There is that one moment that everyone who owns a home with apparent space problems has where you convince yourself that an extra room seems like the best idea since, I don’t know, eating Nutella from a jar - with a tablespoon.

Here’s the thing though – what may seem like a simple process of constructing an additional room in your home is in reality a mini building project that comes with it all the complexities that you find in home construction.

Think flooring, plumbing, framing, electrical, windows, and so forth – and so forth.  Yes, the list does go on. And on.

So what then do you need to consider before getting started with your home improvement project?

  1. Ask yourself whether you Need the room or Want the room.

Yep.  Sometimes the want for something becomes this desperate need for it.  So be sure that the extra space is really something fundamentally necessary for your home. 

  1. Be sure you can afford it.

That jar of Nutella – cheap.  The cost to build an additional room in your house – yeah - not so cheap.  So keep this in mind before you take the plunge.  Work out the costs beforehand by establishing the scale of the project. 

Ensure you and your contractor have complete understanding as to what is required and at what price – in writing.  It needs to be a win-win situation where everyone is happy and more importantly, in agreement.

  1. Choose your contractor wisely.

Get recommendations.  Ask people you know for their opinions.  Do a search for contractors on AtYourService and read the reviews they’ve earned and the jobs they’ve completed.  Don’t be shy to ask around.  If no-one can recommend a contractor, check the credentials of the contractor that you yourself find. 

Get references and call them.  Make sure that the contractor has the necessary permits to perform the job and will complete it within a reasonable agreed-upon time frame.

  1. Ensure you have the proper licensing to expand.

There couldn’t be anything worse than having the room built and then being informed by some or other authority that you didn’t have the necessary licence or permission to construct it in the first place. 

This could cost you a fortune in fines, penalties, or worse, having to demolish the room.  So do your homework. Please.

  1. Make a plan and stick to it.

There can’t be anything worse for a contractor to have to deal with than constant changes.  So once you’ve clarified what you want and how you want it – and you’ve ensured that this can be achieved – stick to the plan. 

Be sure of the room’s design, finalise the colour paint you want to use, decide where all electrical sockets, light fixtures, plumbing and windows need to be placed, and then let the contractor get on with it. 

What next?

So you’ve established you need the room.  You’ve confirmed that you have the necessary budget in order to pay for it.  You’ve selected a contractor that you feel will undertake the project in the manner that you want, within a realistic period of time and at an affordable price. 

And you’ve ensured that you and your contractor have the necessary permits and permission to proceed with the job.

Now is the time to ensure that your home is prepared for the construction work ahead. 

  1. Make sure you protect your house against damage.

You will have workers traipsing in and out your home.  They will try and be careful as possible but accidents do happen.  So if you have any fragile items anywhere near the work space, move them away – somewhere far.

  1. Keeping things clean.

It’s inevitable – with construction work comes dirt and dust.  You simply can’t escape it.  So do what you can to protect your home and everything in it from it.  Use sheets, dust shields, or even plastic bags and cover anything that stands at risk of being exposed.

  1. Inform your neighbours.

Construction work is noisy so be respectful and prepare you neighbours for it.  Let them know that you plan on doing some construction work on your home and for how long.  Also ensure that your contractor understands that rocking up on a Sunday morning at 6am to start bashing down walls is an obvious hell no!  Keep the construction work to within reasonable hours – always.

  1. Stay on top of things.

Yes, your contractor is your head honcho.  He is ultimately responsible for ensuring that your highly anticipated room is built according to plan.  But this is your home and sometimes, just sometimes, things can very quickly fall apart if the head honcho doesn’t feel at least the tiniest of pressure of being answerable or accountable to their client. 

So keep track of the schedule and ensure all aspects of it are being met as and when they should.

So what do you think! Are you ready to build that extra room in your House? 

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