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Metal Construction in Cyprus

by: Costantina 22/11/2018 08:00

Metal structures are the "unsung hero" of most buildings around you, because although most of us know very little about metal construction, they are certainly the most popular and reliable frame for everything you wish to build.

Even if you have no idea what’s underneath your gorgeous round stairs or the new pool in your house, most professionals will assign a big part of your project to the metal constructions industry and craftsmen.

So, either a professional or an individual, whether for ...

Business Cards in Cyprus - A Complete Guide

by: Costantina 15/11/2018 07:55

Even in our digital era, the business card, this tiny paper tool of businessmen of the old ages, still works and is not about to be replaced soon. Yours? See what the elements that will make it truly unique are!

The most classic scene, the exchange of business cards between professionals in conferences, is something which at best, will send you home with full pockets and a fresh network of people that you might cooperate. At worst, this will be a repeated and mechanical, almost autistic, thi...

Real or Synthetic Grass?

by: Costantina 08/11/2018 07:25

An impressive lawn either real or synthetic, has many secrets. If your own grass is going to be natural or plastic does not only depend your needs, time and the money you wish to spend. Read below all the secrets before you decide which one is for you.

Nature is always best when talking about aesthetics and in particular about areas that are mainly decorative, such as gardens. However, if this high aesthetic result, a healthy and vigorous lawn, can’t go with our needs or budget, then perhaps...

Security System for your Company

by: Costantina 01/11/2018 08:10

Nowadays, security systems seem to have come out of James Bond movies! Your company can be completely secure, with the use of new technologies in security and alarm systems. You just grab the martini and we’ll be your agent Q in this guide on everything we learned from the experts.

You might be reading this just to get informed but if you really wish to find the proper security system for your company or your professional premises, then maybe you should first think what security means to you...

Everything you need to know about drywall constructions

by: AtYourService 18/10/2018 07:55

Drywall or plasterboard, is natural, ecological, malleable and can be as creative as you want it to be. Mostly though, it is fast to apply and very economical. However, for those who don’t know the basics such as the types, the risks and the secrets of drywall, they might lose a huge opportunity to make great constructions in the smartest possible way.

So let’s find out more about it!
As with everything we want to build in our house, drywall constructions apart from expertise and experience,...

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Wedding Cameraman: Everything you need to know

If you decided to film your wedding, some extra tips on the techniques, the qualifications of the video maker as well as the trendiest ideas today on wedding videos, are more than enough to make your own video stand out!

In our grandparents’ times, you could only see a few photos of the ceremony. Later on, the number of photographs increased and they became colored showing every detail, even the color of the bride’s lipstick. Then, wedding videos made their debut, usually filmed by one camer...


Air conditions in Cyprus.

It is everyone’s favorite device, the first you will buy for your house and the last you will turn off at night; and that, only for some nights or you won’t be able to sleep at all!

But how good was your purchase? How much do you know about air conditioning and what are the facts that will save you trouble and money? Read our guide so that your new air conditioner is the best you can buy!

Extreme temperatures combined with dust and air pollution in big cities as well as special conditions...


Band or DJ? Which one is best for my Wedding?

Music is one of the most important things in a wedding, the single element with the power to lift everyone’s mood for good and which will accompany your guest’s memories of your weddings for years to come. Band or DJ, the decision is yours but only after you find out the basics which will determine what will make your wedding rock.

The first and most important step to help you choose is to know your limits, potential and capabilities so to look in the right direction. Answer the following qu...


Clowns, Magicians & Other Entertainers

A kid's party nowadays is not a simple job. Besides the very popular solution of playgrounds with inflatables, you now also have a wide range of kid’s entertainers to make it unique.

But since there are too many types of party entertainers for children, we prepared this guide so that you have all your options in one place.

So let’s entertain the kids:

Balloon Artists - Balloon Twisters

This is a low priced and very impressive form of entertainment for your kids in case you want to add a h...


Renovation Guide: Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important and smartest investments you can make in your house, office or any building, since it offers a very wide range of benefits, from improving your health and control the temperature in a building to… saving money! Seriously.

Take a look at this full guide presented once more by AtYourService on everything regarding insulation. Hint: don’t delay it any longer. Winter is coming! :)

Why insulation?

Almost anyone can tell you one or two reasons why you shou...



How can I give an offer without any information?

Almost every day we receive roughly the same question from a different Professional.

"The customer provides no information whatsoever, how on earth can I submit an offer"

This might sound like ranting, but the truth of the matter is that they are right. Really. 

Customers on many occasions do not provide any information whatsoever. It is not rare to see the whole job description being "website" "dj" or "paint my house"

One thing i`d like to note before going on to the main point of this b......

Who are you and why should we trust you?

One questions that we often hear is “Who are the people behind AtYourService” and why should we trust you.

This is a very serious and important question that should be asked by everyone. So please allow me to share some facts about our team that help answer this question

- AtYourService has won a €70 000 grant by the Ministry of Commerce as part of the European Innovation Grant

- AtYourService has been awarded as the most innovative service or Product of 2014 by the InBusiness Awards.

- A......

The Best long-term Investment for your Company

A lot of Professionals ask us this question daily so I thought it would be a good idea to write them down.

So without any Delay, here are the 3 most important benefits of the Pro Version.

#1 Submit Priority Offers

Only Pro Version members can submit an Offer: 

In the first 24 hours after a service is requested If the request has already received 3 Offers

 # 2 Receive recommenda...


How to Create a Wonderful Profile

Your Profile can be the most important factor in the Customers' decision to award you a Job. It is even more important in the beginning, when you have a small number of completed Jobs and a relatively low Reputation score.

So our first advice to our Pros is always the same:

Create a wonderful Profile!

How you do that? The three most important points of a good Profile are:

The Profile Picture

Use a nice Profile picture that is relevant, memorable and positive. Ideally it is a picture of...