Whether you wish to build, renovate, modernize or you are just dreaming of your perfect bathroom, the only thing you need is the basics and all the latest trends in bathroom ware and accessories. Go ahead dare it, after all we are here to give you everything you’ll need!

Grab a pen and paper

In order to get ideas for your new bathroom, you must first know your spaces. Take measurements in detail and write them down. Also, add to that a sketch of your bath as it is now. For example, where the door is placed, the existing sanitary wares etc.

If your bathroom is newly built and thus, an empty space then you may sketch the exact spots where you’d ideally like everything to go or any additional feature, you are dreaming to have in your future bath.

Make up your mind

Some big and important decisions should be taken before you start looking for material and furniture for your new bathroom. Take them seriously if you don’t want to read this guide again next year. :)

One big decision has to do with how far you are willing to go for your dream bathroom. If needed, would you knock down a wall? Would you change the prefixed spots for the sanitary ware and thus, plumbing and do all the works involved? Would you build a completely new bathroom from scratch in a completely new room of your house?

Your next decision is on your budget. Even if you have no idea about the prices in the market today and keeping also in mind that there is almost no limit in how high the prices can get, then maybe you should set your budget.

By drawing your red lines, you avoid insecurity and almost have an idea as to where your next moves will take you.

Get info

Before you start taking decisions on everything you will need to buy, you need the info. Think of the people that live or will live with you (if any) and start asking them about their needs and expectations for the new bathroom.

Also think a bit of the future. If for instance, you plan on starting a family soon, will this bath be functional for all of you? What are the storage needs of your bathroom and how many people will it serve? Does everyone agree on a shower cabin or you should better stick to the bath tub? What would be more practical for the kids? Do you often have guests? Is the bidet really necessary or could it be completely avoided and for heaven’s sake, does anyone know if this bloody thing is really used for anything? :)

A piece of advice… or two

The water consumption of your bathroom is a serious thing. Unnecessary consumption can prove a great expense for you and a major headache for society and the environment.

All new smart and green technologies even in bath accessories are now focusing on the reduced and controlled water consumption without an impact on the consumer’s senses. Less water doesn’t necessarily mean that you see or feel less water. After all, its smart technologies. So, before your purchases have the above technologies in mind.

Don’t overdo it with too modern design. You may find in the market from traditional to the most futuristic and unusual items and ware for your bathroom but what should matter most is their quality and usability.

Have in mind that most things in bathrooms are not just decorative and that for every single day, they are all about to be heavily used or mistreated. For example, a white feather curtain is awesome but this is supposed to be a shower curtain. In real life, wet feathers are not awesome let alone practical.

The design in bathroom ware must first be functional, otherwise it doesn’t deserve a second look.

The ideas

It’s about time you start online tours or flipping magazines with all the necessary goods. However, there is a chance that something might escape you. So, let’s analyze everything you’ll need but also look beyond the traditional options.

This may help you avoid hours of searching for inspiration, it might spare you of long unnecessary reads and expenses, while it might give you new ideas to better use your space.


We first added tiles in our bathrooms mainly for reasons of hygiene while we all remember grandma’s first ugly tiles. Today the designs and quality of tiles has greatly evolved and so are our choices.

However, tiles are not the only healthy solution for your bathroom, you can also cover your floors and walls with mosaic or stone which will offer an extremely impressive result and perhaps will better show off your new bathroom’s style.

Sink and shower faucets

This specific industry has significantly evolved in design, technology as well as in materials. You might be the traditional type and wish for your faucet to have separate handles for cold and hot water or you might want to follow the crowd and choose one of the modern 1-handle faucets.

But now, you have endless choices. Apart from crazy new designs, you might instead of the common metal ones, prefer the new transparent bathroom faucets which also come with hydro-powered LED light!


Apart from the fact that hundreds of new accessories have been invented for almost anything you imagine, we also have many new trends. Generally, what you will realize is that baths are "kitchenized". Which means more specialized accessories, more devices, more wood, drawers, cabinets, shelves and counters.

Another interesting trend is the "bathroom - gem" where most accessories mimic precious gems that are shiny and impressive. Just try not to overdo it. :)

Will you go for the individual accessories or choose kits and complete solutions? Anything you need regarding bathroom accessories, from towel and soap holders to toilet brushes, you can either buy them separately or in sets. In the first case, you can decorate or equip every bathroom corner differently while in the second, you can give your bathroom a tone of harmony.

Sanitary ware

Here, disruption is non-stop. As it seems white (and very sensitive) porcelain or ceramics became boring and people want something different. Stone, one of the first materials traditionally used in bathrooms, now adds beauty and coziness.

Wood, a rather unusual material for sanitary ware might give you the perfect bath tub or a unique sink. If you are not sure, look for ceramics that mimic wood. This might be the smartest trend!

Metal on the other hand, a material that until today was mostly seen on faucets and taps, is now spreading in stylish sanitary ware and so, you will also see it in bath tubs and sinks in various great designs. The hammered metal sink or the fountain-sink will impress you.

Bathroom furniture

Shelves, counters, storage furniture, they all change with new materials and designs. Since usability and Swedish design have conquered our everyday lives for good, all trends are emphasizing functionality and better use of space.

A great variety in solutions for all bath sizes with natural materials that are dominating the market, such as wood and clay. Naturally, plastic continues to invade successfully the hot trends list, while marble tends to be left out.

Apart from the materials, the most popular trend is color. Although white is considered the classiest choice, it is probably time to experiment and give the room we start our day from, the most cheerful colors!

A bit of you

Let your personality show in your new creation with smart and unusual additions that will make a big difference!

Transform your bathroom into your own personal relaxation spot by adding your favorite sounds, aromatherapy, a sauna or perhaps your full personal spa! Add lights of your favorite colors activated by sensors at different corners of your bathroom and maybe add some Eastern scents too. Remember to do all the above by using new smart technologies for saving water and electricity.

In any case, make sure that each of your days will have an exciting, positive and energetic start while their endings will take place in the most relaxing, pampering and calming environment. And all that in the most important room of the house, your new bathroom!

Find the Experts!

If you’re one step before implementation remember not to blindly assign each job needed, to just anyone. Bathrooms is not an easy job and demand serious work on plumbing and electrical systems. Furthermore, if you need to build new facilities or demolish walls, again this is a large and serious project.

So, if you want to save yourself a lot of money and find quickly the best and most reliable professionals to do all this work with guaranteed results and recommendations, AtYourService is… At Your Service.

Just publish the jobs to be done, the maximum amount you wish to spend for each one and your desired deadlines. Through AtYourService, you will make sure that you get all the best services for a turnkey bathroom, exactly the way you’ve dreamed it!


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