Your bridal hairstyle doesn’t need to look like all else. Do you know why? Because we found you the 7 hottest trends for unique wedding hairdos that very few brides have thought of and even fewer did!

The theme of you wedding, the length of your hair as well as the style of your wedding dress are the only things that you should take into account when choosing your bridal hairstyle. Your choices until now were somewhat limited and in most cases, almost expected.

Stereotypes such as very long or straight hair seem to collapse and brides become even more carefree, sweeter and much more stunning.

See everything you can try for this unique day!

1. Charm them!

If you are the romantic type and you want a hairdo that can be done really fast and lasts for hours, then the low bun which makes a dynamic comeback is the one for you. But not just any bun, nor the classic retro one. Ask to see all the new low bun designs and you’ll be amazed.

Moreover, you may make it even better by adding a few elegant accessories or have a few twisted or braided side strands that will make you look sweeter.

If your hair is short, you have no reason to worry about. There are so many tricks nowadays that such a hairstyle can be supported by any length of hair. Either by special rubber pieces that you put under the bun and make it look bigger and fuller, or in very short hair, a clipped faux bun extension on the back of your head will do the trick perfectly.

In any case, this hairstyle can be adapted to your style, it will let you improvise as much as you want and you can be certain that it will stay exactly the way it was created, even after a whole night.

2. Dazzle them!

So far, we were all used to wedding hairstyles mainly decorated with little flowers usually white or thin headbands. So now, brides seem to rebel and move with courage to more striking colors. Wreaths made of big beautiful flowers decorate a big part of the head, attracting all looks and without even the need for the bride to make a special hairdo.

No matter what style you choose, your wedding theme or the length of your hair, a wreath made of impressive flowers in your preferred colors will draw all attention to your face and make it look amazing.

3. Conquer them!

If you have a pretty face, whatever your hair length, you may try a stylish and elegant hairstyle that will subtly frame your face and will give it a unique glow! You may also decorate it with elegant accessories such as a thin headband but have in mind that in this specific hairstyle, you should focus more to your makeup, which must be perfect.

Adopt the ballet elegance no matter what’s your style or theme. If it suits you, you will realize how unique it is after you see the video and photographs.

4.  Impress them!

If you love art and you wish for something very special on your wedding day, then try to turn your head into a work of art! You will find endless designs and braid styles but in this case, you need the right hair stylist to do it.

Braided updos need more time to make, very good technicians so that they last all night but if this hairdo is successful, it can be fabulous!

Here too, makeup is important while it’s better to have longer hair or at least of medium length, in order to be able to “play” with different types of braids and designs. Without a proper try do not say yes to this style. You must wear it, see how it will look or feel after a few hours and then decide. If it fits you it’s magic!

5. Hypnotize them!

Bridal accessories steadily gain ground with the only difference that they now demand all the glory for themselves. :) Until yesterday, a tiara could go from subtle to blatant but it was completely open to the hair or dress. Today though, it’s not. It needs all the eyes on it and demands a very plain hairdo and dress. Of course, when you see the results you will agree.

If your style is minimal, an impressive tiara will surely make you the bride of the year! You don’t need any other accessories or jewelry, you don’t even have to stress over your bridal hairdo. To understand what we are talking about, go to a shop now, as you are and try such a tiara on. It makes you glow, no matter how you look!

6. Fascinate them!

Curls are the most classic wedding hairstyle, only now they become more chic. They are most suitable to brides with long and healthy hair while the trend requires one more thing: a unified hair color. Two colored hair or intense highlights are not preferred for curls, which must necessarily look shiny, juicy and full!

This hairstyle has a few difficulties since it needs the perfect technique to make curls have the desired look and feel, as well as to last. But if you go for it, do not overdo it with hair accessories and flowers. Curls can frame your face beautifully and unlike other hairstyles, you really don’t need to add any accessories to look absolutely stunning.

7. Surprise them!

If you truly wish to differ and your style and wedding theme are not seen every day, then you can dare such a veil without a second thought. It covers your whole head with a unique lace, tulle or embroidery. It gives you enormous finesse and a classy, sophisticated look while a gorgeous face is the combination that will amaze everyone!

It is suitable for almost every hair length but mostly for short or bob haircuts and requires a good market search for the proper veil. Tip: You can take a look at your grandmother’s chests and create your own unique veil with parts from her old laces and embroideries. Absolutely no one will have your look!

The decision

In order to make up your mind, have a look below and see what your hairstylist should know before creating the best possible wedding hairstyle for you:

Your past

Show them all your old photos, especially those you like the most and explain those specific characteristics that make you love these pics. That way, you help the professional understand your likes and taste.

Your wedding dress

Without having seen your wedding dress on you, it will be very difficult for the hairstylist to visualize how each hairdo will look. Even if he says that there is no need to put your bridal gown on, you have to insist because this is probably the most important part of finding a hairstyle for your wedding.

Your accessories

It is advisable not to buy any accessories before you finalize your wedding dress and hairstyle but in case you have already bought them and you absolutely must wear them that day, then you should show them to your hairstylist because in some cases they might limit your options.

For example, if you’ve bought a big fake pearled flower that you absolutely love and want to wear to your hair, then this must probably be the first to tell your stylist.

The changes

Schedule your appointments with your hairdresser as soon as possible, even a year prior to the wedding. No, it’s not too early especially if you want to grow your hair, have treatments or completely change your hair color. So, let the hair stylist know the time left to your wedding so that to prepare all changes to your hair.


Finally have a good talk with the people you are going to work with for your hair. They have to know how open you are, how bold and how much you wish to experiment. Also, before you decide which professional will do the job, you must first make clear to yourself that you will trust him.

Do not make the mistake to begin halfhearted to test hairstyles, you must first admire his work. Only that way he will be inspired and feel free to show you the best wedding hairdos for you.

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