Why do I need an interior designer ?

How often  do I hear this question……..and how often do I also hear  ( a few months and a few thousand euro later )  the comment…….I should have hired an interior designer.
By that time though it’s usually too late. 

good interior designer can help prevent a lot of work that often has to be done twice and is often not foreseen in the architectural drawings.

Allow me to explain.

An Architect will design your house and will show on his drawings where the kitchen cabinets will go (approximately) , where the TV will go ( approximately ) , where the wardrobes will go ( approximately ) etc etc.

Based on this he will design the electrical and plumbing outlets.

This plan is then given to different subcontractors (Electricians Plumbers , Builders etc ) and they construct the house.

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When the house is built we are told that we now need to install kitchens, wardrobes, doors bathroom furniture , shower basins , toilets etc etc.

So we go shopping for these items. Where do we go?

We start with a designer to design our kitchen. Whether it’s a high end  imported kitchen or a carpenter made kitchen , or even an IKEA kitchen…….it doesn’t matter .

What are our design options?      Not Many! Why?

Because the  plumber , the electrician , and the Architect decided a few months ago on the general outlay of the kitchen  by installing the electrical and plumbing outlets based on the original plan

This,  more or less , ties up the designers hands unless you are willing to go through the expensive process of re locating outlets. 

So what do we do?  We really have only 2 choices:

- Design our Kitchen around the existing plumbing and Electrical Outlets
- Change the Plumbing and electrical outlets to fit the Design that we like. 

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With choice 1 we have to compromise to avoid the extra expense and with choice 2 to pay again for work we have already paid for

We now move to the living room area .

We buy our sofa , our dining room table and chairs and realize that the light fittings are not where we want them to be ( they are a little to the left or to the right ) ? (Whoops)

We like a nice lamp that would look nice next to our sofa. Ugh, no plug to plug it in……never mind I can drag an extension cable from the other side of the room and use tracking to cover it. This is not only ugly…..it’s dangerous especially if there are children in the house.

We buy a nice flat screen TV set and:
- We want to install it on the wall
- We want to connect our decoders,our DVD player our XBOX etc

Hmm……how can I hide all these ugly wires hanging down from the TV ?

Maybe we should have thought of that before I started building but no one told me.

The Bedroom

Our architect has designed the area where our wardrobes will go and he has even created these nice inlets to fit them in……..Excellent

We now want to save some money and decide to buy this nice IKEA wardrobes that is on promotion - Great value for money -

Ugh…..it doesn’t fit……

Ok, .forget IKEA, lets buy a nice imported wardrobe

Ugh…..it doesn’t fit……again

OK, orget the imported wardrobe. Let’s call a carpenter and have him make a wardrobe to fit our space…….BUT we saw these nice accessories to help us save space (shoe storing, clothe hangers, etc)
I am sure you can guess what happens here right? Yup, the don't fit again.

I could give you more examples but I think you get the point.

I honestly believe that all these trouble and cost could be avoided by hiring an interior designer before you start building or renovating your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How much will it cost to hire an interior designer?

A   Interior designers charge either by the hour or a flat rate.  It is advisable to agree from  the start on what services you need and agree on a  flat rate.
Q    What does an interior designer do?

A     A designer envisions, plans and outfits spaces in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional. He or she balances aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients' lifestyle,  complement the home's architectural features, and ensure that less glamorous details (like electrical outlets and airvents) fit into the scheme. An interior designer also cultivates relationships with trusted artisans, vendors and others who execute the design

Q    How do I choose the right designer?

A      A good designer takes your taste and makes it "tasteful" —  they don't push their style  on you.

Q     How do I work with a designer?

1) Clarify your budget from the start. 

2) Involve the designer as early as possible in the planning stages with your architect and your building contractor.

3) Collect photos of rooms you like so he / she can get an idea of the style you like. If you are renovating  decide which pieces of furniture you want to keep .
Let me try and summarize everything.

A great interior designer will not only help you make the right choices but will actually help you save time and money.

And remember the three golden words when undertaking what is probably the most expensive project you will undertake in your lifetime... Detail, Detail, Detail

This guide has been prepared by Kek Design Solutions Ltd