The decision for a healthier lifestyle has to start with our diet. However, contrary to popular belief, the shift to a healthier diet doesn’t necessarily mean banned delicacies or tasteless, boiled food eaten only in small fruit plates.

As most Nutritionists will advise you, this is an effort consisting of small decisions and changes that collectively have the power to greatly improve our health and quality of life.

Forget it

Let’s start with the first three more “difficult” dietary changes so that all our tips afterwards, will seem really easy. So, you should definitely forget certain things if you want a better and healthier body. Which are these?

1. Bad daily habits

A glass of soda once in a while is not that bad but when you drink one every day, then the harm of this daily habit is much bigger and over time it gets worse.

So, if you want a healthier body you should stop any harmful habit but which you can enjoy once in a while.

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2. Bad influences

If you have already decided to improve your dietary habits then this can be really hard in a house with people that don’t feel the same or insist in less healthy food.

On the other hand, if your loved ones will support you, everything is easier. Even better, if you begin your efforts with your family or friends. The motive and mutual understanding will be priceless!

3. “Troubles”

Never start making drastic changes if you are facing a big problem in your life, a very sad period or changes in your job.

In general, facing trouble is a big setback in such big decisions since psychology is the most important factor that will help you or not in all life changes you are about to make.

Your changes will be kept and will last longer if you are peaceful and follow a fixed schedule in your everyday life.

Replace it

In certain cases, we don’t have to stop our harmful habits. We only just have to swap them with healthier ones. Therefore, we don’t have to completely change our habits and we also do good to our body without cutting too many things!

There are three main ingredients you have to replace in your diet if you wish to see a drastic improvement in your health and appearance:

4. Sugar

No, you don’t have to cut the sweets out of your life. What you have to do is replace sugar with substitutes.

Either aspartame or stevia or fructose and brown sugar, anything you choose will surely be better than white sugar and will bring a tremendous improvement to your body!

5. Salt

Salt is necessary to our body but in case you like it a little bit more and if you also consider the hidden salt in your meals, then, apart from swelling and fluid retention, it can harm your health a lot.

You have two choices: you either go for the substitutes that don’t contain sodium or you have to replace it with herbs such as oregano and thyme which will give more flavor and taste to your food without harming you.

In any case, you can’t imagine how good this will be for your body!

6. Fat

This is the number 1 danger for obesity, heart and vascular problems. It is found everywhere now and it is fully integrated with most of our favorite tastes, which makes it even more difficult to cut.

There are two solutions: first, prefer to cook your food than buy it ready made. In home cooked meals you may control the fat (quantity and quality) while in the food you order, you can’t.

Secondly, prefer the light versions of the food you buy. You will save yourself of some “bad” fat without compromising the quantity and taste of your food.

Supersize it

What makes the difference in a healthy diet, is not the actual food but the way we eat it and when. Three tips on these habits might help you improve your diet a bit more:

7. Meal duration

The faster we eat the more harmful it is for our stomach which has no time to grind food, while we also swallow air that causes digestion problems. The main thing though, is that it takes  longer to feel full which results us eating larger quantities of food.

And so? You only have to spend for the 2 bigger meals of your day at least 20 minutes and you automatically have a much healthier body that weighs less.

8. In between

We all know that many small meals are better than two or three big ones. However, this is far from constant snacking which adds calories, detunes your body by giving the wrong indications of hunger and satiety, and it generally increases the appetite for unhealthy food.

So, if you are snacking all the time, increase the intervals of your meals which should be only five (two main meals, three snacks) and avoid consuming anything in between.

9. Salad portions

If until now, your habits were really harmful to your body and your decision for a better diet was somewhat sudden resulting you to being hungry all the time, then there is a solution. Make the salad portions that accompany your meals as big as you like until you are completely full.

This trick will help you feel full easier while you will boost your body with a large quantity of vitamins and nutrients, which will have immediate effects on your mood and appearance, giving you also the motivation to continue your efforts!

!Furthermore, this trick does wonders if you like to eat late at night. Have as much salad as you like until you are full!

Clarify this

Diet myths and misconceptions about what is right and wrong may be your biggest enemy for a healthier lifestyle. Make sure you get your instructions only by a nutritionist or a dietitian and most of all, clarify one of the biggest diet misconceptions:  

10. Fattening food does not exist

As there is no slimming food. We are the ones to make a certain type of food harmful or not, with our habits. The time of consumption, the way we cook and the quantity of food is what defines whether it is good or bad for us.

A small piece  of dark chocolate that you will eat during snack time is very good for you. On the other hand, a big piece of whole milk chocolate that you will consume at 2 a.m. is not.

So, it is not chocolate that is fattening us, our habits are!

Note in general that our food should not be a boring task nor a party time. It should not be a sin nor a panacea.

That means, that not everything is black or white resulting us exaggerating with healthy food or overdoing it with large quantities and overeating. And certainly, let us not forget the huge importance of exercise.

Improving our diet is strictly personal
As with a personal exercise program, the same should happen with our diet. In order to be safe, it should be given to us by the proper professional who will be fully informed of our medical history and habits.

He will also take into account our gender, age and physical condition.

So, if you wish for safe and scientific dietary advice meant only for you, instead of following tips of friends and people you know, ask directly the top Nutritionists at AtYourService!

Good luck!