An impressive lawn either real or synthetic, has many secrets. If your own grass is going to be natural or plastic does not only depend your needs, time and the money you wish to spend. Read below all the secrets before you decide which one is for you.

Nature is always best when talking about aesthetics and in particular about areas that are mainly decorative, such as gardens. However, if this high aesthetic result, a healthy and vigorous lawn, can’t go with our needs or budget, then perhaps we need to discuss.

There are many points to think about before deciding what type of grass is best for your case. Let us see all main points of having a natural or a synthetic lawn. After that, the decision is for you to make.

Natural Grass

The public opinion

Previously, a lawn yard was related to luxury as you could usually see it at expensive houses and hotels. Even today some people make this connection unconsciously. Recently, a friend who was looking for a  "classy" home for her wedding, the first things that mattered on her list were the previous owners who had to be important, definitely a swimming pool and lastly a lawn courtyard instead of e.g. the area, size and the quality of the construction.

Most people love natural grass because it has been associated with family activities and picnics in nature. The only reason not to choose it is the excessive care required and the high costs.


The number one factor for which the plastic grass has gained so much ground, is the large quantities of water and the trimming you avoid. Indeed, the warmest the country you live, the more the watering and the growing and thus, the trimming your grass needs.

Let me remind you, we live in Cyprus. By living in such a warm country with long periods of water shortage, the cost but also the time needed to care for it, in case you lack it, might be a serious reason against natural grass.

As any plant and especially in this case, as it covers large surfaces it attracts bees, ants and generally insects and bugs.

As happens with each plant, your grass also needs all the necessary care you already offer to your flowers. Fertilizer and pesticides to prevent weeds are the most essential.

Natural grass is sensitive and so, in case of heavy use, you may need from time to time to fill the gaps or any damaged parts.

As a living organism, a disease is not improbable. So, there is a chance that despite your care some of its parts or even all of it may turn yellow or completely dry out.

You definitely need a watering system and a gardener, either to install and care for it or to simply advise you and monitor its development and needs.

Look & Feel

The area covered by healthy and rich natural lawn is rarely compared aesthetically to one covered with plastic grass. The question of course, is whether you will manage to always have your lawn look like the ones in magazines. 

The feel of natural lawn is as good as the looks. You can lie down, walk barefoot, have picnics, play with your children and pets, smell it and enjoy it anyway you like.

It stays always cool even when the temperature goes above 40 degrees Celsius. Have in mind that in general, it will always be almost 15 degrees cooler than the air.


Since it is natural, it is the healthiest solution unless off course, you suffer from an allergy to grass or insects. In this case ask your doctor but generally it is not advisable to prefer a natural lawn.

If the products needed for its care (pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers) are chemicals and not green or bio products, they should be used with great caution in homes with children and/or animals.


It is considered to be the cheapest solution. The cost of the purchase is low and you can install it yourself, maybe with a little help at a minimal or no cost.  

It is a lot more expensive than synthetic grass not because of the purchasing costs but mainly due to maintenance. The cost of water, pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation system and gardener costs, almost make it a luxury asset.

Impact in surrounding buildings

Νatural grass has the attribute to retain water and thus, a wonderful way to protect your house from moisture.

If you plan on installing it on a building, such as a roof terrace or a porch, it is advisable to first consult an expert on its weight and whether it won’t cause a problem for your building.

In case of fire in the region, natural grass acts as a natural fire zone because the retained water will not let fire pass.


While it is not very durable for heavy use, natural grass will not be ruined very easily.

If you are typical and respond to its needs and also not use it to play football, then you will probably enjoy it for a lifetime.

Professionals you may consult

You definitely need a gardener who knows lawns in order to advise you on your soil’s suitability and also help you with installation and maintenance.

A garden decorator will give you genius ideas to better exploit it and make it as gorgeous as possible.

An extra hand could be useful for your lawn’s frequent trimming.

Genius idea: Ask your gardener about the special mix of seeds that you can plant in a few spots or to the whole surface of your lawn and see it blooming tiny flowers of all colors. It’s magic!

Synthetic Grass

The public opinion

Most of us have associated artificial turf with sports. It is there where we first saw it and where we think it stayed since then.  Of course, any moms between us might have already seen and appreciated it a little more in playgrounds around the inflatables and especially when seeing kids mistreat it with no mercy. :)

In houses however, a very few of us were actually thinking of installing it. Maybe because of the fact that we have no idea that some of the gardens we love in magazines are all synthetic.


Synthetic grass maintenance is minimal but there is some. You might avoid watering and trimming as well as the products that keep it healthy but there are things to do.

At times, as with natural grass, your lawn fills with leaves and dirt and therefore, you ought to clean it with a special broom or a rake. Of course, you can always ask someone else to do it for you.

Also you need brushing for one more reason. It helps you with the plastic blades that have become matted and lift any flat spots so that it keeps looking natural and healthy.

If you wish to keep it clean with no germs then you should buy those special germicides that will protect it and you as well.

At times, you should replace damaged pieces and fill the gaps if any.


Synthetic grass might look like many things; from a rubber hedgehog to real grass. :) As you understand everything has to do with the quality and price. The more expensive the more natural it looks.

You don’t have to worry where you place it and if your soil can support it. In this respect, artificial turf has the ability to beautify many more spots that couldn’t be covered by natural grass, until yesterday. 


This is a healthy solution as long as you keep it clean and use germicides.

A house with kids will be saved from allergies, bugs and insects.


Generally, the sense of artificial turf is not bad at all. Here too, everything has to do with quality. However if you stop comparing it with natural lawn, you will find it soft and its sense won’t bother you at all. Some people though, are having difficulty to walk barefoot or lie down on it. 

Its sound is perhaps a problem. Some synthetic turfs make an annoying rustling noise when you step on them and this somewhat spoils the overall experience.

During the very hot hours of the day, it might be too warm to sit or lie down on it.


Its care cost is minimal as you have already understood. In total, it is a much cheaper solution than natural grass by also calculating the maintenance costs that you are saved.

Unlike the natural grass, you might need to spend a big amount on the installation. Some artificial turf types demand specific layers of sand and various materials underneath, which is something that will cost you.

Impact in surrounding buildings

Plastic grass has the tendency to absorb heat which results to an increase in temperature for the surrounding buildings.

If you want to install it on a building (roofs, balconies etc.) it is lightweight compared to the natural grass.


It can last up to 15 years if not heavily used, while there are manufactures that will offer guarantee for the first 10 years.

With use, the plastic blades might get bend, kinked or break and thus, create flat or empty spots.

It is very durable and practical, especially if you gave kids, dogs and pets in general.

Professionals you may consult

You might need a turf installation crew. There are plastic lawns that are simply placed even on cement and others that need special procedures and layers of sand as well as other materials added before installing it. Which can be expensive. Better ask before your purchase.

Here too, a decorator can use various tricks and add plants to transform your plastic turf so that your garden looks 100% natural.

If you do not want to bother at all, a specialized crew will do all the necessary cleaning and maintenance of your artificial lawn.

Genius idea: If you wish for a really beautiful fake lawn without spending so much, you can find a special type or artificial grass in the market colored in different shades of green. Even if you don’t find the best quality there is, these shades make it look almost natural!  

Your Decision

As you understand both solutions have advantages and disadvantages, so once more you should take into account what you need and how much you are willing to spend and then decide.

But if you also want a professional’s opinion on your specific case, then you are probably troubled for no reason because all garden decorators with the smartest ideas are At Your Service

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