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Happy and satisfied guests are the ones with no doubt with full stomach.
The most happy fact of your life couldn't be accompanied with food and drinks.
Tasty food except from the taste in can fulfill the vision, the odor, the touch and the hearing it can wake up memories and feelings like nostalgia, warmth, intimacy.
I am sure you would wanted to make the best in order your guests have fun and food first quality that you present with the best way
From the moment you closed a date, church, space for reception then it is a good moment to start looking for food. (find here the best catering in Cyprus

First you specify:
If your space for reception that you have closed can have catering services. If you like you can ask to have your own professionals for catering.  
If you find on your own the food for your wedding, we suggest to see the profiles of the companies that provide catering in Cyprus with their menus and find those who fit to the character of your taste and of your budget. 

Either you find it on your own either tour reception space provides it to you, we give you a few advices to help your choice. 
  • In your dates be sure to ask for the availability (on the date you wish to have) and also how you should proceed with the reservation and payments. 
  • Be sure to let know of your budget that you have from the beginning so they can offer you a package of your abilities
  • Be sure to see how the food is presenting. See previous portfolios from different jobs or check their website and social media
  • Ask to see permission for offering food (and drinks)
  • Ask which person will supervise catering of the day of the wedding. Wiil the person who helped you build the menu will be there? Be sure the person that will be there has nothing else to do that day.
  • Specify which exactly will be the responsibilities of the person that is responsible for the catering that day. When the cake will be cut, which and when the tables will serve.
  • Specify where the food will get cooked, in the kitchen of the space of the place of reception (if the person who is responsible will bring his own equipment for preparing the food) or will be already cooked?
  • Specify how the serving will be? is there any buffet?

Wedding Menu

Firstly you clear out if the food you wish to offer to your guests will be fresh. We advise you to offer seasonable food in order to make sure will be fresh and with high quality.

Be sure to go for a testing food more than once and better don't go with a full stomach on your dates. Testing food will help you realize the quality, presentation and the taste of food.

The menu that you will chose will have to have cohesion, nutritional balance, and on the same side to be rich variety. Be sure to be meat different kind, poultry, fish, pasta and appropriate side-dishes.

Advice: Offer nutrition choices for specific group of people: vegetarians and children 

Ask what other responsibilities will the catering have.
  • If the package includes drinks, tables, dishes, chairs, forks and knives, salters-peppers, clothing for tables or any other decorations. 
  • If the package will offer the personnel (waitresses, barman, waitress, cookers) Update on the number of people that will come to the reception in order to let you know how much personnel you need to have. Also you need to know what they will be wearing that day.
  • Ask if the catering will be responsible for the cocktail party in congratulations: the drinks, finger food, and the personnel that will be there to serve the drinks and helps serving food. 

Be sure in cocktail party to have variety and plenty of food and drinks. The food of reception is good to be in small portions in order consume will be easier. 
-Different savories: 

For example, canapés, Sandwhiches, souvlakia, shrimps, chicken wings, potato croquets, spring rolls, pies, meatballs, personal tortijas, tappas, and mozzarella/cheeses/sausages/tomatoes sticks, breezy dips, sausages, cheese.

-Sweet delicacies:

For example chocolate fountain with fruits and marshmallows for dip, tarts, cupcakes, macaroons, different small sweets in personal plates( cheese cake, mouse chocolate, panacota, Crème Brule) 

-A good idea would be if the reception is outside (e.g.: manor) to small corners with stands either for ice cream (different tastes and toppings) either cotton candy (especially if your wedding will have small kids)

  • Ask if the catering will be responsible for the menu of the drinks. Our advice is to have variety of drinks with alcohol in the choices.
In the cocktail party can be punch with alcohol and juices, sangria, or homemade lemonade and homemade liquor. Decide which drink you will have after cutting the cake!
  • Ask if the catering will be responsible for making the cake of your wedding and also the treats of your guests.

This is rhe one that brings people close to each other. they sit around the table in which, they talk and share moments.

A food menu which will wake up memmories, smiles and leave the most demanded guest happy, is the ideal menu for your wedding.

Want to find the best companies for catering for your wedding?

The guide for the catering has made from Party City- the best company for organizing weddings & events in Cyprus.