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Terms of use

Terms and Conditions last updated on 23/05/18

The web page AtYourService.com.cy, hereby referred to as “the website”, belongs, is maintained and created by Ideas 2 Life Limited. a company registered in Cyprus , hereby referred to as “the company”

The Terms and Conditions as defined in this document constitute a legally-binding agreement between the Company and the Visitor. Please read the terms very carefully. The terms work together with our Privacy Policy

Reference must be made to the Greek text of Terms and conditions, which is the original text of Terms and conditions, and in the case of any and all conflict between the English text of Terms and conditions and the Greek Text of Terms and conditions, the Greek text of Terms and conditions supersedes and/or Overrides the English text of Terms and conditions. 

The Website is a communication platform between people who require services and professionals who can provide them.

Think of it Simply as a Telephone Directory with Ratings & Reviews from Previous Customers.

All information that is presented in the website has been posted by the professionals or users. Consequently, this information should never be considered as official or as confirmed or provided by the website or any other natural or legal entity.

The website and Ideas2Life does not assume any responsibility for any information or people that are presented in the website as well as possible problems, damages or accidents that might be caused by them

The company provides its users with subscriber services, after they first accept its terms of use and complete the registration process. The subscribers remain at all times fully responsible for all acts and/or omissions, in relation with their user account, including but not limited to their personal access code and/or username. 

The Subscribers agree and are fully responsible to immediately notify the website and the company for all and/or any unauthorized use of their account and/or of any occurring and/or potential and/or possible security and/or thread and/or breach in relation to their user account.

The subscribers are further fully responsible to exercise reasonable care and due diligence with respect to all actions and/or omissions in relation to their account, including but not limited, to the logging out of their account  at the end of each use.

The website and/or the company is not responsible for any damage and/or injury that may occur due and/or in relation  to the subscribers failure and/or in relation with such a failure, to adhere to the user agreement , including but not limited to the current paragraph, its terms of use and conditions and/or its privacy policy.

The usage and access of the website, is further subjected and conditioned to the terms and conditions as prescribed below. The usage of this website and of all current and future features of the website is subjected to the visitor’s/user’s fully reading and accepting of all of the website terms of use unless specifically otherwise mention.

Terms and conditions may be amended, added or removed by the company alone, at any time. The said amendments will be announced on the website and the User/visitor agrees to read its content and any usage of the website after the said amendment/insertion/deletion amounts to unequivocal acceptance of the alteration.

The Visitor/user of all and any services provided by the website, fully understand and accepts that all and any pages/services are provided “as is” and the website is not responsible with respect to any damage and/or injury occurring with respect to all limitation of usage-time wise or otherwise-, the deletion, bad performance, or weakness of storage of any and all data with respect to the user and/or otherwise.

The Visitor/user is fully responsible for accessing the website and its services which may be subjected to charges, by and/or behalf a third party, and remains fully responsible for the remuneration of the said charges which may include but not limited to internet service providers and/or a timely charge for internet usage. Furthermore the User/visitor is fully responsible of all personal equipment and means by which access is granted to the website and its service and/or with by which the website and its services are utilized and/or further utilized.

All Offers and/or Messages that are sent via the site may be reviewed and moderated by the Team.

Intellectual and industrial Property rights-trademarks

Unless of any specifically mention exceptions (intellectual property rights belonging to a third party, associates. and bodies)  all website content, including but not limited to pictures, graphics, photographs, designs, animations, cartoons, provided services and in general all archives of the website and the domain, are intellectual property, registered trademarks and service trademarks of the website and of the company and are subjected, protected and governed by Cyprus law, European law and international agreements and treaties.

Thus, none of the above said may be subjected, wholly or in part sold, copied, amended, reproduced, published, republished, or uploaded or transmitted or distributed in any way subjected to the exception of a single storage of one and only copy of a part of a content in one and only personal computer meant and used for private use and not public nor commercial or otherwise and without discarding the reference of the page from which it originated and by no means offend any relevant Intellectual and industrial Property rights.

The remainder of the services and/or products not belonging to the website but mentioned on or by the website, caring the trademark of a third party, are the property of that third party and that party remains solely responsible with respect to those. The user fully understands and accepts that no right is provided to produce, reproduce, copy, sell, resell and/or exploit commercially or otherwise of the whole or part of the content of the website.

Any usage, reproduction, copy, publication, demonstration. Alteration, broadcast or in any way exploitation of all or part of the service and the content thereof without the express and signed perdition of the company is prohibited.


The user/visitor wishing to subscribe to all or any services of website and/ receive all and any website newsletter agrees to:

  • provide true, accurate, valid, and full information with respect to all data required by the website when applying for access via all the relevant petition forms provided or prescribed by the website,
  • to maintain and with due care update all registration data so that they may at all times remain true, accurate, updated and full.

User license agreement

The license for the visitor/user to use all data is strictly personal and exclusive to the user and is governed by the terms of the current document. The license is granted only for personal use of all data and cannot be utilized by another, other than the company and the user,  for any purpose, The user may only have personal use of the data and may not, in any way, electronic, mechanic or other, to publish or republish, in whole or in part  rearranging or paraphrasing, and create derivative works based wholly or in part  on those, in any way different than the one specified here and/or in accordance with the law, without the previous unequivocal consent of the owner.   

It is mutually accepted and understood that, the website provides its users of the necessary technological foundation and the means of posting/publicizing content/comments. All information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, pictures, music archives, video, messages and all content, whether it is posted public or transferred privately, remains at the sole responsibility of the natural or legal person from which it stems.  This means that the user is solely responsible for all and any content the user posts, publicizes, sends, transfers or otherwise makes available through all and any of the website’s services. It is not possible for the website due to the large volume of data, to control all content publicized by the users utilizing its services and so does no guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legality, or quality of the said content. websiteThe user fully understands and accepts that using the website services may be exposed to content that is offensive, immoral or illegal. The company may not at any time be considered or construed as responsible for any error or omission in any content  or for any damage or injury that may arise from the use of any content that is posted, send, transferred or  otherwise made available from the users of the website. In the event that the website should receive notice that any content causes moral or other damage or injury to a third party, the website maintains the right to proceed with the mediate deletion of the said content and at the same time take  all legal actions against the user breaching the present terms.

The users agree to not use the services of the website for:

  • Posting, publication, sending, transferring or employing of another method for the installation of content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, damaging, defamatory, vulgar, racist, or in other way reprehensible or malignant, violates the personality and the personal data of others, causes emotions of hate, and/or constitutes any criminal offence.
  • Causing damage to a minor in any way.
  • Mimicking of any legal or natural person or  make any false statement of the identity of the user/member or misleading statement in relation to the relationship and/or cooperation of the user/member or some other legal or natural person.
  • Counterfeiting or altering of user identification with intend of misleading as to the origin of content transmitted through the website or the services therof
  • Posting, publicizing, sending, transferring or employing any other method for the installation of content from a person, legal or natural, that is not authorized to disseminate the said content based on law or confidentiality.
  • Posting, publicizing, sending transferring or employing any other method for the installation of software or content of any form(such a text, picture, sound, video, animation) in violation of any right of spiritual property of  any body (including trade secrets).
  • Posting, publicizing, sending transferring  or employing any other method for the installation of any form of ad, sponsored or otherwise or by any means, unless authorized by the company, or of any other content  promotional of any product or service, sending of any unwanted or uninvited from the recipient of electronic mails (emails) and of any other form of unwanted forwarding of content. 
  • Posting, publicizing, sending transferring  or the employing any other method for the installation and/or forwarding and/or making available of contend containing digital viruses  or of any other form of electrical code , archives or programs designed  to interfere, destroy or limit the functioning of  any software or equipment of electronic computers or telecommunication equipement.
  • Interfering in the services or disconnecting of services or of servers or of networks connected to the services of the website, or breaching the conditions, processes or terns of use of those networks.
  • Breaching, with or without intention, of any local, national, European, international legislation and/or of any rule of legal force applying and/or governing and/ or covering any service of the website.
  • Interfering in any way with the private life and the personal and community rights of other users/members (such as gathering and/or storing of personal data of other users/members)

The user of the website fully understand and accepts that the website does not perform any preliminary testing of the content, but that the website and its appropriate partners maintain the right but not the obligation of exclusively denying the posting/ publicizing or moving or deleting of any content made available through the services of the website. Furthermore the website and its appropriate partners maintain the right to delete any content being in breach of the current term of use.

The user fully understands and accept that  the user must evaluate and is responsible for any danger that may encompass the using of any content, including of any decision to rely upon the correctness, fullness and/or usefulness of any content. In this sense, the user fully understands and accepts that the user may not rely on the content created by the website or deposited for posting, including the information made available  to the website and of all other services of the website.

The user fully understands and accepts the international nature of the Internet and is bound to respect and uphold all the local rules of ethics of all any country.  Specifically the user is bound to uphold the legislation concerning the transmittance of data from Cyprus and Europe to third states.


The website contains advertisements, and projections of other material containing   promotional and/or advertising content purpose and character. The website bears no responsibility against users, and any third parties aggrieved by any illegal act or omission, inconsistency or failure to comply with the rules and regulations of any country or of the European Union relating to the content of the advertisements.  The website is not obliged to examine and does not examine the legality or not of promotional and/or advertising content projected through the website (beyond obvious cases offending legal rights and that are understood as such by the average logical citizen) and therefore may not be held accountable in any form. 

The website offers a free trial of the Premium Service for 30 days. No refunds are available after that