Curtains or Blinds? Plain fabric or Venetian blinds? How about Vertical blinds? And what do you know about roller blinds?

Why should you prefer one instead of the other, how difficult is it to place and maintain window coverings and what are the trends for each type? Take a look at our guide and choose the best for your needs.

If you ask your grandmother, she will look puzzled because she probably never used blinds for her house. Your mom on the other hand, might tell you the general rule of her times: we use curtains at home and blinds at the office. But you and me know very well, that the conventions of the past are over.

Of course, modern people of all ages believe the same nowadays, as long as they have access to the endless modern decorating ideas, a field that has rapidly involved.

However, before going further into coverings let’s take a look of what is on the market today. Curtains are not just long pieces of fabric while blinds have so many types and functions that it might be very confusing if you are not familiar with all of them. So let’s see the types first:




Yes, large pieces of fabric that cover big vertical surfaces, usually windows and walls, yet nowadays, you may find curtains in various designs and colours. However, the main factor that will make the difference, is sewing.

Pod pocket, pencil pleat, versatile pleat, tab top, goblet pleat, single or double pinch pleat, eyelet or even a billowy roman style and many more. It is up to you to choose your curtain’s style always according to the decoration and style of your home.

 Have in mind though, that generally all big flowing fabrics may completely transform your room and make it look bigger.



You may have automated blinds or controlled manually, ones that completely disappear when up or not, in all colours and materials such as wood, fabric, bamboo, aluminum or plastic.

Each type has its own use but in the same time, can serve any type of style and decor. There are three basic types of blinds:


Venetian Blinds

The well known small horizontal elongated plates, joined by a cord. These are the classic blinds that you could find exclusively in professional places until yesterday, either the white plastic ones or the wooden, but we may now see them in all colors, sizes and can fit any space.


Roller Blinds

These are blinds that can be rolled at the top of the window or at the roof. You may cover large surfaces with one single piece or you may use many smaller ones for better control of light and the sun’s UV radiation. Roman blinds, a subcategory of roller blinds, are the ones made of fabric.


Vertical Blinds

Consisted of vertical plates and usually made of fabric, vertical blinds usually offer a better protection from the sunlight. Vertical blinds are lately very popular in houses too because they come out in constantly updated colors and designs.

Now that your solutions are more clear, you may see that there is absolutely no limitation to choose whichever you like and have the best aesthetic results. Or maybe, a single important limitation exists:


Attention to specifications

In case you are not aware, due to several accidents with small children, all window covering systems and internal shading devices that include cording mechanisms are now subject to regulations from the European Union.

So, we would suggest to make sure you always buy products which meet the EU safety standards, never experiment with mechanisms you came up with, never alter in any way the ones you have bought or mess with the manufacturer’s instructions and devices, before you make sure with a professional that they will be safe for your children! 

So before you decide, make sure that the solution you have chosen covers all your space needs. You may do that by answering the following questions:


Are there shutters on your windows or not?

If the builder didn’t add shutters to the windows, then whatever covering type you choose should include total blackout materials, too. However, if you would really love a light-coloured curtain,  then the ideal solution is to place total blackout blinds behind it!


Do you want to be visible to people passing by?

If it’s a professional space such as a shop window, you might not want so much sunlight but it is very important to you to be seen by passengers. The so-called perforated fabrics will help you shade your space but without being invisible to the outside world. As for the shading amount, you may choose between transparent, semi transparent and total blackout materials.


Will you give a hand?

Before you decide on the best solution for your needs, it would be advisable to also decide whether you want an electrical or a manual mechanism for your curtains and blinds.

This will largely determine the cost, as well as the additional work and professionals you might need for placing them.


Will you DIY?

To complete this task yourself, you will need to choose the appropriate solution, measure your space, buy the material and place them.

In many situations this is an extremely simple thing to do, although it depends on the size of the surface you wish to cover, as well as how complicated is the mechanism you will choose. In any case, make sure you can do it before you start.


Great! And then, what?

The maintenance of your curtains and blinds can be from super easy to really tough. You might need to simply wash the fabrics or just wipe the aluminum parts with a cloth. Or you might need dry cleaning, hours of ironing, high or hardly accessible points, or a whole cleaning crew every month. Make sure you know everything about it before the purchase.


Let the professionals give you ideas!

The final decision depends on you, your needs and taste. You may take a look on online decoration photo galleries but you can also have really good ideas, dedicated to your space and needs by just asking the appropriate professional.



At AtYourService you may just ask or upload photos of the space you wish to “dress up” and receive offers & ideas from interior designers and specialists in internal shading systems. Get the most up to date solution in the best prices on the market!