Your Profile can be the most important factor in the Customers' decision to award you a Job. It is even more important in the beginning, when you have a small number of completed Jobs and a relatively low Reputation score.

So our first advice to our Pros is always the same:

Awesome Profile Create a wonderful Profile!

How you do that? The three most important points of a good Profile are:

The Profile Picture

Use a nice Profile picture that is relevant, memorable and positive. Ideally it is a picture of you working that displays excellent results as well as you smiling while working. :)

"How I can Help you"

The "How I can Help you" message is your first opportunity to win the heart of a customer. A direct, honest and positive message can instantly set you apart from fellow AtYourService Pros. Direct - Honest - Positive

Picture Gallery

A good Profile is never complete without a full Gallery. The Gallery is the best way to present the many talents you have as well as promote several aspects of your work. For example, in one picture you can display work that requires an extraordinary amount of detail while in another picture you can display a very large Job that you have completed.

Once again, we would like to repeat that your Profile is the most important tool you have to convince Customers that you are the Best Pro for the Job.