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Pantelis Aspri  Κηπουροί,Gardeners for Weeding

Pantelis Aspri | Paralimni

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P. A Garden Care Ltd

Is your garden looking its best?

A beautiful garden around your house can be your personal corner of paradise. But gardening can be very time consuming, and knowing how to care for your different plants to keep them healthy can be a challenge.
At E & P Garden Care, we have the specialized knowledge, experience, materials and equipment to help your garden thrive – and keep it that way, all year round.
We offer complete and professional garden care services, including:

Garden design and decoration
General pruning
Spraying plants and trees against weeds and insects
Planting of trees, bushes, flowers and lawns
Installation of automatic irrigation systems
Installation of gravel paths
General cleaning of garden area
Monthly garden maintenance package

Any questions? Just give us a call!

Tel: 99 829 434 (Pantelis)

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