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Kn Electrologic Services Ltd | Nicosia

42 Jobs | 5.0/5

KN Electrologic Services Ltd was established in 2009 in order to give good quality service of electrical, Photovoltaic and network installations to various customers.
Our main objective is to make safe installations according to current regulations concerning Electrical Installations, in order to the end user to be safe.
our qualifications are as follows:

We are licensed electrician with EMS no 4675
Drawings and Design 125KVA
Installation 300 kVA
Maintenance 700 KVA
KNX building automation Partner 19190
Cyta licensed up to 60 telephone lines license 2123
Computer network installation and verification for cooper and fiber optic cables, patch panels, racks etc.
Telephone Systems for offices
Factory troubleshooting
PV (solar) Installations

Also we cooperate with plumber where we can make mechanical jobs too. like boiler maintenance, plumbing, heating installation

For construction we have the perfect team that we do business together for years and we can help you with construction (wooden, prefabricated house and concrete houses) renovation and any other construction job you may ask for.

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  • Antonis Hannas : The service of this Pro was on time, fast, and cheap. No cons, simply 5/5
  • Christina Kyriacou : Αμεση και αποτελεσματικη εξυπηρετηση.
  • xalasmeno switch : amesi antapokrisi kai poli grigori kai sosti exipiretisi!
  • Αθανασια : Thanks Mr. Nikolas. On time and very fast installation.
  • Marios : Εξαιρετικη δουλεια και σε πολυ καλη τιμη.

Services of Professional

George   Άψογη εξυπηρέτηση! Πολύ κάλος γνώστης του αντικειμένου με όλα τα χρειαζόμενα εξαρτήματα και εργαλεία!
KN E   
Εγκατάσταση ταχυθερμαντήρα νερού - Thermitron σε μπάνιο.

Μαριος   Εξαιρετικος επαγγελματιας και ανθρωπος ο Νικολας.Λογικες τιμες,αμεση βοηθεια και ανθρωπινη εξυπηρετηση.Ευχαριστω Νικολα. Top professional and excellent person.Down to earth pricing,immediate help with a human touch.Thank you Nikolas.
KN E   
Ηλεκτρολογος να ελεγξει/απομονωσει element θερμολουτηρα.Κοκκινοτριμιθια.Μονο εγεγραμενοι ηλεκτρολογοι με λογικες τιμες παρακαλω.

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Last Active: 30/05/2021
Last Project: 06/05/2019
Customers worked with: 36