This post is a reply to seotiras answer to our SEO Dilemma post

Oh wow thank you so much seotiras for the excellent advice. It really did put a big smile on my face and will definitely think about it a lot:) 

Every point you make is really good and really important.

I love your top level analysis, and also the practical way you have identified how much traffic these keywords bring per month.

First let me start off by saying that you are 100% right about optimizing user experience and not worrying about Google and thats also what we try to do with our team.

What you said with landing pages is definitely one of the most mentioned best practices. For that reason - we are A/B Testing it with completely different pages like:

Once we see a version that actually works better than the rest (based on the test) we will do more of such landing pages.

However, the dilemma still exists even if with fully developed landing pages and/or category pages. The adjustment is a simple adjustment of code so it requires less than 30 minutes.

Some of the traffic will hit longer tail keywords, and do you want them to land to your listing page or to job details page (which of course should be optimized for new users).

This discussion was based on the latest Panda updates of google, and the effect they had on some websites (see ebay's loss) and what would be the ideal long term strategy

The answer we get is leave it as is for now, and google will let us know more in the future :)

Once again, thanx for the awesome advice - i am very happy to hear "Focus on user Experience and not Search engines" :)

Finally, as you say Twitter is a great resource which is growing fast in Cyprus and it would be very interesting to start a discussion about what would be the best practices for using twitter in Cyprus.

Once again thank you so much for the reply - this gives me the motive to write about more of the Dilemma's we have as a team, as we have truly received some excellent advice