After an inspiring meeting with the Junior Achievement team (you guys rock) I decided to write this blog which I have been putting off for the last 2 years.
So this blog is an open Suggestion to the President and/or all Political Parties in Cyprus.
I strongly believe that a simple forum style website should be created (similar to reddit)
  • Where citizens can post their well thought out suggestions on different topics (any topic really)
  • Can comment , improve, or change the suggestions of other citizens
  • Can upvote and downvote other suggestions (formula similar to reddit)
This will essentially give the public a place where they can voice their opinions on any topic in a structured way and allow every citizen to build on the thoughts of other citizens.

Ideally, there will be a process and the top 10 Suggestions of every year (according to the number of upvotes they receive are Presented to the Parliament in a Televised Event

To make things easy, no other commitment from the government is required, just to present the 10 most popular suggestions and from there on every suggestion can take its own path.

This is the general idea and I think we will be surprised with the positive results.
Some details worth noting:
  • Suggestions can be in different categories. For suggestions that require fund I would personally love to see suggestions which explicitly state where the funding will be acquired from.
  • Every citizen must have one account, but comments can be with real names or anonymous – it’s up for debate
  • I really believe that this is a great opportunity to let our fellow citizens shine – and we`ll be amazed by the results.
  • The platform could be lightly moderated to exclude spam, and at the same time we should all work collectively to ensure that suggestions are of high quality  (but without moderating low quality ones)
  • Getting this platform up is very easy. I publicly commit that if we have a go ahead from the government our company will provide the platform.
This platform can have a very positive impact in our country. At best it will:
  • Engage the citizens
  • Help us solve problems
  • Raise the morale of the citizens
At the same time, I see no risk – at worse we will have some bad suggestions and we will waste a parliament session and a 2 hour slot on TV – and well in my humble opinion that’s a risk worth taking.

So what do you think? Like the idea? Then help it gain traction and maybe the government will notice :)


P.S. Would love if you would build and Improve the idea - this is just a Minimum Viable Suggestion and it will only become better with your contribution. That's the spirit of the whole suggestion really :)