Even in our digital era, the business card, this tiny paper tool of businessmen of the old ages, still works and is not about to be replaced soon. Yours? See what the elements that will make it truly unique are!

The most classic scene, the exchange of business cards between professionals in conferences, is something which at best, will send you home with full pockets and a fresh network of people that you might cooperate. At worst, this will be a repeated and mechanical, almost autistic, thing between strangers just because they have to.

But only after this experience will you be able to easier understand what makes a business card unique. Empty your pockets (or bags and drawers if you haven’t been to a conference lately) and lay at least 15 cards in front of you. If less than 15, it might be difficult to understand the differences.

The best of them, as you will see, will stand out immediately. And it’s not due to the design as most think it is, there are many more elements, some visible and some “invisible” that you might have not yet decoded.

Visible or invisible, let’s analyze some of those special elements that will make your card sell fast!  :)

Size Matters

It was really popular until recently, to play with the size of your professional card. I have received from small cards the size of a lego to as big as a wedding invitation. The first, I lost them while the second, I had nowhere to put them.

Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t play with the size, stick to the classic.

You see, if your card is smaller your hand won’t be able to find it among others while if it is bigger it won’t fit the holder or will bother you when you try to put all cards in your hand. There is also fear that to some people, a different sized business card might look amateur.

But most of all, don’t play with its shape. Round, rectangular and other imaginative shapes need a new special case in our card holders. Which won’t happen.


Apart from the classic choice of paper, you may also want to carve your details in marble, wood or use metal, magnet, plastic, glass or any other material you like.

However, if you want a practical, timeless business card that you won’t need to change all the time, one that you can print whenever you wish, without the need of special materials or techniques, then go for the paper.

But. Not any paper. Don’t fear to spend on the best quality that will stand out in appearance as well as to the touch. It will compensate you.


In this, you are called to decide what your style is first. Every font family has its own character and different things to “say” to your audience.

So, you must first decide whether your image or your brand’s image is (/you wish it to be): traditional or modern, strict or humorous, clean or playful? Do you wish it to state power and prestige or a free and creative spirit?

After you decide on your image, your job here is done. Let the designer choose your fonts and be certain that he knows better than me and you which one will best show your place in this world.


Previously, the back of a business card was empty for practical reasons. However, now that printers have evolved, do not let such a space go wasted. Generally speaking, minimal is nice but we are talking about your business card which is supposed to be a tool and should be useful.

Don’t think about it at all, you have so much to say. Some, add a map with directions in the back while others the details of their mother company.

You might also see photos, extra contact details, the company’s moto, their new projects… the list never ends. You know best what is important to be mentioned in the back of your card.


There is a saying among the designers “if the client doesn’t like it, make it bigger and red”. A client who has already thought of his card’s design should never visit a designer.

A printing house would perfectly do. I mean, you ought to give your designer the chance to show you some more creative routes but mainly, the correct routes.

Yes, design is not only art it’s also technique. You might wish that your card will have your own artistic mark but there are the correct and the wrong places to place and show it’s elements and yes, a designer has been educated on exactly this.

So, let him do his magic or you will get a big red card.  :)

Disrupt everything

But don’t do it just for doing it. This works only if you have the concept that justifies it.

Below you may find a short list of clever such cases that I liked a lot, always in relevance with the activities and the type of business/businessman. Some are funny, some are exaggerated, other too expensive and some others, temporary.
Take a look, you might want to adapt such a concept to your own card:

Gym Services – a card made of towel fabric or stretch fabric to exercise your fingers.

Confectionary Services – edible cards (e.g. chocolate, biscuit etc.)

Furniture – The card _____ as a chair.

Photographer – a transparent card showing various accessories that you can try on (glasses, moustache etc.).

Home ware – the cheese grater card.

Divorce lawyers – the card that splits in two and contains all details in both pieces.

Yoga Services – the card made of yoga mat, rolled and tied with string.

Hairdressers – the card that you cut with scissors, you roll it and becomes a face with hair.

Tobacco industry – the card that can be cut in pieces that you can then use as cigarette filters.

Garden Services – the card with seeds that with a few drops of waters starts sprouting plants from it’s top.

Makeup Services – the stamp card. The owner stamps any surface (preferably white napkins) and a pair of red lips as well as her telephone number appears.

And for last, the card of the successful: It has only got the owner’s name in a screenshot of the Google search homepage. Or else, “I am too successful, just Google me”.

The best idea in Cyprus!

So if you too wish for a Business Card which will be the talk of the town but you are still seeking the concept to skyrocket it, then activate the Cypriot Designer’s and Printing Houses’ network, already being here, At Your Service!

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