In the last few days I have been refreshing the logo competition every 30 minutes or so.

Every time I see a new logo submission I smile :)


I smile because I see AtYourService through the eyes of another person.

I also smile because a talented designer has invested time to create a logo and enter the competition.


I am very happy to see that we already have so many submission (over 50) and I really feel grateful for our community.


So I have been thinking, analyzing and talking about the logos a lot, and I decided to write this blog to share my own personal perspective (not the official stance of AtYourService – just my personal opinion) on things I like in the logos and more things I like.


When seeing a new logo for the first time I look out for 3 things (in no particular order):




I want the typography to be modern (following the latest design trends). I strongly prefer lowercase letters as I believe they are a better match for our brands.

Logo’s in which I like the typography a lot: 48 57 55 67 74


Logo Image


We want a logo that has an image, and might also have the words AtYourService with it.

Ideally we want to be able to use the image independently of the letters and also with the letters.

Also, the logo image must be connected in some way, and have a nice balance with the letters.


Logo’s in which I like the image and how it balances with the text: 42 67 54



A Special note

We`ve seen a lot of interesting things which are lovely. We ` ve also seen a lot of designers play with the @ symbol.


That’s a great idea, but I don’t think it’s one we will be pursuing as :

  1. A lot of people are already searching of ad your service – which means that the meaning of our name is lost in them
  2. It’s an association that makes sense to computer literate people not much else.
  3. It’s been overused in the past.

As I said at the beginning of the post this is purely my personal opinion so talk with a grain (or a ton) of salt.



Brand Association


Ideally, when a user sees a logo for the first time:

  1. He will smile
  2. He will associate the brand with something very positive

B is the most important of the two and there are 2 logos that accomplish them: 86 42

There are also many other logos that make me smile, but do not go the extra mile to create that positive brand association: 40 47 70 87 46


A Special note

Some logos are using relevant images of magnifying glasses, or clips, or mouse etc. While these may be nice visually, I think these images have been overused in the past and lack a positive association (or even worse have negative associations with them)


Of course, when I see a logo I also check for overall balance and many other smaller things.


Anyway, I want to keep this blog entry short for a change so I won’t expand more. I will try to write comments on the logos and initiate a dialogue with designers who are interested in that – so feel free to open a conversation in the comments section with me.

Lastly but very importantly

This blog contains my own opinions, not the official opinions of the team. It’s just my perspective and I know it’s wrong :)

I am just sharing my perspective and if you find anything valuable in it you can take it otherwise you can just ignore it :)



P.S. You is one of the best words to include in any content. If it was me, and I chose to emphasize one of the words in the logo, that word would be your