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FAQ for Customers

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FAQ for Customers Customers Tips
FAQ for pros AtYourService Pro Secrets

Hello, I just want to find a Professional to help me! How can I do that?

Hello to you too! At AtYourService you will find the Best Professionals at the Best Prices. As simple as this:

How AtYourService works

Simply Post a new Job describing what you need and receive Offers from Professionals with a Full Rating & Review History.

Write as much information as possible to help the Pros understand your job requirements. When you do that Pros will be able to provide a more accurate and fair price.

All you have to do is compare the prices, review the Pro’s Reputation score and Profile, and hire the best one to assist you!

Wait, what do you mean "review the Pro's Reputation Score and Profile"?

Ohhh…That’s one of the great features of AtYourService! After the completion of a Job, Professionals and Customers Rate and Review each other. When you receive an Offer you can simply check the Ratings & Reviews of the previous Customers for each Professional.

What’s even better is that Pros are aware that your Rating & Review really matters – as it will be visible for other Customers to see – and they always do their Best!

The Most Important Metrics for the AtYourService Reputation Score of each Professional combines the Total Number of completed Jobs, the average Rating and many other very important factors.

Learn more on how the Reputation Score is calculated.

I have decided which Pro I want to hire. What’s next?

You can now either contact him by sending him a message on the site, an e-mail or a call to review the job details.

This will ensure that you and the Pro, are on the same page and will help you avoid any future misunderstandings.

Once you have reached to an agreement, go to the “Job details” page and assign the Job to the Pro by clicking the "Hire Pro" button next to the Pro’s final bid. Click OK at the popup window to confirm.

All the registered Pros, work for AtYourService correct?

No no no :) AtYourService Pros are independent Professionals. AtYourService is just the Marketplace between people who require services and pros or companies who can provide them.

All information on this website has been posted by Professionals or Users. Consequently, this information should never be considered as official or as confirmed by AtYourService or any other natural or legal entity.

So use your judgment while using AtYourService and please be aware that AtYourService does not assume any responsibility for the validity of information on the website as well as possible problems, damages or accidents that might be caused by them.

Can I just find the Pro and contact him directly?

Of course you can! We wouldn’t recommend it though, as you will be missing the two best things AtYourService has to offer!

  1. Knowing that there is no competition, the Pro most probably will offer a higher price.
  2. As the Pro will not be rated for the job, he does not have an additional motive to go the extra mile for the job.

I am ready to post my first job. Do you have any tips?

Sure thing! Here are some Tips that will help you get the Best Results:

  • Describe the job using as many information as possible.

    If your job description is detailed, Pros will have a better understanding of the job and you will receive better offers.

  • Wait 72 hours (3 days) before awarding a Job.

    So that Professionals will have time to Review your Job Description and provide you with a well thought out Offer.

  • Check the Pro’s Profile

    Check his Reputation Score as well as Ratings and Reviews he received from Customers in the past and you will definitely make the best choice.

  • Make sure that both You and the Pro are on the same page

    Make sure that you explain the Job to the Pro accurately and you have a common understanding of the Requirements. This can be done through Messages on our site, emails, or over the phone. Once you are confident that he will meet your expectations, assign him the job.

It all sounds pretty good! But it costs a fortune right?

That’s a very good question and the answer is even better!

Posting a Job or submitting an Offer at AtYourService will be always FREE and without Commission. This is certain, since the payment is made directly to the Professional by the Customer.

Our Costs are covered by Optional Subscription for Premium Services to Professionals.

Wait, I still have some questions...

If you have any specific queries please do not hesitate to contact us. For additional FAQ please click here!

Wow! From now on whatever job I need a help with, I will use AtYourService!