Today I worked on translating a document. Wiii, my very first official task, without reading resources!!  It was a quite hard job to do. So I tried and gave my best shot.

I have learned that my blog should only take me 10 minutes to be done, which for me this is hard because I write and erase then write again. Well I will try to write a full sentence without erasing anything and I hope it will make some sense.

Well, my second task was to find any business that would be interest about our blog. I need to find blog aggregators, (which this means in very simple words some sites that put blogs on them).

I found many of the businesses that would be interested about our blog and also I found communities for example cosmetics will be interested in tips about make up. That was my connections and that is how I putted the dots together. I tried to see how can my blog be interested to the different parts of the businesses and tried to find as many businesses as possible!



In order to be successful I focused on different and specific businesses for example, cosmetics I know is beauty line, oriflame, and many others which are famous to women. With this way we can give our blog about makeup and which will be helpful to their customers and also to them.

Also, I needed to find about different businesses which would be interested in our blog of business cards. Many businesses will be helped from this blog but unfortunately in Cyprus there are not many communities or even blog aggregators.


Finally my tasks for tomorrow is to make my ‘’original’’ blog! Wow very excited and can’t wait until tomorrow to create my own original blog

Thank you,