I was recently at a stage in my life where everyone around me was getting married.

Just about every week my postbox would inevitably contain a save-the-date or invitation to one or another wedding across the island.

And here's the thing. Those wedding invites - we soon realised - very often set the tone of the type of wedding we were to expect.

Bet you're saying, huh?

But it's true. Think about it.

An invitation is in itself this little piece of art, a uniquely crafted package that is incredibly indicative of the characters of you and your fiancé.

Problem is, it also sets the first impression of what your wedding day will be like.

Yep. Boring invite in my mind very often equaled boring wedding. It set the mood before the event had even begun. Not cool, right?

Still not getting it?

Let me put it to you another way. Your wedding invite is the heads-up of how your wedding day will play out. So you want to be getting your guests super excited about what to expect - not so?

This means you want to be creating an awesomely cool invitation that will put those guests in the head space and vibe that you know your wedding will be.

So we scoured the internet and have put together a list of 8 super personalised wedding invitations that will speak to your guests in the way that you intended!

1. The Count-down Wedding Invitation

This wedding invite's rotation disk allows you to count down the days until the wedding date. Talk about an awesome build-up - fantastic!


2. The Recipe Wedding Invitation

If there was ever a wedding invitation that will get your guests' taste buds revving, then this is it. For foodies and food lovers everywhere - this has got to be the most wicked miniature cutting board wedding invite for you!


3. The Viewmaster Wedding Invitation

Call me old, call me a geek, but I loved these as a kid! Contemporary cool - and if nothing else - this wedding invite represents the retro spirit in you and your fiance indicating that your wedding will probably be just as hip!


4. The Balloon Wedding Invitation

How super cool is this wedding invite?! You need to blow the balloon up in order to expose the event details. It's that playful that your guests will be amping to get to your wedding!


5. The Pop-Open Can Invitation

Sometimes its not about the invitation itself but rather about the super sassy packaging it can be found in. This particular wedding invitation is packaged inside a tin can with a string.

The text on the invite has the wedding day details (date, time, location) as well as graphics which explain how to tie the string on the can onto the back of the bride and grooms car!

You so know this wedding will be groovy chic!


6. The Wacky Invitation

I absolutely love love love this invitation! Why? It's got character! It's got personality! And it's so not boring! You just know that you want to be at this wedding! Surely it's going to be as unique as the wedding invitation - right?!


7. The Hilariously Sarcastic Wedding Invitation

If you can't be arty, be funny - that's what I say! And I reckon this wedding invitation ticks every box in terms of humour! Kind of makes you think this wedding is going to be a blast, if nothing else! Hilarious - I'm still laughing!


8. The Wild-at-Heart Wedding Invitation

In terms of taking what could be a very kitch idea and making it adventurously original, this wedding invitate rates somewhere high up there. It's got this comic-safari vibe going on don't you think?


This is by no means an all inclusive list of the type of wedding invitations out there. The ideas are endless, all it takes is a little bit of imagination and a little thinking out-the-box!

Want to create your own amazing Wedding Invitation?

Just write what you need and get quotes and Ideas from the best graphic designers, illustrators and artists available who are bound to be able help you create a rock star wedding invite that will not only resonate your and fiance's personalities but that will also set the mood for the party to come on your wedding day!