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It's free and without any Commission

When we tell people that the Basic use of AtYourService is Free and without any Commission they usually ask us if we are Crazy :) And then they ask how we cover our expenses.

Well… The Basic use of AtYourService is completely Free.

This means that the Customer can receive Offers and find the Best Professionals, and Professionals can submit their Offers without any cost.

And of course, you can be sure that no commission is taken out since the payment is made directly from the Customer to the Professional.

Of course we need to cover the (significant) Operation expenses of AtYourService and for that reason we offer the following Optional Service to Professionals:

- The Pro Version for which we offer a 1 month Free Trial to all new Professionals

We `d like to emphasize that these services are optional, but the vast majority (over 80%) of Professionals who win Jobs on AtYourService opt for these services because they Offer great Benefits.