As time goes by, the memories we gather become our most treasured possessions; no matter how many memories we gather in a life time, the wedding is always going to be the most treasured of all.

The electrifying atmosphere of elegance, beauty, the absolute love shared by the newly wed couple, and the celebration of the unity between man and wife is what makes a wedding special, and to achieve that perfect feeling, the bride and groom need to ensure that every aspect of their day is flawless.    
In time, the importance of the wedding has become even bigger, owing to the uniqueness of the physical and spiritual bond created by marriage and so there is an entire industry dedicated to making the event as precious and unforgettable as it can be.

Every detail is thought out carefully, and over the years, people have come up with many new ideas to make weddings more special and bring an element of uniqueness to every marriage. All couples want to have fresh, creative elements at their wedding that will keep the event alive for ever in the hearts and the minds of all the guests.
Wedding Gifts - Glass
The simple old photographs are nowadays replaced by long elaborated photo sessions and video recordings; the flowers are no longer simple bouquets, but are displayed in sophisticated arrangements on the tables to create a colorful impression and a great atmosphere.

The wedding cake is already a self standing master piece of culinary art needed to ensure the success of an important moment during the wedding; and of course, wedding favors are offered to all the participants of the wedding, as a reminder of the beautiful moments they shared with the bride and groom.
Gifts are usually small items like porcelain jewelry boxes or vases, but recently more personalized gifts have become available, such as:

1. Personalized hand painted wine glasses for the bride and groom, parents of the couple, godparents and maids of honor

 Wedding Gifts - Glasses Wedding Gifts - Glasses coloured


2. Personalized hand painted shoes for the bride


3. Hand painted vows on wood or paper

 Wedding Gifts -  Hand painted vows on wood or paper   Wedding Gifts -  Hand painted vows on wood or paper  2 Wedding Gifts -  Hand painted vows on wood or paper  3

4. The first fight box

This is a box containing 2 personalized hand painted glasses, 1 bottle of wine from the wedding and the vows of the couple. The box is sealed after the wedding and will be opened when the couple will face their first difficult moment. Then, instead of fighting, they will open the bottle of wine and will reread the vows to remind themselves of all the reasons they chose each other.
This box can be ordered individually or in a set with a smaller box for cards.
Wedding Gift - Fight Box Wedding Gift - Fight Box 2 Wedding Gift - Fight Box 3

5. Hand painted or quilled wedding invitation

 Wedding Gifts - Hand painted or quilled wedding invitation  Wedding Gifts - Hand painted or quilled wedding invitation  Wedding Gifts - Hand painted or quilled wedding invitation

6. Gifts for guests

Hand painted miniature canvases or sea stones depicting scenery of Cyprus, or the church where the wedding ceremony took place.
Wedding Gifts - Flowers Wedding Gifts - Flower Ornaments Wedding Gifts - Flowers

Wedding Gifts - Small Church in Troodos Wedding Gifts - Cavo Greco Drawing

7. Tell us the most unique gift you`ve ever seen

This guide to Unique Wedding gifts was created by Gabriela Mus - smART studio