If you take a look at most botany books, you might need a dictionary to even understand the basics. However, if you want a practical guide to plants and pots, one that you can really use, then let monocotyledons and inflorescences to botanists and check our guide!

For most people, plants are divided in a few basic categories. Flowers, fruit-vegetables, trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, cacti, etc. For the practical people of this world though, plants belong to the categories that are first defined by our needs. So, let’s sort them the proper way! :)

In or out?

You always have to choose your plants according to the environment they are about to live. Usually the indoors house plants are very different than those meant for outdoors and if you make the mistake to place them in the wrong spot they can hardly withstand the conditions.
Well, will it be dracaena or hibiscus?

Tradition or xenomania?

You know what to expect from a local plant that you see every day, plus it is relatively easy to care. On the other hand, you may also choose an exotic plant too that will add a cheerful tone of surprise in each of its stages. Only, you must first learn how to take care of it.
Well, will it be opuntia (papoutsosika) or papaya?

Rainbow or 50 shades of green?

If you love flowers, then choose flowering plants. However, there are many people who love green colour in every possible shade, as well as leaves of any size and shape.
Well, will it be dahlias or ficus?

Ninja or commando?

You may love your plants that grow “normally” in their pots, but you also have two additional interesting options for your garden. Plants that climb and plants that cover and spread. So, you may also want to add some climbers and creepers to your yard and “drown” in their beauty.
Well, will it be roses or daisies?

Full time job or carefree?

If your doctor insists that you should spend a few hours every day with your plants, then obviously you will not have a problem with a demanding plant. :) If on the other hand, you just want to water your plants whenever you like and if you have the time, then maybe a hardy plant is the best for you.
Well, will it be a gardenia or a geranium?

In love or love from a distance?

How many days will you be gone? If the plant you choose needs watering daily but you are constantly away from home and for long intervals, then you might need to pick plants that do not need frequent watering.

Of course, with a little help, you can always install an automatic irrigation system.
Well, will it be cactus or basil?

Size matters?

All these sweet little pots in the nursery might look as if they will fit in your garden but soon, half of those plants will become giants. You need to ask in advance about their growth potential and final height so that you don’t have to say goodbye too soon.
Well, will it be the humble chamomile or cypress?

Forever and ever?

There are plants that live only for a year and others that you plant once won’t bother you ever again, unless of course they grow a lot and need a bigger pot. So before you choose a plant, ask first if it is an annual, a biennial or a perennial plant!
So, will it be poppy or olive tree?

Scent or taste?

What do you like most in a plant? Its irresistible aroma or the joy of growing and cultivating your own fruit? In other words, do you like beautiful smells or delicious tastes in your garden?
Well, will it be evening primrose or strawberry?

Your colour palette?

You might be looking for a plant to add to your magnificent colourful garden but you may also need a plant with blossoms of a specific colour to complement the decor of a particular corner of your home or garden.

Caution: if you are about to buy seeds or a small plant, remember to ask the color of the flowers! It’s not always written on the envelope or pot.
Well, will it be purple, white, pink or yellow hyacinths?

The bizarre

If you are not satisfied with the plants that are usually found in homes, then a hybrid might conquer your heart. Choose a flower, fruit or vegetable that comes in an unusual color. It will definitely be the star of your garden.
Well, will it be rainbow roses or black strawberry?

However, the most important question is where you will place your plants!

Invest in the proper pots for healthy, beautiful and vigorous plants

Although the ground might be the best location for most plants, pots will add extra beauty, convenience, control and variety to your space.

Whatever style you choose for your plants, either dozens of tiny pots or a few impressive terracotta jars, the result is going to be equally great as long as you first have an idea of all kinds of pots available in the market today and what is best for your needs.

The shape

You may choose between round, square, rectangular or cylindrical pots. Their shape has to do with your taste and your available space. For example, you can’t fit many pots in a small garden, so you can’t pick those large round pots. On the other hand, some hanging pots or a window box will save you more space.

The smart shape: Stack them!
Choose five pots of the same shape but in different sizes and fill them with soil. Stack them and then plant your plants in the free spaces of soil in each pot. Apart from its beauty, it needs less watering because you just have to pour some water on top and they are all watered!

The material

Nowadays in the market, you may find a vast variety of pots in almost any material. From the classic clay pots and the cheap plastic ones, to wood, metal, stone, glass, and even pots made of fabric.

Make your selection having in mind the style of your space, your budget and the special needs of each plant. A sensitive plant for instance, will be better in a pot made of natural materials.

The smart material: Biodegradable pots. They are usually made of coconut, they are ecological, very beautiful and are good for the plants because they let them breath and don’t restrict them. Decorate them, place them wherever you like and when your plant grows enough, do not remove this pot. Plant it in a larger one as it is, because this smart pot will soon decompose!

The characteristics

Choosing a pot often has to do with its qualities and characteristics depending on the needs of our plants. If for example, you have an aquatic plant, then your best choice is a glass pot. Or if you just want to "wake up" your seeds, then you should select many small nursery pots made of black impervious material.

Also, if you have a very small space pick fabric pots, the ones with pockets that can be hanged on the walls.

The smart characteristic: Self watering pots. These are the most tireless pots since their watering can be reduced by up to once a month.

They have a special water collection tank at the bottom that acts as a repository for the plant that uses its water only when needed and without you having to water it all the time.

The cost

The cost is an important factor when choosing pots. Just like most goods for home, here too, plastic is king. Pots made of plastic are much cheaper, lightweight, come in every shape and color and can mimic other materials too.

But above all, they won’t break so if you have children this is the safest and most economical solution.

The smart solution: Bag - pots. Take any big bags made of fabric or linen, that you can decorate if you like, with colored ribbons or - if you are not very good at hands-, ask for a decorator to help and you just added to your garden the most beautiful pots with minimal cost!

The ingenuity

Creativity and ingenuity in pots can make a difference. Create your unusual pots either with painting them yourself or by turning any possible item into a pot: an old shoe, a car wheel, mom’s old teapots.

The smart original pot: Pots upside down. The new trend in pots, found in almost every house, which is really fun, is about plants hanging upside down. It is the same hanging flowerpots but on the wrong side. However, in these pots, the wide part is closed and has small holes for plants to grow while the narrow part is made open for the watering.

As you may see, your choices are endless and so are the possibilities for plants but also for  flower pots that will stand out, do good to your plants, you will keep for years but mainly won’t cost you that much.

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