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Services of Professional


by: Argyris 0

Looking to understand how AtYourService works or have a specific question? You' re in the right Page!

FAQ for Customers Hello, I just want to find a Professional to help me! How can I do that? Wait, what do you mean review the profile and reputation score of each Pro? I have already decided which Pro I want to hire. What’s next?

View all!

FAQ for Pros I am a professional and I have just arrived at the site. What do I do? And then what? I will have to post a new job telling peo...

The Best Advice

by: Argyris 25/05/2015 08:10

Professionals often ask for any special, insider tip I can give them that could help them become Top Professionals on AtYourService and the following 3 words always jump out of my mouth. {exce...

Pictures Before and After each job

by: Argyris 27/09/2014 11:05

Our team always tries to find ways to help our Professionals promote their work and we have just found a new way to help.


Every time you complete a job on AtYourService, you add a “Before” and “After” Picture or  a picture of you Performin...

The Best long-term Investment for your Company

by: Argyris 12/01/2015 09:00

A lot of Professionals ask us this question daily so I thought it would be a good idea to write them down.

So without any Delay, here are the 4 most important benefits of the Pro Version.

#1 Submit Priority Offers

Only Pro Version members can submit an Offer: 

In the first 24 hours after a service is requested If the request has already received 3 Offers

 # 2 Receive recom...

AtYourService is nominated for the InBuniness Awards

by: Argyris 02/10/2014 09:15
Dear friends,

I am very happy because AtYourService has been selected as 1 of the 5 best new products and services in Cyprus by the InBusiness Awards.

The reason AtYourService has been selected is the enormous love and support we receive from each and every one of you. You 
  Have suggested AtYourService for the In Business Awards, Send us your suggestions and your support daily, Explain to your friends what exactly AtYourService is and why they should...

Προκατασκευασμένα σπίτια

by: Argyris 01/02/2018 08:55
Όλο και αυξάνονται οι ενδιαφερόμενοι που προτιμούν την επιλογή ενός προκατασκευασμένου σπιτιού (είτε για κατοικία, είτε για υποστατικό, είτε σαν βιομηχανική αποθήκη, γκαράζ ή γραφείο)  αντί των συμβατικών.

Η θεμελιώδης διαφορά με τα συμβατικά σπίτια είναι ότι τα επιμέρους δομικά στοιχεία και οι τοίχοι πλήρωσης των προκατασκευασμένων σπιτιών δεν κατασκευάζονται στο εργοτάξιο αλλά παραλαμβάνονται έτοιμα (προ-κατασκευασμένα) από το εργοστάσιο παραγωγής.

Συνεπώς, τα προκατ- σπίτια δεν αποτελούνται από ένα ενιαίο κομμάτι αλλά από επιμέρους δομικά στοιχεία που μπορούν να ενωθούν για να αποκτήσουν συνοχή. 

  Τι τύποι προκατασκευασμένων σπιτιών υπάρχουν;

Tα εν λόγω σπίτια χωρίζονται σε λυόμενα, (αποσυνα...

AtYourService Architecture Dilemma (SEO)

by: Argyris 04/06/2014 17:16
Our site is an online Marketplace for Services. 

Naturally, we have a lot of unique content in the form of :
a) Job Posts
b) Profiles of Service Providers

We also have 2 very important pages:
a) The Job Listing Page
b) The Service Provider Page

These pages have their general version which displays all Professionals, but also the per category and per Area versions which are really good for S...

Dialogue on SEO dilemma

by: Argyris 07/06/2014 11:43
This post is a reply to seotiras answer to our SEO Dilemma post

Oh wow thank you so much seotiras for the excellent advice. It really did put a big smile on my face and will definitely think about it a lot:) 


Whatever Works

by: Argyris 03/09/2015 07:55
Most people who have seen me present AtYourService or Startups in General have probably heard me say “Whatever Works” or the full version of it which is “Don’t be more Catholic than the Pope – Whatever Works is usually the Best option”

But what does it really mean?

Well I guess most People assume I ...

Οι Συστάσεις έχουν γίνει πιο εύκολες

by: Argyris 25/07/2014 12:54
Γεια σας φίλοι Επαγγελματίες του AtYourService

Κάθε φορά που μιλάμε με Πελάτες μας λένε ότι πάντα προτιμούν Επαγγελματίες οι οποίοι έχουν τουλάχιστον μια Εργασία στο Προφίλ τους. 


Ζήτα την Εργασία

by: Argyris 29/07/2014 10:24
Δίνεις Προσφορά για μια εργασία, ο Πελάτης σου τηλεφωνεί, ολοκληρώνεις την Εργασία αλλά ο Πελάτης ξεχνά να δώσει τη βαθμολογία του.

Σας ακούγετε γνώριμη η κατάστασή; Αν ναι τότε η νέα δυνατότητα της ιστοσελίδας μας θα σας κάνει πολύ χαρούμενους :) Από την σελίδα “Οι Εργασίες μου” μπορείτε πλέον να υποδείξετε ότι μια εργασία έχει ανατεθεί σε εσάς.

Όταν γίνει...

Μια προκληση για την ομαδα μας

by: Argyris 08/08/2014 10:31

Τον τελευταίο καιρό αντιμετωπίζουμε μια σημαντική πρόκληση την οποία θα ήθελα να μοιραστώ μαζί σας σήμερα. Η πρόκληση έχει να κάνει με την κατηγορία Καθαρισμός/Καθαρίστριες.

Η κατηγορία αυτή είναι μια από τις μεγαλύτερες στην ιστοσελίδα μας και ξεκίνησε με τεράστια επιτυχία αφού υπήρχε μεγάλη ζήτηση αλλά και ταυτόχρονα σημαντική προσφορά. 

Η μεγάλη επιτυχία της κατηγορίας αυτής έχει μετατραπεί σε μ...

Updated My Job page

by: Argyris 21/08/2014 13:59
In the last week, a new and Improved My Jobs page has been introduced. There are many new options in the new page and we suggest that you take a minute to check them out.

There are 2 new capabilities that we would like to tell you about:
“Ask f...

Διαφάνεια στην Αγορά

by: Argyris 27/08/2014 16:45
Αυτό το blog γράφτηκε σε συνέχεια του άρθρου του Μιχάλη Περσιάνη στην καθημερινή αφού δεν κατάφερα να απαντήσω στα σχόλια :)&nb...

5 Cypriot Websites that can make your life so much easier

by: Argyris 25/09/2014 15:18
A great Website or Mobile application can make your life so much Easier. I cannot even remember how I managed to live without Twitter and Email on the go, access to all my files on the cloud or even live scores about my favorite teams. {e...

What is the part of your startup that you are most unhappy with

by: Argyris 03/10/2014 11:32
Last week I had an amazing mentoring session with Stavriana Kofteros. During that mentoring session I asked Stavriana “What is the one thing that you would advise me to do/not do”.

Without blinking an eye, she said  “Let me reverse the question for you. What is the one thing that you are most unhappy with?” ...

Τι είναι το AtYourService;

by: Argyris 13/09/2015 08:15
AtYourService.com.cy is a better Marketplace for Services. Anything from Photographers to Handymen or even Lawyers.
You simply Describe the Service you are looking and you Receive Offers from 7500 Professionals and Companies in Cyprus.

Startup Tuesday's

by: Argyris 19/12/2014 17:34
A year or so ago, we were sitting at the bar of our Hotel in Athens with Michael drinking Mojitos and talking about the Startup ecosystem in Cyprus (Yes, I do realize that most of my stories start with a drink).

We were extremely happy with how the ecosystem has developed....

Διάφορες σκέψεις για το AtYourService

by: Argyris 29/12/2014 17:32
Απολαμβάνω πραγματικά κάθε φορά που γνωρίζω νέους Φίλους μέσω του AtYourService. Η κάθε συζήτηση που κάνουμε με βοηθά να ανακαλύψω ακόμη μια πτυχή του AtYourService που δεν ήξερα και να το δω με διαφορετικά μάτια.   Κάθε φορά λοιπόν που έχω μια τέτοια συζήτηση νιώθω τα ακόλουθα 3 πράγματα:{excerp...

What Customers really want

by: Argyris 21/09/2015 08:05

What Customers really Want - isn't that a good question? :)

We have recently conducted a Survey and we now have a clear answer. 

The Presence of a Professional on AtYourService is the most important Factor in the decision of the Customers.

Professionals with a rich History and a great Profile win on average 7 times more Jobs than their peers.

This means that Professionals with a complete Profile with images and text can Stand Out from the Competition and Win more Jobs.

Also, Customers are n...

Thank you

by: Argyris 26/01/2015 10:20
Hello there,

As you might have already heard AtYourService has been selected as the best new Product or Service of 2014 by the InBusiness Awards.

I am writing this blog to say a big Thank You for your support – without your support we would not be able to accomplish anything.

For me personally, this accomplishment springs a lot of feelings into life. Of course I feel very happy for this accomplishment.   At the same time I feel very lucky because I know that we were nominated along ...

3 Ways to help your company save time

by: Argyris 13/10/2015 08:10
Time is probably the most valuable resource in a company. We all have tasks that require about 30 hours of work to be completed every day, but we must do them in only 8 hours or so. AtYourService will help you Save a lot of Time when receiving offers   You describe the service you need only once and it is sent automatically to all service Providers, or just the ones you select.  
You can use AtYourService to receive offers from all Companies in Cyprus (over 7500 companies are already regi...

The Guide to a Perfect Wedding

by: Argyris 29/01/2015 08:15
After many months of hard work, our comprehensive wedding guide is finally here. 

Our goal with this guide is to try and make organizing your wedding just a little bit easier.


How can we check that a Job posted on AtYourService is real?

by: Argyris 29/06/2015 08:25

I am sure that this question has passed through your mind many times.

Really, how can we check that Job posts on AtYourService are real?

So what do we do to monitor the quality of each job post? We verify the Mobile phones of all new Users We use state of the art fraud detection software – the same software that is used in the largest marketplaces on earth. We have a special cooperation with CUT (ΤΕΠΑΚ) and we constantly compare all the data to trace and spot any anomalies in the...

Why are many jobs never awarded to a Professional

by: Argyris 15/06/2015 08:05
Hello ,

Did you ever wonder why many jobs are never awarded on AtYourService? You are not alone – a lot of Professionals ask us this exact question every day.

As always, I`ll be completely honest in my reply since honesty is the only good strategy when you are trying to build long term cooperation’s.

Out of every 100 jobs that are posted on AtYourService: About 30 are awarded through AtYourService About 20 are completed but the user forgets to award them on AtYourService About 50 are a...

I have given many offers but I have not won any jobs yet

by: Argyris 06/04/2015 08:45
Hello ,

This is a question that I am asked very often when I speak with fellow AtYourService Professionals.

I guess you might be wondering the same thing and for that reason I will try to help with my answer. If you are not convinced by my answer, or if you have any additional questions I would love to hear from you.

The First Job is by far the most difficult to win on AtYourService

Customers usually receive 3-5 Offers from very good Professionals and Companies. Naturally, they try to ass...

Always take the Straight road

by: Argyris 27/02/2015 16:20
Μια από τις πλέον εμφανείς διαφορές που έχει μια ομάδα Startup από μια παραδοσιακή επιχείρηση (πέραν από την ενδυμασία) είναι ότι τα μέλη της ομάδας του Startup μιλούν πολύ συχνά για αξίες της ομάδας.

Δεν θα ήταν υπερβολή να πω ότι κάθε μέρα μιλάμε για αξίες ή αναφέρουμε κάποια από την αξία μας σαν απάντηση σε μια ερώτηση περίπου 50 φορές.

Σήμερα λοιπόν θα ήθελα να μιλήσω για μια από τις πιο σημαντικές αξίες της ομάδας μας:

Always take the Straight road – Πάντα επιλέγουμε τον ορθό και δίκα...

The Customer did not provide enough information - How can I submit an Offer

by: Argyris 20/04/2015 08:20
This is a question Professionals ask us multiple times per day.

And they are absolutely right – a lot of jobs are missing some very important details and we fully understand that in order to give a full offer you need more information.
Our team is constantly investing a lot of resources to solve this problem, with a variety of ways like:
- We have a different guide text for each category (200 in total) for which information the Customer should include when requesting a service in that ca...

Why are many jobs never awarded to a Professional

by: Argyris 04/05/2012 08:05

Did you ever wonder why many jobs are never awarded on AtYourService? You are not alone – a lot of Professionals ask us this exact question every day.

As always, I`ll be completely honest in my reply since honesty is the only good strategy when you are trying to build long term cooperation’s.

Out of every 100 jobs that are posted on AtYourService: About 30 are awarded through AtYourService About 20 are completed but the user forgets to award them on AtYourService About 50 are ab...

How to find the Best Catering in Cyprus?

by: Argyris 14/03/2015 08:15
Ευτυχισμένοι και χαρούμενοι καλεσμένοι είναι αναμφισβήτητα οι χορτασμένοι καλεσμένοι.  
Το πιο χαρμόσυνο γεγονός της ζωής σας δεν θα μπορούσε να μην συνοδεύετε από φαγητό και ποτό.
Το νόστιμο φαγητό εκτός από την γεύση ικανοποιεί την όραση, την όσφρηση, την αφή ακόμα και την ακοή. Μπορεί να ξυπνήσει αναμνήσεις και συναισθήματα όπως νοσταλγία, θαλπωρή, οικειότητα.
Σίγουρα θα θέλατε να κάνετε το παν για να περάσουν καλά οι καλεσμένοι σας με φαγητό πρώτης ποιότητας που να παρουσιάζετε με ...

The Chicken & Egg Problem

by: Argyris 18/03/2015 10:00


Marketplaces tend to be tougher to build as they face the chicken and egg problem, and are often winner-takes-all.

The Chicken and Egg Problem Refers to Demand and Supply – In order to get Customers, you first need a lot of Professionals, but in order to Get a Lot of Good Professionals, you first Need Customers.


In additi...

Have you seen our Wedding Guide?

by: Argyris 22/03/2015 08:00

We have recently created a full wedding guide that will help you save a lot of time & money when organizing the wedding of your Dreams.

You can read the full Wedding Guide here, or you can visit directly the chapter you are interested in by clicking on the link below

-  What's the important stuff you should book first for your wedding ?

- Setting a date for your Wedding in Cyprus

- Finding the Perfect Church for your Wedding

- And finally, the Venue for your Wedding Party

Once you final...

How to write in the most effective way

by: Argyris 0

Hello there,

When writing a new blog entry we always try to:

- Improve the Experience of the Reader

- Improve the SEO Value of our text

- Help increase the % of users that will read your article

- Use the 80-20 rule, i.e. to 20% of the actions that have 80% of the result 


To accomplish that we try (try is the magic word here) to follow these guidelines as much as possible.

  What's the most important thing in your blog entry

Do you know what is the single most influential factor i...

My first thoughts about the amazing logo submissions

by: Argyris 25/03/2015 21:05

In the last few days I have been refreshing the logo competition every 30 minutes or so.

Every time I see a new logo submission I smile :)


I smile because I see AtYourService through the eyes of another person.

I also smile because a talented designer has invested time to create a logo and enter the competition.


I am very happy to see that we already have so many submission (over 50) and I really feel grateful for our community.


So I have been thinking, analyzing and talking abo...

Why we don't take commission at AtYourService

by: Argyris 19/10/2015 08:35
Email from Professional Hi Michael,

I am really happy that I found your website and grateful to my friend who told me about you and very satisfied with all the excellent customer support I am experiencing from you since January 26, 2015.

In the beginning I was wondering if there are real customers behind all the inquiries for weddings and christenings or if people are just playing to get offers without being really interested in finding a professional.

What kept me going was the very perso...

The Butler did it

by: Argyris 12/10/2015 07:45

Our team has a very strong culture that is based on the Values of the time, and several practices that we have developed as habits. One of those practices is called “The Butler did it”

Let me take a step back and explain how that works.

A good novel almost always follows the same structure. The writer begins by creating a rich back-story, he introduces the characters one by one, events start to happen, the plot thickens, and then we have an unexpected twist in the plot.

In older novels, th...

My Suggestion to the President

by: Argyris 18/04/2015 12:55
After an inspiring meeting with the Junior Achievement team (you guys rock) I decided to write this blog which I have been putting off for the last 2 years.
So this blog is an open Suggestion to the President and/or all Political Parties in Cyprus.
I strongly believe that a simple forum style website should be created (similar to reddit)
  Where citizens can post their well thought out suggestions on different topics (any topic really)   Can comment , improve, or change the sugges...

Our new Interactive Menu is Here

by: Argyris 27/04/2015 08:50
Hello there

I am very happy to say that last week we made a very big step - we launched a new way for the Customer to request a Service, which: Is based on an interactive menu Asks different questions based on the category and the answers of the User I am confident that this will be an important step in solving the biggest challenge Professionals have been facing for the last 2.5 years – the lack of information from the Customers

You can see a sample of our menu in a few categories he...

Οι καλύτεροι Μακιγιέρ στην Κύπρο

by: Argyris 08/05/2015 08:55
This list is based on Ratings & Reviews on AtYourService from past Customers (on and off AtYourService), Verification of Licences and Certificates and completeness of Profile. You can learn more here

There are so many amazing Make Up Artists in Cyprus - we see that every day when users post happy comments about Make Up Artists on AtYourService

So who are the best Make Up Artists in Cyprus? Here is a list with the top 50 !

Have you worked with any of them? If yes, please share your experience in the comments - sharing is caring :) 

5 things I loved at Startup Live Cyprus

by: Argyris 22/06/2015 10:55
What a weekend! Startup Live was in town, and it really rocked!
So let’s jump right into it
  There were a lot of new People! I`ve personally met 50 or so people who are quite new to the Startup World – I haven’t met them before. This is really amazing and it’s a great sign that our ecosystem is growing.
Now some people will say – dude, are you guys growing a cult? If not why does it matter to grow the ecosystem.
The answer is quite simple. The more of us, the more we can learn from each ot...


by: Argyris 26/06/2015 08:00

Γνωρίστε τον Πανίκο Γεωργίου ένα σπουδαίο ¨Μάστρο" & Εργολάβο

  Πόσα Χρόνια κάνεις αυτή τη δουλειά;

Αυτή την δουλεία την κάνω εδώ και 26 χρόνια


Πες μας την Ιστορία σου – Πως αποφασίσες να γίνεις Επαγγελματίας στον κλάδο σου;

Αρχικά εργαζόμουν σε άλλη εργοληπτική εταιρεία και μετά αποφάσισα ότι ήθελα  να φτιάχνω και δημιουργώ δικές μου δουλειές έτσι αποφάσισα να κάνω την δική μου εταιρεία



Πες μας 3 Λέξεις που Χαρακτηρίζουν τη δουλειά σου.

Ποιότητα, ικανότητα, ασφάλεια


Πες μ...

​AtYourService wins Watify Business Award

by: Argyris 26/06/2015 09:50
The Watify Business Award final ceremony was Yesterday and the 3 winners of the competition were announced.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of the competition as the 3 teams that won the competition were all really amazing – I would definitely invest in all of them under the right circumstances.

Consequently I would like to congratulate each and every member that has helped with the Watify Business Awards –it was a truly wonderful initiative and it produced some amazing resul...

AtYourService Review: 30 June 2015

by: Argyris 15/07/2015 08:10

Since half of 2015 is already gone, I decided to do a short review of AtYourService.

The results are quite significant, and quite frankly surprising :).

You can see the key points here – hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear your comments.


Isn't limiting offers dishonest?

by: Argyris 03/08/2015 08:15
One of the core values of our team is to always choose the straight and honest way. I hope someday you hear our team speak about it in a presentation. :)

The limitations on offers have been added to provide a good balance to our market and maintain the quality of customer and professional service.

Customers and professionals of AtYourService agree that when a job gets more than 5 offers the experience both sides downgraded significantly.
From the side of the customer, too many offers make...

Who are you and why should we trust you?

by: Argyris 14/09/2015 07:35
One questions that we often hear is “Who are the people behind AtYourService” and why should we trust you.

This is a very serious and important question that should be asked by everyone. So please allow me to share some facts about our team that help answer this question

- AtYourService has won a €70 000 grant by the Ministry of Commerce as part of the European Innovation Grant

- AtYourService has been awarded as the most innovative service or Product of 2014 by the InBusiness Awards.

- A...

A Better Marketplace

by: Argyris 09/11/2015 08:35
Hello there,

AtYourService is a Better Marketplace for services, anything from Photographers , Handymen, Tutors or Lawyers.

You simply describe the service you are looking for, and you receive offers from Professionals and Companies all over Cyprus.

Each Professional has a profile, in which you can see samples of his work and ratings & reviews of previous Customers

It is important to note that in less than 3 years, services valuee over €7,500,000 have been requested just in Cyprus, and ov...

How can I give an offer without any information?

by: Argyris 30/11/2015 07:50
Almost every day we receive roughly the same question from a different Professional.

"The customer provides no information whatsoever, how on earth can I submit an offer"

This might sound like ranting, but the truth of the matter is that they are right. Really. 

Customers on many occasions do not provide any information whatsoever. It is not rare to see the whole job description being "website" "dj" or "paint my house"

One thing i`d like to note before going on to the main point of this b...

Jobs with Incomplete Information

by: Argyris 07/12/2015 08:25
Yes, a lot of jobs are posted every day with very limited information.That's a big problem, but also a big opportunity. 

If you haven't already done so, I suggest you read the article on why is this is a really big opportunity.

Our team is constantly investing a lot of resources to solve this problem, and I am writing this blog to provide an overview of our Key Activities:
- We have a different guide text for each category (200 in total) for which information the Customer should include w...

All Online ad Formats in one place

by: Argyris 25/01/2016 09:50
Ever wasted hours upon hours looking for digital ad spec sizes across multiple social and advertising channels to get your campaign off the ground? 
The team at Adsvise have and they put together this super useful site for any designer & marketer to help others get through the mental maze of digital ads.
The site currently has the following channels and from what we see new channels are being added daily.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Adwords, Google +, Pinterest, Tum...

Startups meet Programmers

by: Argyris 30/03/2016 19:35
Just finished from the Speed Networking event and my experience was very positive
 This was a "Startup meet Programmers" kind of thing (excellent job Menelaos in organizing it- we need more of this type of events)
  Some things I liked   There were a lot of great people. I probably talked with 20-25 students and I believe that 5-7 of them have star potential There seemed to be some good programmers out there. Maybe its for real or maybe is just the optimist in me Some things I didn’t li...

The AtYourService blog

by: Argyris 15/04/2016 08:15
At AtYourService we want to help customers make the best possible decision. How can we do that?

By providing them with information in an easy to read and meaningful format.

We call that creating a guide for each category.

We first started doing guides in 2014 and people loved them from day one.

Since then 135 866 visitors have spent a total of 4155 hours reading our guides (228 620 times)

You can see the results of some of our best performing guides below:
AtYourService is curr...

Long vs Short form experiment

by: Argyris 27/04/2016 17:40

Just Finished running a very interesting AB test on AtYourService and thought it would be good to share.

We tested our normal (very)long form page vs a short form page.

We tested this only on landing pages. To see the 2 copies just open https://atyourservice.com.cy/photography from incognito window till you get both different variations.

So here, I was quite sure that the short form would win. In the past couple of years I am constantly getting feedback that our landing page is too...

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