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The Reputation Level


The Reputation Score of a User, that little number next to each name is the most important bit of information in our website because it summarizes all the activity of a user in a single number.

In the article that follows we will try to explain how the Reputation Score is calculated and why it's so important.

The Reputation Score Formula is based on many Factors



Rating for Completed Jobs

Major Positive or Negative

Number of Completed Jobs

Major Positive

Number of Posted Jobs

Medium Positive

Customer Comments on Offers

Small Positive or Negative

Profile Completeness



Some of these factors are public, like for example the Rating for Completed jobs, and some are not like the Comments of Customers on Offers.

For example, every time a Customer adds the Offer of a Professional to his shortlist, the Pro wins some points and every time the Customer indicates he was unable to reach a Professional (Pro did not call back) the Professional loses some points.

We don't make manual changes to the Formula

Every day we receive many phone calls in which we receive positive or negative feedback for Professionals and we are often asked to alter the Reputation score of a Professional.

Our answer to all these phone calls is always the same:

AtYourService is a decentralized Marketplace based on the Ratings and Reviews of the Community. The role of our team is just to help the Market, and watch it evolve without heavy intervention :)

The Reputation Score of a Pro is different for every Category

Let me share an example to illustrate this point. Think of a Customer that is asking for a DJ for a Party and receives 2 Offers.

The first one is from John, a Photographer who is also passionate with Music who likes to work as a DJ. John has completed 10 Jobs on AtYourService with an average rating of 5 out of 5. All of John’s jobs were in the Photography Category.

The second one is from Maria. Maria is a Professional DJ who has completed 7 jobs on AtYourService with an average rating of 5 out of 5, all in the DJ Category.

Which Offer should appear higher on the listings?

Our Team believes that Maria has the most experience in the Category and thus her Offer must appear first.

Consequently, the Reputation Score of each Professional is calculated according to the Category of the Job or according to the Category that has been selected. This upgrade has just been implemented and it might require 2-3 days for all Categories to reflect the new Reputation Scores.

Professionals in same Area as Request gain a boost to their Reputation Score

Each Request for a Services is done in a specific Area.

Customers have indicated many times that they strongly prefer dealing with Professionals in their area and for that reason local Professionals (in the same city as the Request) receive a signficant boost and are displayed higher.

The Reputation Score Formula changes over time

It is important to note that as the Market evolves, the Reputation score formula is improved to help the Marketplace.

For example, when a job was cancelled, the User used to lose the points he received when posting the job. This resulted in Users not cancelling jobs, to avoid losing the points, something that was not good for the Market as the inactive jobs simply stayed in the list.

As a result, we have removed the deduction of points after a job cancellation, and at the same time we have added several other mechanisms to deal with the same issue like lowering the maximum points a user can gain by posting jobs.

The exact formula that is used, as happens in all similar Marketplaces, is not publicized in order to ensure the fair and positive operation of the Market.

We do realize that changes in the formula cause confusion and frustration and we would like to honestly apologize for the inconvenience. At the same time, these changes are necessary because they allow us to improve and Balance the Market and allow it to evolve.

The Reputation Score of each user is the most important bit of information in our website because it summarizes all the actions of any user in a single number.

Reputation Score helps us create a Better Marketplace

As the community and the Marketplace evolves, the formula for the Reputation score must evolve with it. This is true in all Marketplaces all over the world and even Google makes weekly changes to the formula which calculates the order of websites.

One thing is certain. No Matter how many changes are made to the Formula, you can always improve your Reputation Score by being a Good Professional, which means:

- Have a Great Profile

- Submit Good Offers to Customers

- Win Jobs

- And of course receive perfect Ratings

Our team is committed to build a better Marketplace, which will remain independent and will be based only on the Ratings, Reviews and suggestions of the community