Drywall or plasterboard, is natural, ecological, malleable and can be as creative as you want it to be. Mostly though, it is fast to apply and very economical. However, for those who don’t know the basics such as the types, the risks and the secrets of drywall, they might lose a huge opportunity to make great constructions in the smartest possible way.

So let’s find out more about it!
As with everything we want to build in our house, drywall constructions apart from expertise and experience, need us to know a bit more about them. Only then will you are able to clearly tell if a specific construction gives a real solution to your needs, or you know exactly what you need, by whom and at what cost approximately.

But when is a drywall construction really appropriate?
What are your space needs that require such a construction and how will its attributes favor you?

Find out the main points that will help you if you are thinking about it:

Improve the Conditions

Plasterboard, besides its flexibility, was also widely spread  due to its high capability to act as a moisture shield, while it also offers thermal insulation and fire resistance levels. What you get is a bigger control to energy consumption for heating, a high protection from fire and a great soundproof potential.

Make Art

Because of its plasticity, drywall can literally transform a place with excellent works of art, no matter how hard or complicated they seem when using other material. Just share your vision and drywall will simply make it happen.

Transform your Space

If you wish to make your space smaller, re-decorate, add partitions, ceilings, suspended ceilings and lofts, plasterboard constructions are made for just that. They are lightweight, flexible and in many cases, stronger than conventional material.

Built -them- in

Built in structures are a very important category of plasterboard constructions in order to hide various objects and furniture in our space. Pipes, lighting, air vents and even the toilet flush. Using the appropriate drywall built in technique, you may greatly improve the appearance of a room.

Create from scratch

Even if you didn’t know it, in most stores shelves are made of drywall. You can do the same at your house but you can also create furniture from scratch. Bookcases, benches, TV stands or even a whole princess room for your daughter… really, there is nothing you can’t do with plasterboards!

Save Money

With plasterboard, you need a lot less money to create complicated constructions and furniture that in any other case expert professionals would be required and a greater amount of materials and thus, it would be much more expensive.

Make it Lightweight

In terms of weight, drywall constructions will add the least extra weight to the building since they are ultra light, while they are generally considered to be “clean” constructions; no waste, mud or any unwanted materials that require additional costs to remove or clean.

Make it Last

If a fast construction is important to you but you don’t want to risk its strength in time, then the drywall solution is ideal for you, since it is very fast made and it lasts just as long as a conventional structure.

Goes with Everything

Plasterboard is the perfect canvas for you to paint, add wallpaper or even tiles. This means, that it can work as the natural extension to your home’s existing decoration with absolutely no problem.

But beware...

Beware of the cost

This is the kind of work that the cost doesn’t only include the construction but the materials, as well. This means that anyone who offers to do it at an extremely low cost might use less material or of a lesser quality. Thus, you either face the risk of bad results or a construction that won’t last in time.
So, for this specific type of structures, a very low price is suspicious. Don’t forget to ask for the list with all the required works and materials for your construction.

Beware of the materials

Make sure that during the works you will be around the workers, so to make sure that all the necessary materials are included in your construction. If for instance, you have asked for insulation, you should make sure all the materials bought have been incorporated to your structure.

Beware of the sequence of tasks

Before the construction ends you should make sure all the necessary work is finished first. Check your infrastructure for electrical, plumbing, electronics, as well as any holes that need to be opened. Also, check that everything works!

Beware of the conditions

Make sure that the temperature in the building is between 10 to 40 degrees Celsius during the whole period needed to place the drywall.

Beware of your future needs

Drywall is flexible and ideal to beautify spaces. Thus, it can “hide” cables and pipes or include any type of infrastructure for plumbing, electrical or electronics in order to best fit your space needs. As long as you predict those needs.

You have to ask the professionals to make sure they incorporate to your construction any power supply, water or any type of infrastructure, your structure will need to support in the future. Don’t leave it for when it’s finished and in case you are not sure, you should better have everything made -even if never used- instead of leaving them out.

Beware of the results

After your structure is placed and finished, it must be flawless. You have nothing more to wait for to be improved with time. What you see is what you get. Thus, any bad work should be fixed before it is handed over to you.

Beware of the “experts”

Any professionals’ words should not be enough for you or even their years of experience. You should also ask to see their work and only then you should say yes for such a construction.


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