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Business card design  

Business card design  

Job Description
Offers (1)
Maria Triselioti
(2 )
Awarded to:  Maria Triselioti
C M K Pro Video Productions   Rating:  Very good work Maria! You are a very diligent and patient professional!

Before Pictures

After Pictures

  • back of business card
  • frond of business card

Hello There!

We are looking for an aspiring Graphic Designer to create a design for the cards of our Company.

Our Company is about,photography and videography mainly for weddings but also ballett shows and company ads.

Specifically what we have in mind is a happy, fun, artistic business card with our Logo and details on it.
Maybe our Logo can be updated and re-designed aswell in other colours.

We are also open to any ideas you might have.

Please provide us samples of your previous jobs, alongside with your bids.
Thank you very much