We have recently created a full wedding guide that will help you save a lot of time & money when organizing the wedding of your Dreams.

You can read the full Wedding Guide here, or you can visit directly the chapter you are interested in by clicking on the link below

-  What's the important stuff you should book first for your wedding ?

- Setting a date for your Wedding in Cyprus

- Finding the Perfect Church for your Wedding

- And finally, the Venue for your Wedding Party

Once you finalize the important stuff you will then want to book a Catering if that's not provided by the Venue, a great Photographer to capture the day, an awesome DJ that will set the mood, a creative Wedding Decorator to create an amazing atmosphere and a Printing House and/or a designer to create the perfect Wedding Invitations

But organizing your wedding of course does not stop there. You must then find the tastiest Wedding Cake & Sweets , an excellent Traditional Band for the dressing of the Bride and the Groom, the best Make up Artist to make the Bride look extra extra special and so many more. 

Just thinking about the services required for a wedding is quite overwhelming and that's why we hope that our Wedding guide will help you relax and organize your wedding :)