Metal structures are the "unsung hero" of most buildings around you, because although most of us know very little about metal construction, they are certainly the most popular and reliable frame for everything you wish to build.

Even if you have no idea what’s underneath your gorgeous round stairs or the new pool in your house, most professionals will assign a big part of your project to the metal constructions industry and craftsmen.

So, either a professional or an individual, whether for light or heavy metal constructions, it is good to know a bit more about their quality and attributes, where they can be of use to you and since you are here, how to find the top metal constructions professionals in Cyprus. :)

What do we mean by the metal structures?

If you take the term literally, then a metal structure can be anything man makes out of metal such as a tiny needle, a spoon or even a piece of furniture.

However, by this term in our everyday lives we mostly refer to structures used in the building and construction industry.

Metal structures and aluminum works are usually the frames or the final product that a client receives in order to build, expand, fence, invigorate or even beautify any kind of building, from factories and hotels to homes.

But it can also be a key structural part for larger projects such as a bridge or an airport. Seriously, metal structures are everywhere.

Why metal constructions?

You might have a clue why everyone prefers metal for specific constructions, but to have a better idea, metals combine all the good things in just one material.

They last through time while being flexible, efficient and need little or no maintenance. Rarely a material may combine all that. But there is more in the advantages list. Metals are natural and can be fully recycled.

By the time they stop being useful to us they can be melted and reused. So, they are also friendly to the environment. Finally, they are economic structures, not only due to the affordable cost but also due to their long life and durability.

Just to have a rough idea about the low costs, the construction of a (sliding or conventional) metal fence gate will cost you around 90-100€ per meter while the construction of a stainless steel hollow sections kiosk of 6x3 meters, will cost around 500€.

What are the metals used?

Various metals and their alloys are used in the entire range of metal structures, which are chosen by professionals depending on usage and needs. However, two are the most common metals:

Steel or steel

Usually it is stainless steel. This metal is probably the most popular metal in the construction world and the third most used material globally after concrete and wood, especially for heavy-duty metal structures.

Although steel types are thousands, they are almost all distinguished by their amazing strength. In general, steel has the highest strength to weight, is durable, tough, and corrosion-resistant; doesn’t burn, crack, rot and is 100% recyclable.

It is no coincidence that steel is used in most proverbs and sayings that speak of strength and endurance. And in the case of stainless steel, add to all the above an even greater corrosion resistance.


It is the most popular and most common metal for many kinds of structures, a good conductor of heat and electricity and one of the lightest construction metals. The great preference of professionals and individuals for this metal, has to do with its light weight but also its remarkable resistance to corrosion.

Just imagine that Aluminum is used since ancient times and few metals show such a wide variety of alloys. This is why it is so widely used. The strange thing with this metal though, is that although it is soft and can easily be worked, its resistance to mechanical loads is excellent.

Not only metals…

They might be called metal structures but they can be combined with every material you wish in order to fit your building, your aesthetics or your needs. So, you will see metal structures with glass for example, to make the very impressive glass fences or you may see various combinations of metal with wood to make kiosks, pergolas and sunshades.

What are the types of metal structures?

In order to have a clue about the main types, what you should know first is that most professionals are either involved in lightweight or heavy metal structures.

Light metal structures are usually the ones that are not static such as metal railings. Also, you may find many professionals and companies that are specialized in creation and cutting of sheet metal (usually with laser). Sheet metal is a key piece for most light metal structures.

Heavy metal structures on the other hand, are obviously big and heavy structures, made of metal beams and poles, usually for the construction of buildings and other works such as metal frame factories and bridges.

Note, that in our country if a professional wants to work on heavy metal structures, he is required to be a licensed contractor.

What can you build with metal structures?

Lightweight metal constructions

  • Metal awnings, canopies, pergolas and sheds
  • Enclosures of any kind, railings and fences
  • Tanks supporting structures
  • Scaffolding
  • Ironwork for windows
  • Pools
  • Gates
  • Metal shelves or Dexion type shelves
  • Containers
  • Plates, pipes, thin beams and hollow sections to build any other customized construction

Heavy metal constructions

  • Houses, factories and in general, any buildings with metal frames
  • Prefabricated houses and buildings
  • Metal and industrial buildings
  • Structures to strengthen or expand an existing buildings (renovated or non-renovated)
  • Balconies
  • Internal and external stairs
  • Garages
  • Greenhouses
  • Warehouses
  • Metal pillars, large beams and metal sheets of any thickness to build any other customized construction

Did you know?

Skyscrapers became a reality only due to metal structures!
More specifically, only the steel metal frame could make a building of so many roofs a possibility and without facing any static problems or in strength. If these structures weren’t invented, just think that skyscrapers and many modern architectural wonders would still be dreams!

Smart metal structures

Mixed Construction

This modern method combines metal structures with the traditional way we build houses of concrete and brick. So, whether you wish to expand an existing building or build a new one, especially if you are interested in the light weight of the structure, the metal mixed construction method is ideal.

See below the advantages of the metal frame house building contrary to conventional concrete building:

  • Delivery in half the time a conventional building needs
  • High quality construction because the metal frames are made in a factory under strict specifications and quality requirements
  • Earthquake-proof
  • Great freedom in design, since you don’t need columns everywhere and in the middle of big rooms to support your house
  • Freedom of future expansion any way you like, while the building can support as many roofs as you wish
  • Less work on the foundations needed
  • Cheeper

Light Steel Construction

As in mixed structures, this is too a smart way to build with metal structures. What makes this method smart is that no concrete or bricks are used, at all.

So, imagine a galvanized steel frame covered with cement boards, drywall and external insulation systems, fiberboards and various other modern building materials.

These materials can make a building consume less energy, be more economical, fully insulated from sound or extreme temperatures and humidity, be more friendly to residents and the environment and therefore, healthier.

And to all this, also add the advantages of steel as well as the advantages of building with metal frames above, in mixed structures section.

No limits!

So, from now on when you think metal structures, you will know this is the ideal way to build anything you like as strong, durable and high you want it.

Mostly, you can build anything exactly the way you dream it, because now you have the proper everlasting frame which gives you complete freedom to create something fully customized and therefore, unique!