Well, in these days I haven’t written anything on my blog.

I was so busy but I am here now to write what I have done in the last few days.

I made my own ads on Facebook and also changed a few of them. We will try them out and then see if they made any difference. If they have we will keep them if not we will change them.

I learned many things these days. I learned how Facebook ads work and how you check the reports. You see the results you have and analyze them. In order to analyze them you have to understand the graphs and what everything means

Well, the main concept is to see how many people have clicked and how many people have looked the blogs!

Ways to ‘attract’ people in order to click

  • First put something they understand
  • Pictures are very important
  • Don’t put a lot of dots, or any marks because they get confused
  • And try not to compare your brand with anything. Your brand with the sun. Because they will find ways to minimize your brand.


A few days passed away and then I see a clearer picture. I understand better things now.

A couple of days passed writing menus of restaurants and there were too many details. I mean wow! Have you ever tried reading the whole menu in detail? I never did! And imagine writing that down!

That’s how my days passed, anyway if I have something more I will come back to you tomorrow.

Thank you,