Carpet cleaning, especially when done by professionals, is an essential service to keep your carpets in a perfect condition but is also important for your family’s health. Find out how dirty a carpet can really be, how often you should hire a carpet cleaning expert, the most effective cleaning methods that top professionals in Cyprus use as well as tips to maintain the results for longer.

Especially in Cyprus, when winter is much shorter than in most European countries and when most people buy carpets for decorative purposes mainly, very few are aware of carpet cleaning basics. It’s true that most of us have no idea about the pollutants dirty carpets can really hold and how they can affect our health.

We think that cleaning our carpets once a year is more than enough. Of course, in the case they look dirty, we clean them as often as we have to. So, after defining all types of “dirt” that can be trapped in a carpet we will then see how often professionals advise us to clean our carpets and rugs.


Let’s define “dirt” in carpets

Dirt such as mud or soil as well as dust are obviously not the only types of “dirt” that carpets will hold. And although we will usually vacuum, dust or even wash our carpets the minute we see the dirty spots, the fact is that they are just the tip of the iceberg.

See below what “dirt” can really be:


A dirty rug or carpet may hold many types of pollutants such as bacteria, germs and allergens from pets and insects or in some cases, mite infestations  and toxic gases. Walking on your carpet is more than enough to release all the above pollutants in the air.

Some of us, may think that frequent vacuuming can keep the carpets clean but this is not true. Any activity that will disturb your dirty carpet, will release all pollutants in the air, and so will vacuuming. When your carpets are dirty, vacuuming can only make things worse, since instead of cleaning it will pollute the house’s air even more.

And so, everyone living in your house can’t escape contact with pollutants, whether on their skin or by inhaling. Allergies, infections and asthma are the most common health conditions that can be caused by dirty carpets and rugs.

Furthermore, if you or someone in your family already suffers from respiratory problems or allergies, especially to dust, then as you may understand, a dirty carpet will be a constant disease trigger.


One more important issue to your health, especially in spaces with increased levels of humidity, is mold growth. In this case, frequent vacuuming and cleaning will help a lot with mold but this is not enough. It is also essential that the rooms are aired every day and after cleaning, your carpets should be completely dry or mold can appear again.

DIY or hire the pros?

Many people decide to clean their carpets themselves but in most cases, this is not always easy, affordable or effective.

Cleaning your carpets yourself, in order to be as effective, should be done more frequently and so, it requires more of your time, plus it may cost you more, since you have to buy tools and special cleaning products. Also, you may cause damage to your carpets if very sensitive, very often cleaned or by using the wrong tools and cleaners. To be honest though, dirt or pollutants trapped deep inside your carpet can’t be completely cleaned without the professional tools or methods.

Furthermore, a carpet expert can inspect your whole house in order to tell if there are or will be any additional problems for your carpets such as mold or color fading due to direct sun exposure.

A few questions and a house inspection will be enough for them to know exactly how often you should clean your type of carpets, as well as the suitable cleaning method for any type of dirt, such as mold, dust, mites etc.

As a conclusion, professional carpet cleaning is good for you and your carpets, much more affordable and the only way to be certain that you are doing the best there is to keep your carpets looking great for longer and your family healthy.

What you can do though, is follow their instructions to the letter, and do all necessary light cleaning which is essential to maintain those results, keep your carpets healthy and in a better condition before the next visit by the cleaning crew.

Professional carpet cleaning methods

Steam cleaning

This is the most common professional carpet cleaning method by using boiled water that is injected to carpets with high pressure. It is right afterwards drawn along with all dirt by using a very powerful professional vacuum cleaner that leaves the carpet almost dry and clean. Due to the high temperatures of the steam, all bacteria, germs and other microorganisms are killed, while dirt is easier loosened and removed. Also, this very effective with odors.


A special cleaning foamy product is applied on the carpets and scrubbed gently with a professional brush. In this case the foam is not drawn and so it requires thorough rinsing and vacuuming afterwards, as well as the time to dry. This is a classic method but not as effective as steam cleaning.

Dry cleaning

For sensitive, natural fiber or expensive carpets, dry cleaning is the best solution by far. No water is used at all while a special cleaning product and a professional brush will perfectly remove all dirt which is also drawn immediately with a powerful vacuum cleaner. This method can also kill microorganisms and sanitize.

Mist cleaning

A very effective method but can only clean the surface of your carpets, which is often confused with dry cleaning but is very different. You may also hear it as “bonnet” cleaning and is mainly done by using carbonated water mixed with a special cleaning product that when applied over your carpet it looks like a mist. It is then scrubbed by a professional absorbent brush that is replaced when it gets dirty. It is used in between deep cleanings to maintain the results for longer.

How often should I hire a professional?

The best answer is only once! :) Cleaning your carpets should ideally be done by only one professional who will visit your house or business premises as often as it needs, in order to keep your carpets in the best condition.

A professional or a company who in time, will know how to best treat your carpets and how often. So, try when asking via AtYourService for an offer request by professional carpet cleaners, to pick someone who will see it as an ongoing task and can give you an offer for an annual fee for his services and advice. This is not an one-time job.

However, if you wish to get an idea how often carpets require professional care, here are the main factors to determine the frequency:

The use

Is your carpet placed in front of the door to your hotel or to your two- room cabin on the mountain that you visit once a year? The use of your carpets is the most important factor and the first question you will be asked by all professional cleaners in order to give a first clue on the cleaning required.

The type

Are your carpets synthetic or made of wool? Every material has different cleaning needs, demands different cleaning methods and sometimes, it may also define the cleaning frequency. It is the same as clothes; some materials may only take dry cleaning while others have no problem even in 90 degrees Celsius.

The color

Most carpets will keep their bright colors for five years or more, if not exposed to difficult stains, sun rays and in general, if used and cleaned properly. However, if your carpets are light colored, then you might need to clean more often because stains are more visible.

The stains

Ink, paint, coffee etc., since some stains are more difficult than others, a professional carpet cleaning crew might have to visit you more in case there is a stain that you cannot remove, and will be permanent if not treated right away. In most cases, they will be able to advise you what to do on your own for most stains but in any case, have in mind that you can have help anytime you need it.

Also, have in mind that pet urine on your carpets apart from the smell, if not treated for long, can leave a permanent stain or even discolor your carpet.

Any pets or kids?

The difficulty with kids and pets is that although they will most probably increase the amount of pollutants to your carpets, they are in the same time, too sensitive to them. So, in case you have pets and/or kids in your family, professional cleaning and sanitizing even once every three months is very important to keep your carpets in great condition but also healthy for your loved ones.

Any health conditions?

As noted earlier, health conditions and especially respiratory problems or allergies can highly increase the frequency of carpet cleaning so that all microparticles which trigger those diseases are completely eliminated.

Any repairs?

If your house or office is really old and not checked for damages for a long time, then before covering your old floors with wall - to - wall or expensive persian carpets, you should first take a look beneath. Any damaged water pipes or increased humidity can cause bad smells, dark spots and mold growth.

Eventually, humidity may completely ruin your carpets and so, it is advisable either to repair the source of problems or if you can’t, to increase your carpet cleaning frequency. To maintain the results, you should air your carpets at least every day by opening the windows or using fans and never ever use liquid cleaning products.

Carpet cleaning services

There is a big range of services offered by professional carpet cleaners that can make your life very easy. Most of us are not aware of all the services available so have a look, because you will probably find them genius too! :)

Get a free check

Ask the carpet cleaners for a free check for mold, mites and other potential problems with your carpets but also moquettes and mattresses!

Choose the place

The cleaning of your carpets can take place either at your house or at their premises.  If you choose the second option, the carpets will be removed, loaded to a van , transferred and delivered back to you, at no extra cost.

Not just carpets

Most carpet cleaners are offering additional cleaning services such as sofas, mattresses, curtains and in some cases, windows too.

Carpet storage

Many companies will also give you the option to take your carpets, clean them and also store them in special protected spaces, throughout the summer, at an extra cost.  Especially if you don’t have storage space or a space protected by humidity and insects, this can be life saving.

Cleaning tips from the pros

  • For gums, try to freeze them first with an ice cube.
  • Never rub a stain, only blot them.
  • For nail polish pour cold water, spray 4-5 times hairspray and 2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol. Scrub for a minute. Repeat until it is gone.
  • Club soda, hydrogen peroxide or shaving cream will remove most stains.

We all love our carpets because our spaces look better, because they are soft, warm and offer the best play with our kids and pets.  However, carpets can also be a source of pollutants for us and our loved ones. A free check from a professional carpet cleaner and an annual cleaning schedule according to your needs is the best way to keep enjoying your carpets, as much as you like!

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