Meet Androniki Athanasi - Music Teacher and Conductor

How long have you been a Music Teacher?

I have been working as a Music Teacher and Choir conductor for 12 years.

Tell us your story! How did you decide to become a Professional Music Teacher and Conductor?

I loved music since I was a little child and I already knew that I would become a Music teacher since I was 7 years old.

I was passionate about singing and composing my own songs. I went to Charles University in Prague, and studied Musicology and Music pedagogics.

At the same time I was studying the “Choir conducting” specialization, and I became a Professional Conductor. I worked with many professional singers and choirs in Europe and also here in Cyprus.  

Tell us 3 words that describe your work

Creative, inspiring, passionate.

Tell us about a job that you did and you feel very proud for.

I’m proud about all my students and their excellent progress, and also about my work as a conductor. 

What do you think are the Characteristics of a good Professional in your Category?

You have to be passionate with what you do! You have to love children, you have to love music. You have to love bringing music to children! Also very important is to be well organized.

You must know very well the music you are teaching, and be sensitive to the needs and learning skills and also the style of the class and each student separately.

Tell us a funny story that you remember from work.

One funny moment was in Paris with my youngest student, a girl 5 years old named Anna. She was singing solo for the first time on the stage in front of a huge exciting audience.

As she finished singing, she still stood on the stage and she refused to go away. She wanted to stay there and enjoy the clapping forever!

And finally, in a brief Paragraph please tell our visitors why they should pick you as their Music Teacher

…As a professional music teacher and vocal coach with much of experience, I could guide each student to the essence of music and help everyone to have an impactful, meaningful musical experience. 

Videos of Androniki's Students


Joy of Europe 2013, Erimi’s chicks


Youth of the planet 2014, Erimi’s chicks 

Rock and Roll by Erimi’s chicks. Song called “Peace Love Freedom”  written by Androniki Athanasi

Συνέντευξη στην Σερβική Τηλεόραση όταν λάβαμε μέρος στο Joy of Europe με τους μαθητές μου

Τα παιδιά τραγουδούν ‘’Non je ne regrette rien – Edith Piaff ”

"Felicita” at the recording studio


Συμμετοχές σε Συναυλίες

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