανίζονται μόνο μετά που θα γίνει η πρώτη ζημιά.
  Αυτό δεν σημαίνει φυσικά ότι δεν μπορεί......