Your own pool  - the dream of a life time. Want to make it a reality? We have prepared a sweet guide that will help you understand what is needed

Pool Construction

If you think it’s time for you to start enjoying summer through the comfort of your own pool but have no idea where one starts when deciding to build a swimming pool, then give us a few minutes and everything will become easy.

You have three paths to follow when it comes to pool construction. The built-in pool, the Skimmer pool (with the option of a raised perimeter- overflow/infinite pool) and the prefabricated swimming pool. These three types vary in costs, infrastructure but also the duration of their construction. So, let’s see them in detail.

Pool Types

Built Swimming Pool

This is the most expensive and time consuming solution but you will only pay for it once and enjoy it for years. This is the only type of pool that fits exactly to any needs or preferences. Even in the case you want a pool with a more complex shape, this type can be totally adjusted to your designs and even your building’s shape.

To build it, you will need some excavation and then have all hydraulic and electrical infrastructure installed to the pool walls. An iron mesh will afterwards be placed on the walls and everything will finally be covered with concrete. This is an extremely flexible solution for one more reason. You may install any decorative material you like over the concrete layer such as wood, tiles, stone, pebbles, etc.  

However, as you can see, this whole procedure takes time so if you wish to enjoy your pool during the whole summer, it is advisable that you start building it from the spring because there is no way that you can have it in only a few days. Just think though, that you will then be able enjoy it for many years to come. :)

Skimmer Swimming Pool

This is the fastest and most economical solution if you have a limited space below 60 square meters. The water is recycled and filtered through skimmers and it is not the appropriate pool type if you need any specific or particular shape.

But this is a good thing because it saves you from manufacturing costs because specific shapes mainly mean that big parts of your pool are premade and won’t be build from scratch.

Usually, a skimmer pool can be decorated with various materials like stone, tiles etc., or lined with many types of liners which of course, won’t last forever and must be changed every few years (depending on the liner type)

Overflow Skimmer pool takes more time to build and is about 20-30% more expensive. The water in the plain Skimmer pool can be 7 to 20 cm below the edges of the pool however, in this type, one side (or more if you like) has overflowing water, using various effects.

The cost goes up in this type of pool because an additional overflowing water tank has to be added and also some extra work done for the creation of the channel upon which the water will run.

However, this is an extremely impressive swimming pool and especially the type of infinity pool that seems to have no end. It gives this sense of infinity because if the pool is built on a hill or raised ground, the overflowing water becomes one with the horizon or the sea in the background view.

Prefabricated swimming pool

As you may have guessed, this is a readymade pool that although it might give you some options regarding its shape, these are not many. Everything depends on the manufacturer and the prefab pools he has to offer. Of course, this is the fastest solution because in just a few days you can enjoy a swimming pool while the difference in costs compared to the other two types, is really big.

You don’t need so much preparation for a prefabricated pool. The hole in the ground still has to be made though, in the exact shape and size of the pool selected and which cannot be more than 50 square meters. Then, the walls are coated with a thin layer of concrete.

Two types of prefabricated pools dominate the market: the metal one and the fiberglass pool. So depending on the type you have chosen, different procedures take place for the placement of the pool. After that, it’s time for the finishes with the decorative additions each type allows you.

As a result however, the aesthetics of a prefabricated pool have evolved and when finished, it can become so beautiful that hardly anyone seems to realize it’s prefabricated.

What is the basic equipment for my pool?

This is not a luxury. Below are the first essential supplies and equipment that you must purchase for the smooth operation, safety and functionality of your pool.

Cleaning Filters and Pump

These help to always keep your pool clean from dirt and bacteria. The pump is recycling the water by sending small quantities to the filters which in turn, with the use of chemicals clean it from all harmful substances and microorganisms.

Supplies for your filters

Depending on the supplier, your preferences but also the type of filters you already have, you may choose between several types of filtering consumables. Whether the different types of chemicals, the special sand or anything else available in the local market, cleaners is something you ought to buy often so that you always keep the water safe for swimmers.


You can find pool ladders in many sizes, shapes and material. They are necessary for the swimmers to safely go in or out of the pool. In case of small children, inform the salesman that you might need a special ladder for children and also their ages.

Safety cover

This might be the most important purchase and is meant for when the swimming pool is not used. With it, your swimming pool is completely covered so that all children’s lives are protected. It also helps to keep the water clean and warm.


Your pool’s water, whether freshwater or saltwater, is something you will have to think about right after your pool is delivered. You may get it either from offers by the company that built you the pool or from their suggested associates. Prices are affordable but first find out how soon you will need to replace it, something that will depend on many factors such as the frequency of use and its quality.

Pool Maintenance

This service is usually included in the pool manufacturer’s services with a special price or you can always ask AtYourService professionals for an offer. With this service, a specialized crew is making frequent visits and takes care of everything regarding your pool’s cleaning, maintenance, safety and functionality.

You may of course, if you have the time, do everything yourself but in this case, you will need additional equipment such as cleaning brushes, a net, a long pole, a long hose, thermometers and the knowledge to know when the water needs extra cleaning. If you choose to DIY, it is advisable that you often ask an expert’s advice, in order to guide you on the frequency and type of maintenance your pool needs.

Pool Renovation

Nowadays, there is really no limit to what you can do to improve your swimming pool. You can change its size or style, install a different coating material or add any decorations and extras you like. Steps, fountains, expansions, a bridge, just say it! No manufacturer company will refuse.

Even in the case of a prefabricated pool for which most think they have no options, you can actually do a lot. Even intervene in its size. How? You can simply place another one next to your existing pool and use various decorative tricks to make it look double, as long as you have the space, that is.

Of course, if you want our suggestions too below are the best ideas for a truly exciting pool! ;)

Amazing ideas for your swimming pool


Turn a corner of your pool to a relaxing and invigorating hangout for you and your family by installing equipment for hydro massage. Your options and cost range is wide although it is generally considered to be affordable. Especially, if you think of the benefits to your health and of course, the enjoyment levels a Jacuzzi will add to your overall pool experience.


Even the simplest pool can become a spectacular sight in your garden just by adding the appropriate lighting. Ask a lighting specialist or a decorator to take a look and give you some ideas. Underwater lights, spot lights and backlighting hidden in your plants can turn your swimming pool to a night oasis!

Hot water

With the option of hot water, your pool is not only used a few months a year but always! The equipment is generally economical with an easy installation and allows you to heat your pool’s water whenever and for as long as you like. Also, to save electricity, you can purchase equipment with solar panels so that your water is heated by solar energy.

But if you are looking for the ultimate pool, ask a specialist on kiosks and pergolas to build you the ideal hangout for the best pool parties with your buddies throughout the winter!


This is a very impressive addition in any pool, which can fit any space and style. Waterfalls are easy and fast constructions, usually made of rock that adds style to you pool but also to the whole experience. Combine it with the appropriate lighting and if your space allows it, with plants. It’s majestic!


A playground in the pool is something of great value, almost necessary. It is actually an investment on the physical and emotional health of your children because by increasing the time you keep the kids playing in or by the pool, you also increase the amount of their physical exercise and entertainment.

The types of toys you may choose are so many but mainly depend on your wallet: inflatables, motor, underwater play, more permanent such as water slides, water curtains or climbing walls and of course, group play toys such as water volleyball!

However, before you proceed to the purchase of any toy, first ask an expert to visit your pool and advise you on your pool’s safety.

The only thing that is certain though, is that whatever toys you add everyone will love them while all your children parties can be truly unforgettable.

A pool is the ultimate way to add value and improve the appearance of your house but also give your everyday life a much higher quality.

In Cyprus, companies and professionals in the swimming pool industry because of the increased production, have reached a really high level in experience, knowledge but also in great prices due to competition.  

If your mind’s made up, try asking them an offer via AtYourService.

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