We asked around, thought a lot about it, saw many samples and dug deep to prepare this guide on printing companies in Cyprus, for you. Whether for your wedding invitation or your business brochures, choosing the right printing house is not as simple as it might seem.

So, let’s see what kind of printing services you need, what you should have in mind when searching for a professional to take over your printing jobs, as well as all your options in Cyprus. But first, let’s see why this is so very important.

Why should I pay attention to my prints?

Most businessmen but also individuals think that all they have to do is get a great price and the printing job will be done, anyway.

You only have to see the same job printed by a top printing company and you will understand the differences and how your own image changes by having such a brochure or an invitation given to people. More specifically:

If you are a businessman, quality printing can show prestige, the high quality standards of your company, your attention to detail to everything related to your customers and audience.

Your prints are basically your representative in the hands of your future clients. If careless or look cheap, this is how your whole company is characterized and it’s a pity.

Furthermore, by having high quality prints, you save money! How? With serious professionals you avoid mistakes and delays that you would normally pay double, while you significantly increase your chances to impress and win bigger clients.

If you are an individual, quality printing will give your guests the exact tone and vision of the event. You will better show the event’s quality and how much you care for your family and beloved ones, by paying such attention to every detail and putting all your love to everything related to that special day.

Finally, you save money if you cooperate with true professionals as you have already seen above.

What to look out when choosing a printing companyThe general quality of the prints

Don’t listen only to their words and don’t judge by one or two prints. We are a small country, so ask around and look for the quality of more prints by this specific printing house.

And remember to not ask for pics but the actual prints in paper. You must actually hold them in order to be able to check the paper quality, the ink, the photos, the texts and generally, the whole look and feel.

The clients

You don’t need to know the whole list of a printing house’s clients though. If you want to print wedding invitations you shouldn’t care if the specific company is serving a huge bakery chain. See if there’s any clientele in the type of prints you are looking for.

In our example, a printing company that prints wedding invitations day and night, is the ideal for you because it surely possesses the equipment, the experience but also the aesthetics for something like that.

The premises and equipment

It is important to judge a professional at his own premises. Especially if his profession requires top equipment, specialized personnel and huge organizing in order to keep up with the constant deadlines.

Moreover, if you visit the printing company, you may also see much more samples of their work, in different production stages and some finished. This will be very helpful to understand the quality.

Also, you will be able to observe if everything is done in-house or distributed to exterior partners, something which you should determine whether it will prove good or delay you and even change your quality standards.

The service standards

It is important to know if someone will be always available for you during the printing. If there will be someone at the other end of the line for a last minute correction, if they will deliver in time and if they can guarantee your deadlines.

Also, as with every person to work with and especially with those you are about to start a long term cooperation, you should see if your chemistry mixes well. The professional for your prints is for sure the last person on earth you wish to fight all the time. :)

The price and what it includes

Ask for an indicating price in order to know where you stand. However, a price means nothing if the whole package of services included is not mentioned.

For example, if you wish to print some posters and coupons, will the price include a free delivery? Will the copy and photos be given by you or you may use their designer?

If you need a thousand more prints in the future, will you have to pay all over again or will there be a special price? In general, ask everything and mainly, ask others about the prices they have paid to this company. That way you will be able to see if they keep a specific pricelist and what other services could be included in the price.

The limits

You mind select a printing company that has all the advantages you are looking for, as well as the perfect prices but limited capabilities. It might not be able to produce the large number of prints you ordered and in the time you need it, or doesn’t have the proper knifes for the cutting you want, let’s say for your restaurant’s menu.

So before you move on, make sure this company is able to successfully do the job without having to decrease quantity afterwards or change your plans.

The guarantees

A professional shows his experience and professionalism by his guarantees, too. If for example a printing goes wrong, will he charge you? And what exactly does “wrong” mean for him?

Also ask to which “mistakes” exactly you are covered and of course, if you are covered. Because especially if you are a businessman he should be mostly interested to your long-term cooperation which will only happen if you are sure that you are covered in every setback.

The techniques

A printing company should be able to offer different choices of printing depending on the kind of prints you need. It should give you the option to choose any type of paper you like, for example.

Or there should be different technologies available in order to be able to choose each time, between offset or digital printing for example, depending on your deadlines and number of prints.

The reputation

Find out for how long he is in the market and what’s his reputation during this time. Also, what’s his score in AtYourService, the comments, the reviews and in general, his professional reputation?

An excellent professional for whom everyone has a good word to say, is almost certain to ensure you high quality prints. Furthermore, if your research is done through AtYourService then you have one more advantage: he will give you the best price in the market!

If the whole procedure for choosing the best Cypriot printing company seems difficult, then think that you have to search only once. Especially in a small land like ours, a good professional will easily stand out so it won’t be a big thing for you.

Print in Cyprus or abroad?

In our globalized times and especially now that we pretty much all have internet access, printing services are among the first things offered to us. So why pay a local printing company if you can get the same services at reasonable times and at a competitive price anywhere in the world?
Because “cyber” printing houses around the world also have disadvantages that are very real. So, it is good to have them in mind before deciding:

Checks and corrections

You are far and that makes it difficult to make any fast changes, checks and avoid mistakes. Also, it is almost impossible to check samples and too late after you are delivered the prints because distance doesn’t allow the time for a second print.


Usually the types of paper are very specific and so are the designs and even the fonts in e-printing companies. That is, because such low prices need to have an almost automated system in order to reduce costs.

So, the design you loved, your favorite font, the velvet paper and ever the color, won’t probably be an option. Something that takes us to the next disadvantage.


In most cases, the result makes you feel as if you are wearing the same gorgeous dress with another woman at an event. :) If everyone gets to choose between five designs, three fonts and five colors for their wedding invitation then as you may see, everything looks and feels almost the same.

Delivery times

The delivery times from abroad, is specific. You cannot get an order a lot faster, especially when talking about large quantities. Otherwise, you will have to pay higher, much higher than if you choose to print in Cyprus.

Thus, if you wish for simple business cards or a few letterheads, printing abroad might the perfect solution. But when it comes to your wedding invitations or your company’s brochure, things might not be what they seem and you ought to be careful.


Even if you have chosen the Cypriot printing company you like best and especially if you are a businessman, it is advisable not to assign a job from the very beginning or at least, the whole job.

Ask for a small trial printing job (the smallest possible – it’s different for each company) in order to check the customer care, results and quality. Also, do not go to print unless they send you a sample first so that you to avoid mistakes, color differences and wrong paper quality.

Having all the above in mind and depending on the type of printed material you need, you now can safely choose the printing professionals that best fit you. The truth is that you have many options and that we will always be here and AtYourService, to recommend you the best ones in Cyprus!

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