If you decided to film your wedding, some extra tips on the techniques, the qualifications of the video maker as well as the trendiest ideas today on wedding videos, are more than enough to make your own video stand out!

In our grandparents’ times, you could only see a few photos of the ceremony. Later on, the number of photographs increased and they became colored showing every detail, even the color of the bride’s lipstick. Then, wedding videos made their debut, usually filmed by one camera that recorded every second of the ceremony, as if just for the record.

Today, you will see couples in the most unlikely places, dressed the following day as well as bride and groom, just to shoot more “creative” pictures and more cinematic, almost Hollywood scenes for their wedding videos. They hang in cliffs, run into seas and pose happily in the urban landscape, which usually looks back in puzzlement. :)

So, before you decide to listen to your friends and hire the artist they suggest for your wedding video, before you say Yes to your wedding photographer that offers the video in his package and before you check out prices, we have a few ideas for you to also consider.

Especially, if you have never thought before about the techniques and specifications of a wedding video or you don’t know exactly why you want one, then some good questions for you and the creator will help you get things straight.

Just remember that at the end of the day, your wedding video needs a purpose, a rhythm, it needs to be interesting and different. For sure, you don’t need just a simple tape of the ceremony. On the other hand, this is not a movie and certainly not a comedy. Or not? ;)

Questions for you

Why do you want your wedding filmed?

Although a wedding video is considered essential, each couple has different reasons why they need it.

Some, want a romantic film of their most beautiful day of their lives. Others, want every second of their wedding on tape as a documentary.  They want the ceremony in every detail so that they can watch afterwards everything they might have missed.

On the other hand, some couples want a wedding video to be a gift for all their friends and relatives. Lately, some ask for a wedding video suitable to be published on social media, their website or blog. Thus, it must be somewhat short and maybe show the most important parts of the evening.

So, depending on your needs, you have now a clue of what you might need. Just don’t forget to mention those needs to the video creator, too.

What exactly do you want to film?

Would you like to film the whole wedding or just a few important parts? Will you include your cocktail party in it or the preparations in the houses of the bride the groom? Will you film the reception? What about adding some scenes from the bachelor and hens party, too?

How long will it last?

There is no specific duration for wedding videos. Some last 30 minutes and others 3 whole hours. If yours is too big, you may ask the artist to make you one more that contains only the highlights.

Furthermore, if you want to add some photos from your past, you should have in mind that they will make it even longer.

Questions for the video maker

His work

You must definitely ask him to send you some of his previous work, because he may say lots of things about his work, but as happens with most artists, each person’s likes and dislikes are different and objective. That is, he might be considered a great artist for most couples but his style may not be what you are looking for.

The cost

Sometimes the cost is the main reason for our choices and especially when it has to do with our wedding. This, also happens because we may not know many things on the matter, plus all wedding videos might seem the same.

Also, it could be offered in the photographer’s package at a very affordable price. Of course, there is a chance he is also suggested by a friend, so more or less, you know what he charged them.

In any case, you should ask his price and this should be one of the first questions you ask, so that he understands how important the price to you is.

What’s in the price?

Rarely will you hear a price for a wedding video that only refers to the actual video. Usually, it includes a “package” of services that you can have in two categories.

The first category of services has mainly to do with the filming. The price has to do with the number of cameras, the sites, the hours and what exactly will be filmed.

Also, if he will film some additional scenes a few days before the wedding or even your honey moon!

The second category has to do with the end product. The editing, any effects, old photos or video scenes from the engagement, music, the number of copies etc.

Finally, some include a second video in the price that lasts only a few minutes and shows the highlights of the night as well as a teasing video that the couple can post online before the final one is ready.

His other weddings

If your preferred artist has another wedding video to film at the day of your wedding and especially if the two weddings are only a few hours apart, then you should really think about this again. You don’t want him to be in a hurry, tired and mainly, you don’t want him have the biggest part of the job done by his employees! So ask him. You have to know.

Saint… who?

You definitely have to find out if is familiar with the church you are about to be married as well as the site of the reception. It’s a huge advantage if he knows and has worked on the premises he is about to film for your wedding video because he will know the best spots, what lights to use, the number of cameras needed, where is less crowded and which priest is not very tolerant. ;)

His equipment

You might have no idea what he is talking about but only the fact that you ask, will probably scare off a bad professional. And if you want to be sure, write down everything he tells you and then ask a friend who knows these things about the quality of his equipment.

How many cameras will he use? Will there be more than one cameras? Also, will he have extra people filming besides him? Depending on the result you expect, the video maker will define the number of cameras needed.

For instance, a simple filming of the event doesn’t require many cameras; however, a more cinematic video definitely needs many cameras because it should focus on many details of the site and also show many different ankles and scenes of the ceremony.

What you should learn for yourself

Now that you know all you need, it is time to cross check the information he gave you, so that you are more certain of the good results. Find couples that have worked with him in the past and try to find out the following:

His previous work

Besides the videos he will show you, it is good to see some more that he didn’t share with you. That is because in many cases, photographers/video makers tend to only show you one or two great videos, only to find out afterwards that their real product is very different.

So, if you get one or two more videos from friends without him knowing, you will have a full image of the quality of his work.

How flexible he is

The creator’s personality plays a huge role to the result. He might be what you were looking for and you trust him totally to let him do whatever he wants. Or you might want him to just follow your instructions.

What you have to find out is whether he is the type of person to do either of the above. Can he, without any instructions, be trusted to do the job perfectly? Or, in the second case, will he take instructions in order to create the exact thing you have in mind and not his?

However, in general, you should know that if you like his previous work, you shouldn’t interfere at all. It is ok to tell him a couple of things on what you expect but then, let him fee to create. You hired him for his knowledge and vast experience, so try not to cut off his wings.

How much he charged

Prices differ for sure depending on the case and needs; however, it is good to have an idea of what he charged in previous events and for which exact services. That way, you avoid him overcharging you.

How sincere he is

Many video makers promise too much in order to close the deal and then they don’t even do half. You might for instance, have agreed on specific equipment and helpers for the filming of your wedding but in order to be sure, ask the couple he worked for in the past, if all equipment and employees were as promised.

Also, ask when the video was delivered, if everything happened as promised and if there were any extra charges.

Amazing ideas

Your wedding video will look like no else. How? As long as you follow one or more of the latest trends!

The Past

Add to your wedding video a timeline of your lives until this day. Childhood video scenes, photos of every stage of your lives, school years, after you met, the engagement etc.

The Narrative

Besides music, you could also add narration to your video! This could be just comments from the bride and groom on every scene that takes place or you could hire a famous narrator, who in romantic words will describe the big event and tell the couple’s story.

For the brave ones, the narrator could be a comedian who will comment on everything, from the bride and groom to aunt Efterpi’s stockings. :)

The Interviews

Ask from all close relatives, friends and acquaintances to send you a very short video answering a question, different for each. Then watch them carefully and choose the ones to include to your video.

Such a wedding video can be really touching and interesting if it also includes friends and relatives who live abroad and couldn’t be at the wedding.

Remember that you should ask the proper questions in order to get the best possible answers. So think of them a bit.

The Dance

Many might think this is too much but the final result of a choreography is really good and can skyrocket the event and thus, the video. What you should do is, depending on your wedding theme, choose the proper choreography and costumes.

For instance, if your wedding theme is retro, then a West Side Story dance with the proper costumes will be perfect for the reception. Pick as many friends as possible to participate to the dance, pick the dance teacher or a dancing school, pick a song and schedule rehearsals.

You also have to know that in the Aegean themed weddings, Mama Mia is the hottest trend! :)

The Hollywood Movie

If as a couple your temperament is really passionate and you also have a great sense of humor, grab a pencil and a piece of paper and start writing your wedding movie script. Not joking!

Wedding movies are a big trend right now and can be lots of fun. You may add kidnappings, getaways, all the drama you like, biblical disasters, anything, as long as you don’t forget the happy end; which of course is your Wedding! :)

All the best!