Learn in a private setting, at your own pace, by receiving all the attention you need and consume everything faster than in a class. Private lessons are now more accessible, very affordable and offered in a wide variety of topics in Cyprus.

Enter a whole new world and make your life exciting!

Many years ago private lessons were mostly offered to kids, teenagers and students. Private teachers were usually hired to help students with school lessons, prepare for university exams or help the ones already attending university. More often, to teach a foreign language.

Later, technology evolution forced many employees to attend private lessons too, in order to stay updated and keep their jobs or get the skills needed to go after better jobs.

Since then, when everyone found out how easy and fast one can learn anything with the help of private courses and the focused, flexible and personalized way of teaching, this “hobby” really bloomed.

Imagine the possibilities!
Nowadays, private lessons are not a luxury and the teachers are very experienced and qualified professionals. In Cyprus, private lessons are offered at a wide range of topics and can be attended at your own house or depending on the topic and needs at specialized premises.

Of course, if you seek a lesson not available in Cyprus, you always have the Internet and an enormous catalogue of e-lessons & e-classes to choose from. Note though, that regarding private lessons, it is better and much more efficient to attend the lessons in person.

Types of lessons

See below all the types of private lessons you and your family can enjoy at a low cost and of a great value to your life:

School Lessons

You may find private lessons suitable for children going to school and teenagers who are preparing for exams or entering university. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, history or writing essays. Every lesson that is taught in school can be offered as a private lesson too in order to help students improve their performance and rates.

Foreign Languages

Our times require the knowledge of at least two foreign languages and this is something we all can see in our work and everyday life. Everything becomes easier and this is why foreign languages is the most popular type of private lessons.

Whether for kids or adults, learning a language can be done easier and faster if we have the full teacher’s attention. Statistically, after English language, Spanish, Chinese and Russian languages are in very high demand! For some strange reason I think German is going to be really popular too! :)


A personal trainer or a coach can help you or anyone in your family, reach any level at the sport you love. Swimming, dancing, tennis, yoga, horse riding, bodybuilding, ballet, ice skating, etc. You may now be taught any sport you like, first-hand and with the personal guidance of the best.

Set clear goals and inform your trainer. That way you can help him organize the time and knowledge you need to reach your targets.

Driving Lessons

These lessons, mainly for teenagers but for adults too, are not just to learn how to drive a car but also the road signs and the correct road behavior.

Of course, you can also learn how to drive most types of vehicles such as motorcycles, big trucks or any specialized professional vehicle.


By hiring a music teacher, you may learn everything around music and its history, you can become an expert at any musical instrument you like or learn how to sing.

With private music lessons, a child may enter the exciting world of music for the first time, by having music prep courses that will help it to discover the notes, all musical instruments and especially, its inclinations.

More Art

If you always felt an artist but you never dared to perform, you may now dedicate 1-2 hours a day or a week and train your talents with the help of an art tutor.

Painting, lyrics, poetry, couture, drawing, sketch, photography, theater, acting, sculpture, embroidery, clay, etc. Any awe inspiring art for you or your children, can now be easily mastered with the personal care of a private teacher who will ensure your progress.

Speech Lessons

If your kid doesn’t speak yet or shows any difficulty with speech, their voice or even chewing food, an expert, by using the proper exercises, can help to easily overcome it.

Especially for kids, speech therapy is one of the most enjoyable lessons which in simple fun exercises enhances speech development or cures any problems associated with it.

All for the Taste

For yourself, your family or even to follow it as a profession, you may be offered private cooking and confectionery lessons by the greatest chefs.

Also, if you hire an experienced sommelier, you may learn all about the history of wine, its creation process, all local and foreign wine varieties as well as the secrets of its taste!

Business Skills

Private lessons are the best solution for employees who wish to quickly learn a skill essential to their work, to update their knowledge or acquire all the necessary skills to hunt a better position or job.

From basic computer using skills to accounting and specific software to foreign languages, style lessons, psychology and body language may help you achieve any professional target no matter how hard it sounds!

Private Lessons Tips

  • Ask your teacher in advance about the amount of homework you will have. If it is too much, you will either fail or quit. So, it is best that he plans his teaching material accordingly.

    Also, ask him to go slower or quicker depending on you skills or strength. After all, this is why you chose private lessons, so that you can set the pace and make it easier to follow.
  • Your teacher might have all the necessary qualifications and knowledge to teach you everything on the topic you are interested in. However, your chemistry may not match. Ask him if you can have a couple of trial lessons (paid of course) and then make your decision and allow him to plan the full schedule of your lessons.

    If he/she is not the one, don’t hesitate to say so. It is a pity to lose interest on a topic you love just because the teacher doesn’t inspire you.

  • A private lesson’s teaching program is almost never the same with that of a conventional class. A foreign language lesson for instance, is taught in a specific way in a group of students while when private, it has to follow your pace and needs.

    If you wish to learn Spanish for your job and you are for example, a doctor, then the tutor will make sure that you learn the medical terminology, too. In a class, this just doesn’t happen.

Cool Private Lessons Ideas!

Culture Lessons

If you are about to visit an exotic place or a country that is completely unknown to you, it is very important that apart some basic vocabulary, you should also know the important things about this country, such as its people, its culture and etiquette in order to avoid surprises and misunderstandings.

For example, when shopping in Japan, you should never give money to people’s hands directly. Instead, you should always put it on the cashier’s special cases because the fear of germs in this country is huge and they will hate you for that! :)

Selfie Lessons

Since selfies have flooded our lives, you may now hire an expert in order to learn how you can take outstanding selfies. No, this doesn’t only include the art of photography, camera secrets or which light can make you look better.

In these lessons you may learn everything about your personal style, your makeup, how you should have your hair, the art of pose, and all available selfie gadgets in the market today as well as the best photo editing software. Well, did you ever think that Kim just presses a button? :P

Courage Lessons

They are usually offered to professionals that have to speak to a large audience and feel extreme anxiety or stage fright or to professionals who are too afraid to ask their boss for more.

A higher salary or a position we know that we are entitled, can be lost in seconds simply because we do not know how to ask and demand. Or we might have very interesting and important things to share with our audience but our trembling and very low voice will surely ruin our speech. Of course, all these belong to the past because now you just need the right teacher to can get all the help you need!

As you may understand, there is almost nothing you can’t learn these days but in this case, you may also enjoy learning in a totally private environment and now with AtYourService, you can have the best professionals at very competitive prices.

You only have to ask for the private lesson you want, get recommendations and choose the best of the best. Who knows, soon you might be the one to teach!

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