My first day at job is about reading Ryan gum resources and other resources

The important subject I was focused on was that writing is valuable. I noted that create your own blog is not something easy and also not something that is done in a small period of time. Many resources referred to the ways of creating and blog, how to do a successful blog and how you can be a successful blogger.

8 quick ways on how a successful blog should be written

I am very happy of everything I read and it got my attention the ways of creating a successful blog. I don’t remember everything but I remember the basics.  In a few words,

  • Don’t write numbers on the blog name because you will confuse everyone.
  • Find a catchy name that everyone will remember
  • Be patient on writing your blog.
  • Use again the same blog but with different headlines or images.
  • The language you use is very important on your target market.
  • Use catching headlines, so people can notice e.g. (5 ways of [do something])
  • Many headlines and simple images are required. (everyone can understand what you are writing)

Don’t take time reading the blog write everything that comes to your mind and the edit it later on.

The greatest content people should have the marketing trifecta.  A little bit of networking skills, domain expertise, and writing ability. Everyone can write but not everyone can pass the knowledge they want.

There is a need for an organization in order to make content marketing successful although, Andreas Ramos said that he had not found anyone that created a successful content marketing

The first step that can help your company to be better is to understand your company’s exact needs and wants. FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMER. That is what a company needs. Give attention to their needs and their wants. The first step to any marketing strategy is to establish your customer personas. These are the behavioral, demographic, and psychological characteristics of your buyers.

Later another thing that got into my attention is the company’s conversion funnel. In simple words is the way to analyze and understand user behavior

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

Now imagine a funnel with these words exactly as they are. Every time that we go down is correct, because is the behavior of the customer. But we need to understand why we go down.

Every customer needs to have in mind the product, needs to know the product so this is awareness. In order to choose the product we need to consider it, thus consideration. Then the conversion step happens and the loyal is when you buy the brand (product again).

In a day many of information has come to my mind, which I need to process it through my mind.

We need to know where online marketing fits in: build brand awareness, see both sides (when they got cold or warm), and grow business with existing customers and clients.


How do we truly know what is best for the company?

The answer is that we try a lot of many of ideas that come. A lot of trial especially in blogs the main goal of the company is to write and write many blogs so we can have potential customer’s attention and also be first on google system.  Try every idea and give specific details to the ones that got the most clicks. Change the blog headlines or images and see if attracts people more.


How can you make your brand stand out?


Tell your brand story. Start from why your company came to be. Why everyone comes to work every morning?  A look intro who you are as a company.

The storytelling is not a blog, a video, boring, something for the marketing team only.

Everyone can be able to understand what your brand is about and also get attracted by it

Susan Gunelius  said that marketers have been telling brand stories through advertising in person brand experiences and so on.

In order to understand key traffic drivers we need to see the channels.

Public relations, search engine optimization, social media, blogging, video marketing, content syndications, email lists.

This all are extremely important in order to attract more customers. We need to take every single one of them and try to reach it to is best form. We make blogging every time we can so we can help our search engine optimization. We need to be at the top list and try to be as helpful as possible to our customers. We control social media and watch how many people clicked and if we managed to attract our target market. We take every single one of the very serious because the first one leads to the second and the second to the third and goes as follows. We communicate with email and respond to any emails that we have.

How we control our tasks?

We have a program which we can give tasks to ourselves and also to others. I have never used this software before so is very exciting to learn new ways to control my tasks, do not forget them and do not struggle to keep it in my mind.


  • I need to be able to work with everyone communicate and collaborate with everyone even if I don’t like them. This is what professionals are all about. Keep it together and stay focused on your job.


Much stuff has come to my mind today. Many of them I will forget but others I will never forget, because if it is something that comes to my attention I don’t forget. Interesting ideas and also much knowledge what is content marketing, how we work, and how we do our job. This is only the first day and I learned so much, I hope in the next days to learn more and also be able to express in a better way.

Thank you.