If it’s the fence’s turn and you are overwhelmed with all the information about railings, enclosures, security, standards and styles, or if you are still wondering if it is considered chic to install an electric fence, then we promise that in a few seconds you will know everything.

As with a visit to a doctor, here too, you need a diagnosis.

Why exactly do you want to fence your place?

You may choose one or more of the following answers and soon it will be easier for you to decide the materials and other key issues of your fence.

  • I want to beautify my house
  • I want my house safer and more protected
  • I want to separate parts of my plot. E.g. to fence the pool
  • I do not want prying eyes to see me when I sit in my yard
  • I want my children to play safely in the courtyard
  • I want a safer raised patio/yard
  • I want to protect my business property (farm, factory, etc.)
  • I want a temporary fence (a sliding fence, just for an evening or to come and go easily)

Great. We have the first diagnosis, so you may now move on by checking the materials that best suit your needs, as well as the type of fence that fits you.

Your materials

You may choose your materials but you may also choose between ready made railings and fences or buy the raw materials and DIY, perhaps with the help of a professional.

For example, you can buy everything you need for the fencing or railings type you like, such as wire, rope, glass or wood and ask the store to have them cut to your measuring specs. You may then instal your fence wherever you wish and finish it by asking a painter to make it the colors you like.

Or vice versa. Let the professionals do all the cutting and installing while you free the artist within by doing the painting!

But let’s see the main materials:


This is a particularly beautiful, natural and durable material that will add warmth and a sense of home to your garden. You may find it at any price which usually has to do with the wood quality, the size and design.

Iron/ Aluminum

Probably the most durable materials and contrary to popular belief metal is not a "cold" material since the color choices and the wide range in designs allows you nowadays to find metal fences that can perfectly match a warm and friendly environment. They are flexible and the price is good.

Vinyl/ Plastic

It comes in any type of fencing while it may mimic other materials too. Vinyl fences that mimic wood are very common because they are cheaper, more durable and flexible enough, offering a result that looks exactly like the natural material.

Cast Iron

Traditional, maybe a little more costly but probably the nicest and most fashionable solution for specific house styles that can support such a well crafted and retro construction.

Wire mesh

Customary in business spaces or in poorer houses because it is cheap, easy and lightweight solution. Today prices remain low but its aesthetics have been upgraded significantly. It is safe, flexible and combines beautifully with wood.

Reed / Bamboo

The easy solution for either permanent or temporary fencing. Although if it matches the style of the space, it can be really beautiful, it is not as durable. However, its price gives you the option to replace it as often as you wish!


If you need a high aesthetic result, you should exclusively use trees and shrubs that a gardener will prune (or will show you how to prune) to create the shape of a fence. It can be as thick or as tall as you want it, although you should have in mind that it needs frequent maintenance and care.

Glass / Plexiglass

Yes, although these materials are not very common for homes, this type of fence exists! Perhaps the fences in cafes are the only transparent fencing type you have seen, but believe me if you search, you will find amazing fence designs made of glass or Plexiglass.


A very fashionable and easy way to separate or even fence outdoor spaces and also these specific types of very durable fabric, can be found in gorgeous colors and designs!

Of course, don’t limit your choices to the above if you are the creative type. A virtual tour to the incredible fences of this world, will reveal you treasures, such as fences made of old bikes, wood carved figures, even surf boards that will definitely give a unique tone to your home!

If you have almost decided your materials, then it is probably time to see the types of fences at your disposal:


Although we usually use this word for iron, aluminum or iron cast constructions, railings can also be of wood. So, this is more a type of fence, and refers more to the vertical bars fastened, glued or joined together with all kinds of material.


This is usually lattice with a wooden frame. It is sold in pieces of various sizes, designs and colors and is a relatively cheap solution.


It is usually made from metal wire and is usually sold in a roll. A long time ago it was mainly used for fencing land and farms with animals, but now there comes also in plastic which is far more stylish. Maybe the cheapest option and quite durable.


This is a natural selection, either made of cane or bamboo, that you will find in every possible height. The design is usually vertical thick reeds joined with rope. It is very cheap and easily transported. Previously it was a less urban choice but now you can see it even in the biggest cities.


Usually this type of fence is made of wooden grids. The "harmonica" fence is usually short, and mainly used for flower beds while it  fits almost any space since it can get bigger or smaller by simply pulling it.


Such a fence type can either work for very large areas that we want to open and close, mainly because they act as the entrance to the parking lot. Any type of fence can become a sliding fence if we instal wheels, that we either open and close by hand or an automatic mechanism.


Easily portable small "pieces" of fence with wheels or, because of their special lightweight construction, used as outdoors paravans for beautifying or to separate certain parts of our yard.

Take an example:

  • For extra beauty choose a low sparse fence from wood or artistic retro railings made of cast iron.
  • For more privacy, choose a high reed fence made of bamboo or thick reeds or a beautiful classic wooden fence with wide vertical bars.
  • For extra security choose a tall metal or thick wooden fence.
  • To elegantly split areas of your yard pick one of the many styles of wooden lattices, an unusual fabric fence or a very low yard divider for your flower beds made of loose wooden bars.

And yes, the electric fence is very chic if you often get attacked by bears. :)

To make it different...


If you don’t prefer black which is the big fencing trend right now, then you should definitely avoid the classic black and white or green railings and fences.

If you go for a bright cheerful color, you will not believe how will this transform the look of your yard. An intense sweet yellow or the blue Aegean on bars will give a very special tone in the style of your house.

Alternatively, if you are extreme, give brushes and paints to your kids and let them do the painting of the fence. In any case you win, as your fence will be unique and might even become beautiful, while the kids will have a great time and above all, they will be tired, which means that even for one single day, you may relax.


Perhaps the lack of space in cities but also our tendency to use creatively and practically every centimeter of our house, have led us to this trend. So use the fence or railings in your yard creatively and give them extra "responsibilities". :)
So far, the only usability that we see around, is the fence "hanger" for creepers and our pots. Starting from today, however, this may change.

Here are a few ideas:

  • In a tall fence you can add nests and / or bird feeders.
  • In a strong fence you can attach chairs, tables and benches in various lengths of its base.
  • In a beautiful fence you may hang or build in various lights, lanterns or homemade glin glons (if you know better name, please share it) for a more romantic atmosphere.
  • In a long fence, use one of its corners by adding hooks where you will be hanging any kind of garden tool.
  • In an already perfect fence do not do anything, you will ruin it! : D

Times call for politeness, culture and acts of substance to the people around us. If you are about to build a fence, also think of your neighbor.

A good neighbor ...

... first checks what the law says about the height of the fence in his area.

... checks if he will disturb the neighbors with the construction and ensures a solution that satisfies everyone.

... counts even the millimeters of the fence and makes sure it is within his plot limits.

... Informs the neighbours early about the fence in order to prepare them for the potential noise, dust and ... psychologically! :)

... celebrates his new fence with an invitation for a barbeque, offering his best wine and the most useful act of friendship:

Tell your neighbor about AtYourService and how to find quickly, economically and reliably the best professionals on the island!

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